Bad pic, but it's not actively harming the page so I'll vote Keep Until Better Image Suggested. The image quality could be better, but here are a couple teenages from Venture Brothers to get started.
This is one that I'm pretty certain we're going to have to have a photo for, or an artwork that makes them being teenaged patently clear. While I kinda like the people in the ones with more than two, they seem too detached somehow.
YMMV may vary, of course, on the number and how much that should matter, but just tossing that out there.
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When the girls combine gymnastic and parkour skills, they catch the attention of the head of a secret spy agency. A wily cat burglar has eluded her agents, and she?s convinced the girls have just the right skills to get the job done! From tech gadgets to martial-arts-like moves, each of the girls has a specialty that complements one another. Big Bad Friend: Agent Dunbar, who trained the girls, hired their classmate Patricia to steal the gems. Heel?Face Turn: Once exposed as Patricia, the cat burglar switches sides and helps Barbie and her friends. Highly Visible Ninja: Both the girls and the cat burglar wear brightly colored clothes while in the dark.

Mythology Gag: The disguise selector contains many dresses and outfits from previous Barbie films, including Alexa's colorful dress, Nori's fairy dress, Corrinne and Kara's dresses and superhero outfits, and Clara's Nutcracker dress. Passionate Sports Girl: Barbie and her friends are proud of being gymnasts and very good at it, which is what catches Zoe's eye. Team Pet: Percy and Violet, a robot dog and cat pair who help out the agents on their missions.

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