Series 3 · Episode 4Sisters Sharon and Tracy are at a loss to explain their expanding midriff.
We spend so much of our lives planning, whether it be our social lives, work lives or family lives, but we often forget to plan our meals. Having basic ingredients in your cupboards and in the freezer really helps with meal preparation. Mixing these types of store cupboard staples with a few fresh ingredients can quickly create a healthy culinary delight. Stir fry some peeled prawns, cubes of tofu or strips of skinless chicken breast with a prepared mix of sir-fry vegetables e.g. Vegetable couscous – while the couscous is soaking in boiled water, stir fry cubes of tofu and some sliced vegetables, then add a little vegetable stock.
Cook in bulk and freeze – if you’re cooking stews, casseroles, curries or pasta sauces why not make more than you need, separate them into serving size portions and freeze? Research has shown that if you change a small aspect of your snacking behaviour, you can slow down, reduce or even break the mindless hand-to-mouth munching habit that many of us indulge in.
One thing that can make a difference, when sat in front of temptation in the form of bowlfuls of crisps and sweets, is using your non-dominant hand, rather than your dominant one (the one you tend to use to eat, write etc). So they wouldn't focus on what they were eating, the volunteers were told they were taking part in a memory test and asked to concentrate on the trailers. After the trailers, we took the popcorn off them all and measured the difference in consumption between mitted eaters abd the counterpart group. Take out advice: When watching a movie at home or in the cinema, or in any setting where you might sit and graze your way through a mountain of snacks, use your non-dominant hand, as you'll eat less and therefore consume fewer calories. The knives (and forks) are out as a group of strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host.
The knives (and forks) are out for another series of Come Dine with Me, as strangers compete for the title of ultimate dinner party host. The culinary competition comes from Portsmouth and first up to host is straight-talking supermarket sales manager Kate Hibbert. With 10 years' experience staging first-class dinner parties in the sky, air steward Lee Stafford reckons his hosting and presentation skills will fly him to the top of the leader board.
Ultra-confident restaurateur Maria Wilkinson works with the best chef in Portsmouth, so her guests' expectations are extra high. Unconventional policewoman Sheena Ives hopes that her Scots-Mexican fusion night will give her the perfect birthday present and win her the A?1,000.
The last day of the culinary competition in Portsmouth is therapist Lynne Derry's turn to host.
In leafy Surrey the first host is Mike, who idolises Gordon Ramsay, and likes to hit the kitchen with all guns blazing. It's day two in Surrey, and posh, self-made businesswoman Amanda pulls out all the stops to try and win prize.
Mum-of-five, and eternal party girl Rachel takes the relaxed approach to hosting, using only tried and tested recipes.
In Surrey, fitness fanatic Terry hopes a night of low fat food and disco dancing will win him the prize.

