The other day I was clicking through Wikipedia and I came across this interesting stereogram. Instead of just wrapping the Astrological Calendar from 1544 around the earth, today I decided to place the calendar alongside the 3 holy locations of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The satellite image is from Space Imaging and was created prior to learning the legality of making derivative maps using their copyrighted imagery, however I am keeping it on-line for educational purposes only. Nikolas Schiller is a second-class American citizen living in America's last colony, Washington, DC.
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Pope Francis embraces guests with skin conditions at VaticanA  Francis blessed the men during his weekly general audience in St. Pope Francis received two special guests during his general audience at the Vatican on Wednesday. People who aren't educated about these skin disease have the tendency to incorrectly believe they are contagious, Goldenberg said.
The Popea€™s weekly audiences draw thousands of pilgrims from around the world, many with illnesses who wait for hours to get a glimpse of the holy man. The Pope drew the ire of traditionalists just a few weeks after his election in March, when he stooped down to wash and kiss the feet of two female inmates a€” a Serbian Muslim and an Italian Catholic. In his speech on Wednesday, the Pope emphasized that Christians shouldna€™t practice a€?nickel and dimea€? charity. Citing unnamed nursing sources, the National Daily said the 78-year-old pope had traveled by helicopter to the San Rossore di Barbaricina clinic near Pisa in recent months to see a Japanese brain cancer specialist, Dr. In subsequent versions, the paper reported that Fukishima had instead come to the Vatican to see the pope in a Vatican helicopter.
Lombardi categorically denied the reports to reporters Wednesday, and said he was doing so after having spoken to the pope himself about them. Cangini said the paper had deliberated a long time before publishing the news, which it said it had confirmed months ago. The publication, however, comes at a delicate time for Francis, in the final days of his hotly contested synod on the family, which has shown a split among conservative and liberal bishops over how to convey the church's teachings on marriage, sex, homosexuality and other issues. Newly restored Italian frescoes have revealed what could have been women priests in the early Christian church. The area is often called the a€?Queen of the catacombsa€™ because it features burial chambers of popes and a tiny, delicate fresco of the Madonna nursing Jesus dating from around 230 to 240 AD - the earliest known image of the Madonna and Child.Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Vatican's culture minister, opened the a€?Cubicle of Lazzaroa€™ which is a tiny burial chamber featuring 4th century images of biblical scenes, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and one of the early Romans buried there in bunk-bed-like stacks as was common in antiquity. A fresco depicting women celebrating the Eucharist is pictured inside the catacomb of Priscilla in Rome.
Proponents of a female priesthood say frescoes prove there were women priests in early Christianity. More controversially, the catacomb has two scenes said by proponents of the women's ordination movement to show women priests.One fresco in the ochre-hued Greek Chapel features a group of women celebrating a banquet, said to be the banquet of the Eucharist. The Vatican has restricted the priesthood for men, arguing that Jesus chose only men as his apostles.
The Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano published an article over the weekend claiming that the contraceptive pill pollutes the environment massively, contributes to male infertility and causes abortions. It’s probably because the article also sets off lots of red lights for anyone trying to assess the validity of its claims.
Castellvi gave no further details but said the findings were documented in a 100-page report recently published by his federation.
The deputy chairman of the Italian Society of Contraception dismissed the article as “science fiction.
Monsignor Elio Sgreccia, former president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, was cautious about the link made in the article between the pill and male infertility. After some research on the Internet, I found Ehmann’s full report on the FIAMC website in the original German and a Spanish translation. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data.
Terri, I am also fluent in German and I consulted Ehmann’s article before writing that post. Could the people who are fluent in German provide a translation of the original 100 page document for we scientists who do not speak either German or Spanish? As Religion Editor based in Paris, I cover main religion developments, coordinate religion news coverage and run the FaithWorld blog.
Today (October 11) is the anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council in 1962.
Vatican II is such a major event for Roman Catholicism that twentieth-century Catholic theology can be instructively viewed in two movements: first, leading up to the council, and then developing from it.
Inevitably, the next phase was characterized by disappointment, as collegiality and communio did not characterize the church at all levels, or in the radical way that some observers hoped for. The third phase was officially inaugurated on January 25, 1985, when John Paul II convened an extraordinary synod of bishops to discuss the reception and interpretation of the council, an official admission that implementing the council was a task yet to be accomplished.

