A successful new install of Mozilla FireFox in Mandrake Linux leaves the home page set as being a blank page in the Preferences menu.
In this presentation we are testing the Preferences function by changing the setting of the home page. We expect that we should be able to change the home page and return to browsing, and that the next time we launch the application, it will load our home page automatically.
Function testing is a powerful technique in that it helps us focus on what we expect a function to do and how well the function performed in fulfilling our expectation.
To verify that the error was with the Home Page, on the top horizontal menu, click on Edit->Preferences again. This bug is not critical in that it will not corrupt data or cause the computer harm, but it presents a large barrier to ease of use.
By implementing Function testing, we were able to isolate and evaluate the performance of the Home Page function. Since Mozilla's FireFox is still in testing stages, it is a perfect application for practicing testing techniques.
If this tutorial is not what you were looking for, you still have any questions, suggestions or concerns - feel free to let us know. This tutorial provides a description of how to change the order of featured products on Shopify home page.
Define a collection that contains featured products in (1) Online Store -> Themes -> Customize theme, (2) Layout and content -> Products widget collection (or in some cases Homepage product collection).

Submit a ticket If you are still unable to find a sufficient tutorial regarding your issue please use the following link to submit a request to our technical support team.
By registering once, the same username and password can be used for accessing all TCA Abu Dhabi public services which includes the below.
The above e-services are intended for TCA Abu Dhabi Trade license holders and are not for general public.
The password can be retrieved by entering the username or the Email address used during the registration.
Some of the e-services are intended for TCA Abu Dhabi Trade license holders and are not for general public.
If the user attempts to change the home page from being blank to being a page on the Internet, FireFox will not accept the input and disallows the user from clicking 'OK'.
At the time of writing this presentation, FireFox was still pre-1.0 (meaning that it was still a preview release for testing purposes). In Function testing, we evaluate the application by locating and isolating functions, then interacting with the functions and observing how well each can perform its task.
In fact, with some more exploring, we find that we are able to make changes to other options in the Preferences menu, we just were not allowed to make changes to the Home Page Location setting. Changing the home page is one of the first changes most users will make with their Internet browser, and many users will continue to change their home pages on a periodic basis. We found that it did not perform correctly and that it needed to be able to accept changes to the home page location.

For accessing these e-services, the users should use the same credentials which is provided by TCA Abu Dhabi. I am unable to access some of the services because I keep getting redirected to the homepage. How can I find out more information about conventions and exhibitions that take place in Abu Dhabi?
Preferences should be easy to alter, undestandable, and, most importantly, retained between sessions. In fact, even if we made a change to the Home Page Location, and then removed our change and tried to leave it blank, we were still unable to successfully close the Preferences menu without having to press 'Cancel' (effectively undoing any other changes to our preferences that we may have made).
In other words, this function is used extensively, and is very important to the overall experience of using FireFox.
If a user is unable to personalize the application, especially an Internet browser, it is unlikely that they will continue to use it.
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