This week we welcome actor, comedian, color commentator for Ultimate Fighting Championship, martial artist, radio show host and (my favorite) psychonaut Joe Rogan. Is there a “breakaway civilization” waiting in the wings for the destruction of our own civilization? Become a TFR Supporter through this link and 50% of your donation will go to support Truth Frequency until you cancel. Get unlimited high quality downloads for all shows on TFR, keep the station ad-free and 100% listener supported, and support your favorite show today!

Truth Frequency , Chris Geo, Sheree Geo, Global Resistance & TFR are trademarks of Truth Frequency Radio All Rights Reserved. Awakening of the Kundalini energy is not an easy undertaking, nor something which should be taken lightly. Steven and Evan Strong have a fascinating story to tell about ancient aliens in Australia, Australia’s Stonehenge, and Aboriginal Shamanism.
Basiago is running for president so that he can expose and disclose these important events to the public.

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