It is an IC of LM78xx series, this series contains many fixed voltage ICs made for different voltage requirements. Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often.
ColoringBookFun has been providing free coloring pages for kids to the internet since 1996. When the input voltage (output of the rectifier section) increases, the output voltage of the regulator (Vout) also increases.
Breakdown voltage of the zener diode D2 must be chosen according to the output voltage you need, and it is according to the equation, Vout = Vz – 0.7. Hi friends The capacitor shown are rated for 50volts hence the cannot be more than 35volts. Hi KE730 in series regulators when you use it at very low voltage at max current, with high voltage input the series pass transistor will get heated up, hence you have to use a good heat sink. D2 should have been shown as 500mw zener of voltage rating equal to, output voltage required plus 1.4 volts. Hi Mark you are correct it is not included you can use a simple fast acting fuse in the output as indicated in the notes. The transformer should be anything that produces a min of 3 A with (24 0 24 ) output voltage. The voltage range can be further increased by increasing transformer output within the limits of IC.

Do not connect a load drawing more than 2A at output.The IC,s must be fitted with heat sinks for better protection.
If I use center-tapped 12V 750mA transformer, what else in the circuit should I replace so it would work just fine? Hi C1 is for smoothing + voltage bus(depends on the current load on the bus) and similarly C2 is for smoothing – voltage bus. THe electrolytic capacitors are wound capacitors their equivalent circuit will indicate it contains and inductive component also in series.
Hi can I ask if this would be suitable, I need a supply with +20v DC and -20v DC it is for an audio pre-amplifier, would I still need to use a 24-0-24v transformer or could I use one with lower voltage and also would the transformer need to be such high current?
Hi Normally zero volt reference bus should be connected to ground, where the requirement is both positive and negative voltage like op-amp IC audio amplifiers etc .
Hi Rahul use two seperate windings in the transformer or use two independant transformers make two supplies and use then in series. It has many built in features like thermal shutdown, short circuit protection, safe operating area protection etc. Such transistor voltage regulators are suitable for application where high output current is required. This increase in Vout decreases the base emitter voltage of Q2 because the zener diode D2 is operating in the breakdown region and the voltage across it is unchangeable. This makes the capacitor ineffective in decoupling high frequency component in the power supply.

IF YOU WANT TO USE 2 lm317 YOU REQUIRE A TRANSFORMER with 2 independabt secondaries and 2 rectifier and filter circuits to takecare.
Resistor R1 provides the base current for Q1 and also keeps the zener diode D2 in the active region.
This decrease in VBE increases the collector emitter resistance  of Q2 and so the output voltage (Vout) gets reduced accordingly. This reduces the collector emitter resistance of Q2 and so the output voltage gets increased accordingly.
By connecting 2.2k 3watt wire wound potentiometer in parallel with the zener diode and connecting the slider of the potentiometer to base of Q1 base will make it a simple variable bench supply, which is still in service with me.
Even if you get the voltages out after inputting 12V plus, the whole idea of boost is defeated, especially when the current this contraption will eck out is a measly 100ma or less. Additional series pass transistors have to be added to the 7805 based regulator circuit for improving their current capacity.
C3 is for reducing the output impedance of the power supply such that no instability in the connected load due to power supply common impedance effect.

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