One of the most important challenges in reaching this goal is developing a hermeneutic of the conciliar statements: how are we to read them? According to Kasper, this situation suggests four hermeneutical principles for the doctrinal statements: 1.
Sign up for The Scriptorium Daily newsletter, a monthly digest delivered right to your inbox! Housing group opposes de Blasio's Vatican speech because of NYCHA mold problems BY Greg B. Housing advocates want the Vatican to freeze out Mayor de Blasio at a climate change conference in Rome Tuesday. They say Hizzonera€™s invitation to deliver the keynote address should be pulled because of his environmental record at home. De Blasio is set to fly to Italy Monday night and give a speech, titled a€?Modern Slavery and Climate Change,a€? at the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Tuesday. But Metro Industrial Areas Foundation says his appearance there will be an a€?embarrassmenta€? to Pope Francis.
Metro IAF has sued the New York City Housing Authority for failing to eradicate mold in NYCHA apartments, and recently blamed de Blasio for the authoritya€™s inaction on the problem. De Blasio plans to use the speech to outline his OneNYC proposals to encourage sustainability.
Two weeks ago, Manhattan Federal Judge William Pauley, whoa€™s overseeing the suit filed by Metro IAF, blasted NYCHA for failing to honor its pledge to remedy toxic mold infestation in hundreds of apartments. Francis reached out and touched these men, as if they were no different from the 50,000 others who had assembled in St. Peter, the 76-year-old has been praised by people inside and outside of the Catholic Church for his efforts to reach out to the poor and to those who dona€™t share his beliefs. The ANSA news agency, citing unnamed sources in Pisa, said the trip was in January and that Fukishima had traveled by helicopter to the Vatican to diagnose the pope. He said no Japanese doctor had visited the pope, no tests of the type described in the paper had been performed and that no helicopters had landed in the Vatican from the outside.
Subsequent versions of the report said Fukushima had traveled to the Vatican by helicopter and was seen returning to the Pisa clinic in the Vatican's chopper. The Vatican, however, has responded by saying that such assertions are sensationalist 'fairy tales'. Another image, in a room called the 'Cubiculum of the Veiled Woman,' shows a woman whose arms are outstretched like those of a priest saying Mass. Bisconti said the other fresco of the woman with her hands up in prayer was just that - a woman praying. Google Maps has, for the first time, gone into the Roman catacombs, providing a virtual tour of the Priscilla complex available to anyone who can't visit the real thing.Lost for centuries after its entrances were sealed in ancient time, the catacombs were re-discovered in the 16th century and plundered of many gravestones, sarcophagi and bodies. Those claims, if true, hit lots of hot buttons about science, ethics, faith and government policy. Its author Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, head of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, makes several scientific-sounding claims but basically asks the reader to accept them on faith.
Humanae Vitae is the 1968 encyclical that reaffirmed the Church ban on artificial birth control. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links.
The very first claim I looked up, that the pill contributed to male infertility, was mentioned there without any clear citation backing it up. Bad science makes for bad arguments, in religion as well as in politics and other fields.Ooh! We write reports from the originals and include the links whenever we can, so those who can read the original languages can consult the same source documents we use. Since joining Reuters in 1977 in London, I've worked in Vienna, Geneva, Islamabad, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Bonn and Paris.
Vatican II meant a lot of things to Roman Catholics on the ground (from changes in practices of fasting, to rumors that everything was about to blow wide open), but here is a theological overview of this epochal Roman Catholic event, as reported by Avery Dulles and Walter Kasper, according to me. The church is to be understood as the biblical People of God, which, though always sealed by the covenant, is nevertheless sometimes unfaithful.
After a period of neglect in which the Bible seemed to be a remote source of doctrine, Dei Verbum recovered the primacy of Scripture.
Without denying the primacy of the pope, Vatican II did much to take apart the rigid pyramidal structure of the church. Each person has religious freedom, and the right and duty to follow conscience with regard to religious belief: that this principle was endorsed by Roman Catholicism at Vatican II was not something self-evident, and was largely due to the influence of John Courtney Murray, whose advocacy of a religiously neutral state had previously called his orthodoxy into question. Catholic Action, between the two wars, had managed to involve elite members of the congregation in the affairs of the apostolate of the hierarchy, but Vatican II went further than this by teaching the laity has an active apostolate in its own right as baptized believers. Anathema yielded to dialogue as the Catholic Church began to recognize in other Christian churches marks of truth and salvation, and accorded these heritages due reverence. A corresponding shift took place in the attitude toward other religions: holding mission and dialogue in dynamic tension (rather than the antithesis that is often portrayed), the council called for respectful and mutual relationships of learning from each other, as well as the abiding necessity of missionary work so that Christ may be acknowledged among all peoples.

