While browsing through some Mars photos I came across this one NASA photo that seems to have a UFO flying in the distance. NASA Photo is proof of Apollo 20 mission, photo from Apollo Image Atlas, UFO Sighting And Paranormal News. Mysterious green UFO in Southern California sky baffles onlookers, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News. Blue UFO That Time Jumps Through Space In NASA Photo, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
Alien Parks UFO Right Over His House For Years To Hide It In Italy, April 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.
UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: NEWEST Alien Face Discovered In Chinese Moon Map, March 28, 2012 news. UFO press conference of high-ranking government and military personnel – evidence is here that UFO’s are real! Deutschsprachige Dokumentation: Mehr als 60 Minuten Videos und Fotos diverser UFO?s uber Mexico. STICKY as very important UFO research video Attention: shocking video with disturbing content!
STICKY as very important UFO research video One of the best UFO Investigation and award winning documentory ever brought on film and a must for any serious ufo researcher. The following video footage is highly controversial because of it’s origin, source and the circumstances in which it came to public. Over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses testify on record about their first-hand experiences with UFOs and the cover-up. This documentary from 2014 starts with a speech of former US President Ronald Reagan at the UN.

Auf dieser Webseite finden Sie die umfassendste UFO-Video-Datenbank weltweit mit unwiderlegbaren Beweisen: Wir sind nicht allein! In Kooperation mit vielen UFO-Forschungsgruppen weltweit zeigen wir Ihnen hier die Wahrheit uber UFOs zusammengefasst auf einer Webseite.UFO`s outside? Purportedly James Allen who made this video died of supposed radio isotope poisoning (about as suspicious as it gets).
All content posted is commentary or opinion and is protected under Free Speech & meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws.
Watch as Streetcap1 catches another UFO this week flying past the International Space Station. Check out this video close up of the UFO that was seen over Olympic stadium on opening night of the Olympics in London. England Newspaper "The Telegraph" Records UFO Over Olympic Park Fireworks On Opening Day, July 2012 VIDEO.
This is a video posted by the famous UK newspaper "The Telegraph." In this video we immediately see a grey metallic disk flying in the upper left corner of the screen. I was unsure at first so I enlarged it and the tail and the contrail-like trail behind it confirms that it is an alien ship. The nose is very long, much like many of the other faces that have been found (click the face page tab at top of this blog). This video provides clear evidence from military personnel, government officials and pilots about the reality of alien visitors on earth!
Edgar Mitchell (Apollo Astronaut, 6th man who walked on the moon) who confirms: yes, Aliens exist and they visit earth!
This video explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time: the presence of Aliens on earth and presenting a clear overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure and hyperdimensional realities.

Best Film, Best Historical Documentary, Best UFO Footage and The Peoples Choice Award – International UFO Congress Film Festival. Includes 44 original UFO film clips from around the world, most of which have never been seen until this feature documentary was originally introduced to the general public and also includes film clips from the archives of both NASA and the U.S. Are there planets beyond our galaxy that can sustain life and have allowed other races to evolve? The ISS is on the dark side of the earth so the live NASA cam is causing lines but we can still make out a group of glowing orbs floating past slowly as they check out the ISS. The alien is wearing a cap that is similar to a baseball cap but this could be part of a military uniform much as I once had in the US Air Force or it might be a piece of clothing that he had on all the time, much like old CEO Steve Jobs and his black turtle neck shirts and faded jeans. Interview english version   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Beruhmtes Radio-Interview mit Dr. Tausende sahen diese Objekte, viele Menschen filmten sie von verschiedenen Standorten so dass es keinen Zweifel gibt: Sie waren da! Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. This was the best opportunity for aliens to see and be seen by so many powerful individuals from around the world all at once. Check out these six videos, all from different eyewitnesses from different positions…each has the UFO in it. This feature film also includes an investigation into the true alien abduction story of Amaury Rivera in Puerto Rico.

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