Josh Clemans:November 29, 2014 at 11:57 pmOne question, How do you stop mangle from coming into the office? In this game, you’re a night watchman in a kiddie pizza parlor seemingly possessed by vengeful animatronic animals. Put on your Freddy mask, then listen for their departure – If an animatronic is staring at you from a vent, put your mask on right away. This hallway is something of a highway for the animatronics, and you’ll spot them in this area quite often. If the present box in the gift area is open and the Puppet is rising out of it, you can still keep him at bay by keeping the music box wound up.

If, however, you hear something akin to radio static, it means Mangle is in the neighborhood. Gamezebo’s Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 tips, cheats and strategies should help you stay alive until 6 AM. Putting on the Freddy mask is pointless unless the animatronics are actually in your office, however.
If, however, the present box is open and the Puppet is nowhere to be found, make peace with the deity of your choice. If you get into the habit of putting on your mask the second you lower your security monitor, you’ll save yourself a lot of deaths.

Since you can’t see much out of your mask, listen for the thumps that indicate the animatronics have gone somewhere else.
Concentrate your efforts on keeping that music box wound, and on the animatronics creeping down the hall towards your office.

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