Andrew Reynolds Interview – Multi Millionaire Direct Response Marketer We caught up with Multi Millionaire Direct Response marketer, Andrew Reynolds and asked him to give us his top tips for creating good direct response sales copy – online or offline.
Q: Andrew – if I’m new to putting together words on a page to sell my products – what tips can you give? Andrew Reynolds: Copy is like your ‘salesman in print’…it has to grab someone’s attention in the first few words and hold that attention through to the point where you want to get your credit card out and order.
By attacking their anxieties for them and offering a solution – we are able to help the reader to move from a situation of ‘pain’ to one of ‘pleasure’.
When you reach the targeted prospect, you then add a little drama – for example in the Business niche – real life success stories – genuine ‘Rags to Riches’ stories – tend to work well in copy. Prove your claims and add in genuine testimonials, show specific facts and figures – add copies of bank statements for example, if you are making claims of earnings, and add real world previous customer stories. For a FREE copy of the next edition of the Self Made Millionaire Magazine, delivered to your door completely free please click here.
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In the UK version of the hit US reality format, 14 British girls compete for the affections of millionaire Dominic at his amazing Ibiza home.
I recently watched the episode of James Malinchak, a wealthy motivational speaker, who spent a week living in Gary, Indiana.
One thing I like about the show is that it doesn’t place emphasis on what James or any other millionaire ended up doing (even if bloggers want to disagree and say its all a charade). Watching Secret Millionaire caused me to experience a wide range of emotions and I can guarantee that anyone who has any sense of right and wrong or justice and injustice will have similar feelings. You know, I went into this show really wanting to hate it; but in the end I was really touched but it. When Genevieve was interviewed recently about her passion for putting people together she said “our job is amazing as we get to meet incredible people and some of them are hardworking millionaires and others are just hardworking and not so focussed on the money side of things.
Lots of people just don’t know what to expect from visiting a Millionaire Matchmaker UK based, so here are Genevieve’s 5 top tips to ensure you get the most from your experience and only work with real professionals.

Ask about success rates, a good Millionaire Matchmaker will be happy to share their success stories with you. Take your list of questions with you so you make sure you get as much information as possible.
Work with professionally accredited Matchmakers and Coaches, anyone can call themselves a matchmaker, but those who are accredited by a professional body take their jobs seriously.  The Matchmaking Institute is the body your genuine Millionaire Matchmaker will be accredited by. Make sure you meet the Millionaire Matchmaker face to face, never sign up with anyone you haven’t met and never hand over any money until you have seen a contract.
I wanted to learn from him the fundamentals of good direct response marketing – an area that he has amassed a ?50Million fortune form , both in printed direct mail pieces and using online offers too. You need to reach out and touch on your prospective customers main points that cause him or her some form of anxiety. It has to be credible and based on facts – or you’ll earn a reputation for falsehood – which will do you no good at all.
I watched the episode about the couple who founded Curves and not only was the couple extremely generous (close to $500,000) but I liked how the show put the emphasis on the charities and the people running the charities rather than the millionaires.
Although our CEO is one of the trainers for the Matchmaking Institute and is regularly in the states with other Millionaire Matchmakers, as well as being in the Dating industry for over 20 years she has similar traits but in a fairly British way! The clients we attract are all wonderful and we are fortunate enough having been around for so long that our reputation gets us the best people to work with. Coaches should be part of a professional body.  Genevieve told us she is ICF accredited (International Coaching Federation) and so are her staff. Andrew Reynolds has become recognised as one of the UKs leading Home Based Business mentors and coaches – and teaches his techniques in workshops costing over ?10,000 a day.
You then need to push their hot-buttons by unveiling what is seen as the ultimate solution to that anxiety. You need to build believability – even to the point of providing evidence where necessary, on the page, to back up your claims.
They also live on same amount of money that would buy the equivalent that food stamps would, which equals about $3 per meal.

While in the end, the money that the millionaires give is quite important to these charities, it is the work these people do everyday that should be the lasting image for the viewers.
The Millionaire Matchmaker in the US is very much set up for TV and the viewing public and is not run of the mill of what you can expect from a Millionaire Matchmaker UK wide. Updated April 2015.TweetWe always hear stories of uni dropouts that become millionaires but what about actual UK graduates? An prospective customer these days sees beyond the hype and the fake claims of naive newbie marketers and the scammers and con artists. It has everything to do with the impact a donation can have on the lives of its beneficiaries. At the end of the week, James wrote significantly large checks to each of these organizations that mostly scraped by up until that point.
Nolan is also the youngest director to have been honoured with a hand and footprint ceremony at the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.Although he read English Literature, Nolan admired UCL for its outstanding film-making facilities. He quickly rose to President of the university’s Film Society and created several films alongside his studies. In 1990, he matriculated at the University of Cambridge, just as UK millionaires Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie had done before him.Baron Cohen chose Cambridge for its prestigious reputation and prolific acting opportunities.
What you might not know is that the woman behind the books is now thought to be worth more than ?20 million.The University of Kent graduate read history before launching herself into the world of erotic fiction in 2009. Figures really.You?These are some of the most notable university-educated UK millionaires, but there are many more examples of brilliant Brits, and remember, there’s always room for more. Maybe your name will be featured on this prestigious list in a few years time?It’s interesting to note that not one of these nine millionaires studied exactly the same topic as the one that made them rich – more often than not, it was the university societies they joined that gave them the extra-curricular skills they needed to succeed.So if you have a passion, join your university’s society or set one up!If you have been inspired by these glorious graduates, make sure to tell us your story via the comments section below! Apr, 2016Wow just goes to show if your willing to work hard and be passionate about what you can do ,than anything is possible as im about to start uni myself.

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