I recently read an article which claimed that ‘Victoria’s Secret is trying to turn your teenage daughter into a sex object’. This petition is something that I strongly disagree with, and I quite frankly think that some over protective and overbearing mothers are doing all they can to blame everything, and everyone else for their own children’s choices and decisions. How can you possibly blame an underwear store, (whose job it is to sell different varieties of underwear), for corrupting and sexualising young girls?!
As more Victoria Secret stores are opening in the U.K, people are making a huge deal out of it for some very strange reason. Personally, I believe that the more you restrict your child and tell them what to think, wear, do, say; the more they will rebel. Recent Commentsjames Buchanan Barnes on Batman V Superman: Whose Side Are You On?Team Cap all the way! She recently won the coveted top spot on Maxim's Hot 100 list of the world's most beautiful women, so what's Candice Swanepoel's secret?The Victoria's Secret model, who isn't one to shy away from the occasional 'belfie' - that's bum selfie to anyone who has been living under a rock - has shared her beauty and fitness secrets with Vogue.Speaking to the fashion bible about her enviable physique, she said: 'Squats are the key! Victoria's Secret angel, supermodel Candice Swanepoel is showing off those enviable gazelle -esque pins to best advantage in a pair of vertiginous gold strappy Christian Louboutin stiletto sandals.
Don't even think about wearing these if you have anything resembling cankles as ankle straps biting into flesh is really not attractive.

Fashion Finder loves Jimmy Choo's Tolka sandals and while they may indeed be expensive, they still come in at only half the price of those Loubies.
That works.'The South African-born model, who has fronted countless high fashion campaigns, also explained that wearing really strong sunscreen is what keeps her skin in tip-top condition.
The 25-year-old also cites Bio Oil as a vanity bag essential and explains that she slathers it on after she's been for a dip in the sea.When it comes to make-up, the natural beauty prefers the pared-back look and only uses a slick of mascara and a pop of blusher, even opting to go bare-faced in the day. AS the highlight of the Angels' calendar approaches, they have been working out like demons and keeping a hawk-like eye on what they eat for months. Some parents were apparently outraged at the stores ‘Pink’ range, and accused the company of seeking to ‘sexualise’ young girls. Well I’m sorry ladies, but I think it’s time you stopped viewing your children as butter-wouldn’t-melt babies, and started seeing them as individuals with their own minds and views. The company said: “In response to questions we recently received, Victoria’s Secret PINK is a brand for college-aged women. Towie Tours Team on Lauren Goodger Is Returning To TOWIE!It was good to see Lauren back in the only way is essex. Our reporter looks at who's who this year - and uncovers the secrets to their incredible physiques.

An online petition started by a mother to protest against the range has collected almost 19,000 signatures.
You can possibly meet lauren and the …Mrs E on Gemma Collins Makes Out She’s Being Bullied On TOWIE!Gemma, is a very jealous angry woman. Even the designer himself hs said that he makes his shoes to look hot rather than being comfortable. There are already plenty of sexy underwear shops around that their children will have heard of.
So did nearly every other girl I know; and that was long before Victoria’s Secret was introduced to the U.K!

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