Anyways, I got my Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill and pulled it out of the box. First thing I needed to do is remove those pesky arms since they would get in the way if I placed it under a desk. After that, I wanted to detatch the control panel from those arms and it’s also a good time to disable that annoying speaker.
It looked like the power wire came in through the bottom and just plugs into the circuit board.
That speaker is so annoyingly loud, and if it were to go off every half hour (since the treadmill spots automatically in 30 minute intervals), it would definitely be annoying to apartment neighbors or roommates. UPDATE: My treadmill just recently kicked the bucket after 1.6 years of fairly heavy use, which is pretty good if you asked me!
I then removed the arms, stepped back and took a picture of what seems to be a pretty ideal treadmill for a standing desk. Overall, for the $290 dollars I paid for this desk and treadmill, I believe it was well worth it. Here are the measured dimensions of the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill with bars removed, made approximately level by folding up a towel and placing it at the back end to prop it up. Length: 4 feet long, or 3 feet 11 inches if you cram the power cable that comes out up against a wall. Ah, yeah, I tried that also but I was a bit afraid about the possibility of getting my foot stuck between the folded down bar and the treadmill.
Well, I must admit I did knock the back of my foot against it a few times when dismounting.
I used an Ikea Fredrik desk I got off craigslist (although the older Ikea Jerker model is very similar). I explored that possibility, but when I looked at the circuit board, it looked the timing mechanism was on a chip and with my limited knowledge of electronics, I couldn’t figure out an easy solution.
About the obnoxious beeper: Rather than desolder or scratch the PCB circuitry, I just plopped a gob of super-glue into the speaker opening. A less destructive method: Cut off a tiny piece of a foam earplug and use a toothpick to shove it into the speaker opening. This silences about 95% of the beep and should be easy to remove if the treadmill needs to be sent in for repair. Length: 4 feet long, or 3 feet 11 inches if you cram the power cable that comes out up against a wall. Height of the walking surface above the ground (with bars removed and made level): 4 inches.
I showed the set-up to a friend who suggested a fan behind the treadmill…and now it stays completely cool.
The person in our office using the unit is only 205 pounds and the treadmill barely can handle that weight because the motor is just too weak. Also, has anyone had any luck with removing arms from manual treadmill (Stamina in motion II) ? Hi I have a quick question, I have the Confidence treadmill and I recently started hearing squeaky noises, I lubricate under the belt regularly, but it seems that you are mentioning that I should be putting some oil into the engine itself?
I’m trying the aligning of the belt right now to get rid of the sound but was wondering if there is anything else I could do to reduce the noise. This is probably a silly question, but I could not find clear instructions on how to set up the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill for a desk with the sound.
LinkedIn's career expert and bestselling author Nicole Williams offers five steps for staying cool when the stress heats up. So how did Williams go from cold sweat on that first day at the office to the put-together woman she is now? Like the time during a snowstorm when she had to get her son to preschool and herself to a meeting. By pre-stressing yourself, you’ll discover what your threshold is for keeping it together under pressure. This approach helped Williams mid-career when a big presentation went horribly wrong, despite her careful preparations. Williams believes that any career can be rife with learning opportunities, even if you don’t have a dedicated mentor to guide your every step. For a more in depth review of the treadmill’s functionality, including the benefits and disadvantages of using this for a treadmill desk, see THIS PAGE (Near the bottom of the post).
The box was a bit beat up (with holes so that people could grab onto it), but the treadmill itself was pretty well packed, so I didn’t suspect there was any damage. There was a little bit of what seemed to be rubber cement holding mine in, but a careful tug and it came right out. If that bothers you, you could reattach the bars and have at it with a saw, but so far it seems to be able to handle my weight. Hopefully this Confidence Power Plus Motorized Treadmill won’t die on me tomorrow, but it seems to be doing well so far.
The way I have it set up now, my foot would just fall off, but with the bar there, I feel like it may be kind of dangerous?
I did experience a bit of that in the beginning, but it was mostly due to the fact that I accidentally had my treadmill on a slight decline. If I had to start over again, I would have probably eased into it a bit more when first starting out. Have you (or anyone) thought about disconnecting completely from the controller board and just hooking up to a potentiometer?

