Adored by women for their figure-flattering undergarments and by men for their curvaceous models, Victoria’s Secret is undoubtedly the world’s most famous name in lingerie.
Victoria’s Secret is located in The Galleria, the stretch of luxury shops that runs between the Resorts World casino and hotels, and its hot-pink sign and displays of sequined panties are an odd pairing with the Swiss watches and designer handbags sold by neighboring shops. More than the underwear, what seems be to the major seller is the Victoria’s Secret brand beauty items and nearly half the store is devoted to fragrances, moisturizing lotions, and body washes (S$20 and up). While it’s to be expected that prices at Victoria’s Secret Singapore are higher than in the USA, many items cost double the American price even after accounting for the exchange rate.
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HONGKONG VERSION – have bubbles in its packaging and the print of the flower is very blurred. USA – everything is the same as Singapore except that it has a black code under the bottle and scents lasts up to 10 hours.
Victoria’s Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products, dominating the global market with modern, fashion-inspired collections, prestigious fragrances, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows. First retail space at Resorts World Sentosa to open on Jan 20 SINGAPORE: Visitors to Resorts World Sentosa will be able to shop there when the first of its.

While other international brands such as La Senza and Blush have long had a presence in Singapore with an outlet in nearly every mall, the Victoria’s Secret boutique at Resorts World Sentosa is the only location in Singapore as well as all of Asia. The boutique has an open lay-out and its entrance is flanked by floor-to-ceiling images of Victoria’s Secret Angels like Adriana Lim and Karolina Kurkova modeling the latest demi-cups and push-ups which, oddly, are not available in store. When we questioned the sales staff about what seems like a glaring omission, they were unperturbed and indicated the store has no plan to start carrying bras anytime in the near future. On our visit, they were divided into two displays – one for the “Pink” collection and one for their regular line of women’s underwear.
At the testing station you can give yourself a spritz of the latest eau de parfum including Gorgeous, Dream Angels, Bombshell, and Very Sexy (S$60 and up). For example, cotton underwear rarely costs more than S$10 on the Victoria’s Secret website (which offers international shipping), but in Singapore the average price is S$20. This is great news for the fan base in Asia as it is the first Victoria’s Secret store in Asia. Victoria’s Secret is world-famous for its televised fashion show, putting lingerie and fashion center stage in the entertainment arena.
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Victoria’s Secret is a long-awaited addition to the local shopping scene but, if you’ve come for the underwear, you may find yourself disappointed. The store also has a large selection of fashion accessories with pink faux crocodile luggage tags (S$32), over-sized sunglasses (S150+), bejeweled compacts ($40+), and VS monogrammed wallets and bags ($50+). Though the beauty products are a better value, the over-inflated underwear prices combined with a very limited selection means that many women are better off shopping online exactly as their did before the Singapore store opened. The sleepwear section, a fraction of the store, featured silky camisoles, printed pajama pants, and monogrammed nightshirts (sizes XS – L, S$40 and up), but none of the seductive teddies and baby-dolls Victoria’s Secret is known for. If you’re looking for a uniquely Singaporean souvenir, cotton t-shirts with “Victoria’s Secret Loves Singapore” on the front and angel wings embossed on the back cost S$60 (available in black, white, and grey; sizes XS – L). Additionally, if you’re a foreign tourist and spending more than S$100, remember to ask for a tax refund document so you can recoup the 7% GST when you leave Singapore through Changi Airport.
Furthermore, they do not carry any of the Victoria’s Secret line of clothing, shoes, or swimwear.

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