Today I’ll be reviewing the Victoria’s Secret Total Attraction Hydrating Body Lotion.
I barely have used body lotions as most of the lotions make my skin very sticky and greasy. This body lotion comes in the same traditional body lotion bottle with a golden cap as most of other VS body lotions. This fragrance of this lotion lingers on your body for 3-4 hours and eventually starts fading. This body lotion is definitely ultra moisturising and spreads very easily on the skin. My favourite part about this product is that it doesn’t leave the skin shiny or greasy.

VS totally rocks when it comes to fragrances, but wish its products were easily available in India. With nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, this fast-absorbing lotion replenishes moisture and leaves skin silky.
I had purchased a set of 3 products from the same range as I feel completely in love with the fragrance . It has a flowery fragrance of cherry orchids and lilies just like the other products from the same range.
As the body lotion has an extremely light texture, it makes me feel like I haven’t applied anything on my skin.

After using this Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion, I know I have definitely found a gem!

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