Unlike all my other Game Data (Reviews), I am designing the data for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to be both a review and a guide.
Critical Mode is new to me like most people, so even though I like a good challenge, some points were unbelievable.
In Dwarf Woodlands, it was annoying trying to find the dwarfs and escorting Snow White was worse than escorting Cinderella in Terra's story. A common thing between the three stories is that the first world is the hardest because since it is the start, almost no abilities and every stat including HP is the lowest (well DUH!). The first Terra-Xehanort battle took me a few tries, but when I FINALly got to the FINAL boss of the FINAL episode, I stubbornly refused to level up and retry no matter how many dozen times I was KO'd. One of the hardest bosses in the game becomes one of the easiest with the perfect strategy. With this strategy you will have him beat in less than 30 seconds like I am seemingly the first one to do. In Enchanted Dominion, I had to use all 6 or so of my potions on the bridge before dying in throne room once I got in there.

When I FINALly beat the FINAL episode, the battle took me just about an hour (Me and my over-exaggerated carefulness Xp). If I recall correctly, My level was in the double digits before I was able to defeat Wheel Master. The new unorganized strategy of mine was only go on the offense right after the Guardian returned from the ground. Getting onto a tangent, the stickers for the Sticker Album are in the most impossible of places.
The one thing more annoying then dwarfs or a dress, was the warp holes (reminiscent of Saffron City in Poke'mon) in Enchanted Dominion.
Well, not only that but a couple times I used shotlock right as the Guardian sinks into the ground.
I don't appreciate Square Enix Teasing me with treasure chests because I'm being warped from one dead end to the next.
Dwarf Woodlands wasn't bad but when I got to Enchanted Dominion, Maleficent's goons gave me a run for my money.

I had to restart the save file to right before entering so I could train in the other worlds. After I got him down to his last HP bar I was "dodge-waiting" 10-20 minutes for the Guardian to sink into the ground again before it hit me: "Wait. Maybe he doesn't use that attack anymore." It was then that I went back to "Blizzard-ing" but now was happening between the Guardians attacks. Deep Space was annoying because I kept going back and forth in an odd confusion of not knowing where to go. When a little less then a quarter of his last HP bar was left, I was expecting to go into the light part but it never happened.

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