Wing told us that when they received their first shipment from Child’s Play his staff was completely overwhelmed. They received so many iPads they were able to give a few away to families that had gotten a lot of use out of some during their patient’s long stay at the hospital. Wing told us, “The kids that have to keep coming back into the hospital and receive uncomfortable treatments need to know this is a place for them to feel safe and cared about. The Child Life Specialists have asked us to promote their need for Legos which helps with the development of a patient’s hand dexterity and spatial reasoning.
Implementing innovative technologies to set a new standard for biomedical research.The Albert Sherman Center is a new 512,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art research and educational facility on the University of Massachusetts Medical Schoola€™s Worcester Campus. We were welcomed at their North Lake Road location by Robert Wing the Child Life Director for UMass Memorial in their pediatrics facility.
The Child Life staff is working on building an iPad2 Library where patients and their families can checkout the devices during their stay. We did not spend too much time in them to give the patients their privacy but we were able to sit down with a very brave young man and his family.

Instead of the planned trailer Denny was to have we ended up having two panniers on his bike, something new to him. Wing had been the director there for 10 years and for the past two years their hospital has been affiliated with Child’s Play Charity. He even shared one of them with us that filled with stickers, which was perfect because Denny loves stickers. Players use the miniatures to affect the gameplay of what is going on within the video game by connecting them to a special platform attached to the gaming console. Both these kinds of donations can be purchased on their wish list here.  If Amazon fails to open their list, hit refresh.
In addition to providing preconstruction and construction management services for the Albert Sherman Center, our project team oversaw construction of a nearby 1,411-space parking garage on the Worcester campus. We both figured out we had too much stuff and made some sacrifices in gear and clothing later on. He is joined by eight Certified Child Life Specialists and one per deim Music Therapy Specialist.

Billy’s mother, Laurie, told us that when Billy was admitted they had asked if they would like to see a Child Life Specialist.
Billy was actually able to receive an extra Xbox 360 the Child Life staff had and take it home with him after spending so much time at UMass Memorial.
The project was built by Suffolka€™s science & technology contractors in Worcester, MA. These employees are helped by about 30 volunteers who help throughout the week as their schedule permits. She said yes to the offer and was immediately overwhelmed by the attention and care her son received.

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