I can take some detailed pictures and let someone more qualified take a look once I get back from holiday vacation. I’m afraid I might have damaged something while pulling the plug out or plugging it back in.
If you made the cut to turn off the sound, you may want to double check that the correct cut was made. I can only assume I broke something when I was unplugging the power from the circuit board; I had some trouble differentiating between the plug, which was supposed to come out, and the part that was supposed to stay attached to the circuit board.
The treadmill is rated for people up to 250lbs I believe, so weight shouldn’t be a problem. As I do weigh more than you, I think it might be best for me to reattach the bars and cut them off as you suggest in one of the comments below. The motor casing does indeed get warm after usage though, but I’ve never had a problem beyond that, especially not a burning smell. The smell is basically gone and I think it was ionization, not any burning (maybe the oil on the tread?). I wish I had used it before using it…I would recommend using the silicone spray from the start.
It starts to make a little squeaking sound after a few months and then it needs some silicone oil to make it better again. I’ve read that people have had issues using a manual one, saying that the pushing is less natural and possibly distracting, which is why I made it a requirement that I find an electric one. Egypt came first in the individual competition at the African Juniors Judo Championships with hosts Tunisia and Algeria coming second and third respectively. Coming from a working class family, Williams says she didn’t have the benefit of witnessing what white-collar professionals did in office situations.
In addition to currently being LinkedIn’s career expert and founder of WORKS, a media company focused on career development for professional women, Williams has also penned three bestselling books and cocreated a reality television series. Science tells us one strategy is to tell ourselves we’re excited, rather than anxious, to give off an air of confidence when the situation heats up.
Recognizing she did her best and maintained a sense of dignity throughout helped deflect the negative demons within. For Williams, it began with a woman in her first job who pointed out that her hem was too high and she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. I screwed the circuit board back into the plastic casings and then threaded the power cable back into the arms and pulled it out the other end. I weighed about 172lbs when I started using it, so perhaps you won’t need to reinforce it, or perhaps you should reinforce it before you even try it out (if you weigh significantly more). I think I’m going to upgrade to something more substantial like the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk. When I was looking around for one, there were a couple on craigslist, so it seems that they aren’t TOO uncommon. Without the bars, the treadmill is put on an incline because of the motor box, and that incline was hurting my ankles over long periods of time.
My first walking day I spent around 5 hours at the treadmill, which in retrospect was probably a bad idea. And thank god you gave instructions on cutting the speaker, I would not have been able to stand it (no pun intended).
If everything still looks good, I guess you would just have to get it put back together and replaced. Everything that’s supposed to be attached still is, although the front end of the connector has been pulled up a bit from the board. First, I found tweezers and nail scissors were much more useful than a small knife for getting rid of all the rubber cement. I will have to tuck the front edge under a drawer, so the height at the front is a critical dimension for me. Alas whoever made mine put a ton of rubber cement on the power connection to the circuit board.
We just received the treadmill a couple days ago and it seems to work fine but the person in our office who uses it is 210 pounds…could that be a problem?
I also used my treadmill at a slight incline for a month or two when I first started and noticed that it was hurting my ankle.
In addition, the Egyptians placed fifth in two weight categories.In the teams competition, the Egyptians came second behind the home team. Initially, she mitigated stress by containing it, so no one would suspect she lacked confidence. Instead of procrastinating so much that you lose sleep, take apart the situation, think it over logically and get it over with as soon as possible. One end of speaker comes in from the important stuff (highlighted in the image) and the other end looks like it just goes to ground. Anyway, I bring this up because the following step does physical damage to the treadmill and may void the warranty. A word of caution about the Confidence Power Plus Treadmill, when it failed, it suddenly switched and got stuck on its highest speed. I ended up putting a towel on the back to adjust the incline to near level (but ended up with a decline at first when attempting to adjust).
I had set it up to test before hacking away at it with a knife to be sure it was working properly, and they were yelling at me to turn it off in about a half an hour. I’ve never touched a circuit board before and was nervous, but your directions are perfect and it went really well.

You should be able to tighten it with the included wrench thingie so that it doesn’t.
It took about half an hour of painstaking cutting away at it to finally get the power wire loose enough to remove.