Working toward a just social order, though it has been on the modern Catholic agenda since at least the social encyclicals of Leo XIII, was previously based on adherence to natural law. The first phase was exuberant celebration, especially on the part of those who had been longing for change: the council seemed to be a complete new beginning, the start of an ongoing conciliar revolution in the church. Also, influenced by the general change of atmosphere in the 1970s, the church seemed to experience an identity crisis, a diffusion of the specifically Catholic, and church attendance and religious vocation declined. Ribeiro for new york Daily News Metro Industrial Areas Foundation says de Blasio has ignored environmental problems in New York City. Metro IAF blames de Blasio for NYCHA's inaction on the ongoing mold problem throughout its housing projects.
Although he has never veered away from established Church doctrine, his open style and willingness to talk about taboo topics is seen by many as a breath of fresh air.
The newspaper said the doctor determined that the small dark spot on Francis' brain could be treated without surgery.
Its 40th anniversary last July prompted a series of Catholic statements, articles and conferences defending what was probably the most controversial encyclical of the 20th century.
In his report, Ehmann makes the claims mentioned in L’Osservatore Romano, sometimes with footnotes quoting scientific publications and sometimes not. I chose that claim because Bishop Sgreccia cast doubt on it in his interview with Corriere della Sera.
Since the Reformation, the idea of church reform has been understandably suspect to Catholics, but Vatican II harkened back to the earlier tradition of admitting, confessing, and repenting of abuses. Speaking specifically of the difference between East and West, Vatican II said that diversity of customs and observances is an enrichment and not an obstacle to unity (UR 16). Formal reunion seems a remote possibility at best, but ecumenical dialogue has led to greater mutual understanding, respect, and solidarity.
With Vatican II, the apostolate of peace and social justice began to appear as part of the church’s mission to carry on the work of Christ himself. Vatican II issued no condemnations, so its positive declarations cannot be sharpened by polemical definition.
She also wears what appears to be a stole, a vestment worn by priests.The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests holds the images up as evidence that there were women priests in the early Christian church - and that therefore there should be women priests today. The major bioethics paper put out by the Vatican last month made several references to Humanae Vitae to bolster its argument. And more than anything else, it stems from the fact that they are used in agriculture fertilisers, so they end up in vegetables and meat,” he said. That interview, which I have read in full in Italian, shows he has done further reading on the subject. In 2006, I received the European Religion Writer of the Year award and FaithWorld was awarded the RNA 2012 Best Online Section prize.
The preferential option for the poor has its roots in the theme of the church’s special solidarity with them, mentioned in GS 1. But Fabrizio Bisconti, the superintendent of the Vatican's sacred archaeology commission, said such a reading of the frescoes was pure a€?fable, a legend.a€™ Even though the catacombs' official guide says there is a€?a clear reference to the banquet of the Holy Eucharista€™ in the fresco, Bisconti said the scene of the banquet wasn't a Eucharistic banquet but a funeral banquet.
Does this mean he is biased regarding things of faith?I went back to consult Ehmann’s article but, curiously, the links for it on the FIAMC website have disappeared.
The quest is for structures that do justice to both pastoral authority as well as the spirit-filled community; neither an army nor a New England town meeting is a proper model.
The council must be viewed in light of the wider tradition, rather than as the watershed between an old church and a new church. The documents contain purely formal compromises between conservative and progressive statements, which stand side by side and unreconciled.
It’s not our job to ask whether Jesus rose from the dead, whether the Koran was dictated to Mohammad or whether humans are reincarnated. The continuity of what is Catholic is to be understood as a unity between tradition and a living, relevant interpretation in the light of the current situation (171-2). For example, this post did not say that the Catholic Church should support artificial birth control; that would be biased. But if people invoke the authority of science to support a doctrine, they open themselves to the question of whether the science used is sound. The same happens if people cite historical events to support a doctrine.This kind of scrutiny is not only directed at the Catholic Church.
In fact, evangelicals who support creationism and intelligent design have come under far more scrutiny recently for their scientific views.

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