The culinary competition visits the cultural melting pot that is London and who better to start it off than half-American, half-Swedish Judi Lembke who serves plenty of Swedish schnapps? Lisa Connell hosts the second dinner party of the culinary competition in London, but her perfect plans are thrown into chaos by some tricky parmesan crisps and her temperamental oven. Teddy bear-loving deputy headmaster Peter Rixham hopes special place settings, kitsch music and Deidre the stuffed deer head will make his guests feel welcome, but will it be enough? Fussy wine-lover Moni Bharij is cooking up an Indian banquet in an attempt to bring Bollywood bling to London. It's the last day of the culinary competition in London as self-confessed Jamie Oliver wannabe Matthew Baker hopes to beat his rivals with a fancy menu, but will it be enough to win? This culinary competition comes from Bradford, where charity worker Jane must swap cooking for hundreds of people at church functions to making an intimate meal for just five. Radio DJ Khaliver Ashrafi is cooking up some mouth-watering traditional dishes from Pakistan, but will self-confessed 'spice wimp' Jane be able to cope with such hot stuff? Water-board engineer Nigel is confident his seafood platter and pork main course will hit the spot, until Jane notices that his floral table decorations are potentially poisonous. Theresa's hopes that her Italian-themed evening will put the fun back into the group after the tears of the previous night are dashed when Nigel takes her dress code a little too seriously. Food fan Stuart spends hours painstakingly preparing his menu of rabbit terrine, monkfish main course and pistachio cake dessert, but will the feud between Jane and Nigel spoil the event? This culinary competition comes from Leicester, where cycling safety enthusiast Sue Massey is cooking an Indian menu for her guests, unaware that one of them doesn't like curry. Market trader Liam Reid knows a thing or two about fruit and vegetables and tries hard to impress his dinner party guests with his fresh produce, but there's tension mounting in the group.
Glamorous ex-dancer Ria Thomas has persuaded some of the students from her old dance school to perform a cancan at her dinner party, but will her guests enjoy this exotic entertainment? Family man Russell Dunmore hopes his five-dish menu of two starters, steak to order and two desserts, including an ambitious chocolate fondant, will give his dinner party the edge.
Stephanie's dinner party doesn't go smoothly because her meat-free main course fails to impress her guests. This competition takes place in Ipswich, where former pub landlady Zoe Condon welcomes four strangers into her house in a bid to be crowned host with the most. It's day two in Ipswich and, having enjoyed himself a little too much on the first evening, Barry faces the prospect of preparing a three-course meal for four strangers with a hangover.
Midway through the competion in Ipswich, tension is in the air after the previous night's fall-out between Angie and Zoe.
Waitress Lisa Quinton is hosting meal four of the competition in Ipswich and she's determined to bag that prize.
It's the last meal of the competition in Ipswich and Gerard, the gallant butcher, makes his bid to beat his rivals, with a menu full of meat, but will it be enough to claim the winnings? This competition comes from Manchester and the first host is 52-year-old chartered surveyor Dave Wheeler, a joker who loves nothing more than a night in with his Status Quo albums. It's the turn of drama teacher and culinary perfectionist Matthew Nichols to play host, but there's a rift forming between the group. It's Jane Bates' turn to play host and she is planning a Hollywood-themed evening, but will her culinary and hosting skills be award-winning?

It's optometrist Shaida Shipping's turn to host the evening and she's hoping her spicy menu, along with a spot of ballroom dancing, will give her guests a night to remember. It's the last day of the culinary competition in Manchester and the turn of acid-tongued HR consultant Chris Brady to host. The culinary contest heads north to the city of Dundee where a group of cooks fight it out for the the prize money. It's day two of the competition in Dundee and artist Francis Glancy is using all his arty skills to show his food in the best light. The first host in the culinary competition in Sunderland is nightclub owner Tony Griffiths.
Experienced dinner party host and PR boss Bernice Saltzer is hoping that her wealth of cooking experience and two-dessert dinner will win her the big prize. Barrister Anthony Merton-Smith's guests have high expectations for his fine-dining menu, which includes game terrine and venison.
The final host in the competition is warehouse manager Roy Ledger, who has decided that Christmas is coming early, and is cooking a full festive dinner, but things don't go smoothly. Puzzled at the rate they are piling on the pounds, they agree to surveillance cameras being put inside their home to record what they eat. If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it.
Half the group were allowed to eat normally, while the other half had an oven mitt placed on their dominant hand.
The predicted result would be that those who were forced to eat with their non-dominant hand would eat less. Jimmy thinks that the way to his guests' hearts is to serve an all-Scottish menu, using ingredients from a low-cost supermarket.
The suave interior shop manager is keen to show the others what good quality food is and instil a bit of elegance to the final night.
Tony's luxury pad boasts leather-lined walls and a very expensive chandelier, but what about his food? With today’s hectic lifestyle it may seem quicker and easier to heat up a ready-prepared meal or even grab a takeaway. These cookies are completely safe and secure and will never contain any sensitive information. A better solution is to make the meal yourself, that way you know exactly what’s been used. These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners.
Yet with a little thought, and by making use of store cupboard staples, you can whip up a delicious yet nutritious meal in no time at all.

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