I share an office with a coworker and want to add this to my office with the littlest possible distraction.
Do you know if manual ones can be separated from the bars and turn into a flat bed treadmill like yours? The Algerians were third.During the three-day event, athletes from 31 nations battled it out for the essential qualification points to participate in Rio de Janeiro. And while she advocates being authentic, Williams admits you should never let colleagues or clients see you sweat.
In any case, just take out every screw you can find, you’ll have to do it eventually anyways to take out the circuit board to get to the backside.
I dragged this thing under my standing desk (after raising it a little bit to accommodate), turned it on (there was NO more annoying beeping sound), and started typing this post. The warning signs were the speed setting becoming less accurate (getting slower) and you get a burning smell that occurs after hours of use. When I had the treadmill at a slight decline, I noticed a lot more slippage than when I had it level. This particular model is great for walking, and I wouldn’t recommend it for anything except for walking.
But it was easy to fix — I removed the screws holding the top part of the actual treadmill belt casing, and noticed that when detaching the bar I had inadvertently yanked the other end of the wire from its attachment on the circuit board right next to the actual treadmill belt. Maybe I just have weak ankles, but it seems that it would probably put a bit more stress on the ankle, so that’s kind of retroactively supporting the use of an electric one over an inclined manual one. Stress can be a great thing, she says, because it signals that you are doing something challenging. I believe one of the visitors mentioned that you can drop a glob of superglue into the speaker opening and that stops the speaker from annoying everyone. Luckily, the years of training my body to not walk into my desk when it stops every half hour helped me not fall off. Granted, it’s not perfect, it still slips a little bit right now, but ONLY when getting on or off, and only if I try or am not paying attention. I just reattached it the same way I had reattached the wiring on the other end and it was back in working condition. As for the warranty, *technically* I think the modifications are reversible, except for the cutting of the speaker. Hard to say exactly since the ambient noise might drown out or blend into the treadmill sound. Always check the bottom circuit board too before assuming you did something wrong on the top one!
Although someone suggested that you can just pry the speaker unit slightly off the board to disable it. But so far it seems to be able to support my weight fine (and the weight of a few friends who I think are heavier than I am). That might be a better way to do it so that you could potentially hide any modifications or perhaps even reattach the unit without anyone knowing. I never even needed to adjust the tension on the back of the treadmill either, but perhaps that’s just the luck of the draw. Sorry to hear about your troubles, (the manufacturer never even responded to me!) Hope this helps! The Cameroonian snatched the gold medal from the Tunisian Sarra Mazougui, the world’s 36th ranked player.
The top four finalists of this event were the same as last year but with some changes in positions.
Last year’s bronze medalists celebrated their improvement this year as they claimed silver and gold. I’ve unintentionally done quite a bit of advertising for this specific treadmill, so let me know if the manufacturer is unhelpful and I could perhaps use my site as leverage to get cooperation. Legendary Nihel Cheikh Rouhou was the favourite in the women’s +78kg as she won her 17th African title including the All-Africa Games.
Winning both the plus and open titles, Rouhou is expected to improve on her current eighth place world ranking.Led by head coach Bassem Al-Husseini, Egypt won two gold medals starting with the U-81kg gold.
Mohamed Abdel-Aal maintained his level of play after winning the All-Africa Games last year in an all-Egyptian final on Tunisian territory.
The former world number two in the IJF ranking, Darwish, runner-up to Bouyacoub in the last two editions of the African Championship, 2014 and 2015, is now the newly-crowned African champion.The most sensational moment in the second and last individual day was the two other gold medals captured by the Egyptian men. It was the first time since 2009 that four Egyptian judokas won a gold medal at the African championships.Algeria leads the African nations in the number of most medals won in the history of the African championships.
Ahmed Abdel-Rahman won his four matches with Fraj Dhouibi of Tunisia in the final, the victim with a yuko difference. Mohieddin, winner of the All-Africa Games gold medal in 2015, took bronze at the European Open in Oberwart in February and poses a serious threat to some Olympic contenders.After two days of individual championships, 20 teams fought to get the 2016 titles by nation.
The Algerians won the silver while the Moroccan and Cameroonian ladies took the bronze.The African championship was attended by IJF president Marius L.

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