We’re excited to start blogging about the latest education topics for those who are considering going back to school. Project-focused or consistent workflow:  Projects are typical of client-focused work (for example, in a marketing firm), while a consistent workflow is usually found in more traditional, structured environments. Think of these questions as a starting point to better understand your preferred work style, then incorporate that information into your career-change choices.
Acclaimed Career Coach, Kim Dority is a frequent presenter for Bryant & Stratton College Online.
Get inspired for the new year ahead with this great reading list that will help move your career forward! Each one focuses on a different set of skills, beliefs, or values that are important to turning into a well-rounded person — at work, and in your own personal life. So, give the fiction a (short) break, and dive into these titles that'll give your career a boost based on what you want right now. A detailed how-to book, you'll learn how to create new opportunities, build relationships in the workplace, and unleash your creative potential.
Have you ever wondered how Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and many of the other successful businesspeople of the 1900s earned their fortunes? Well, my friend, the secret is within "Think and Grow Rich," the 1937 classic from Napoleon Hill.
But how can you become one of those people who turns his failures into learning experiences? You'll read stories from people in all different career paths (medicine, education, finance — to name a few), and their examples will help you see your missteps in a different light. Many books focus on the bright side of the story, but in "Mistakes I Made at Work: 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong" by Jessica Bacal, you'll learn about the struggles 25 powerful women have faced. Bacal shares the inside scoop on their failures and how they were able to turn them into something positive.
In "Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life," Joe Sweeney provides a detailed system for people who feel stuck and want a plan to make a change.
Laura Berman Fortgang shares exactly how she has helped her clients successfully make big changes in their lives.
If you're looking for a new job or questioning what you’re meant to do with your life, "Now What?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction" will help find the answers in just three months!
The founder of fashion retailer Nasty Gal, Amoruso opens up about her troublesome past and how she turned her life around to become an insanely successful CEO. In her bestselling book, "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead," Sheryl Sandberg aims to change the fact that men continue to hold a majority of leadership roles in businesses today by encouraging women to work toward their career goals and strive to reach their full potential.
Sandberg shares her own personal stories, as well as hard data, to explain why women's progress in achieving leadership roles has stalled.
Originally published in 1990, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey continues to sell like hotcakes. Be realistic about your financial and family circumstances and decide what’s feasible for you. Unfortunately if you’re a nurse and wake up one day and decide your true calling is to be a lawyer, you won’t get anywhere without first doing some research to figure out what you actually need to pursue that profession. Unfortunately when you switch careers, you’ll usually have to make sacrifices in order to do it. If you want to make a career change but have never actually worked in the career you want to change to, it’s essential that you first test the waters to see if you even enjoy it.
From the initial planning stages, you should know which type of positions you’re trying to land. Changing careers is a big life decision—one that takes long-term planning and courage to carry out. The benefits of changing careers and waking up every day actually wanting to go to work are priceless.
This week's top stories might turn you around from a dead-end career, change how you address a crowd, make you cut Amazon some slack.
This week, we learned what it's like to join Google as a 19-year-old, how to switch careers when you don't know what to do next, and why Amazon's far from the only company that needs to change its culture. Falon Fatemi became one of Google's youngest employees at a time when the company was just 3,000 people strong. Freelancers now make up roughly a third of the American workforce, and their ranks are growing.
Falon Fatemi became one of Google's youngest employees at a time when the company was just 3,000 people strong. Now, if you want to change careers and you’re not sure how, start by following these nine easy steps!
Try to think about the things that you would do or the type of career that you would pursue if finances weren’t a concern. Determining what’s realistic for you doesn’t only require matching skills with possible careers. Visit industry websites, read related news and research about the qualifications needed for the position you want.
To increase your chances of success in your chosen career, you may need to update your knowledge and skills through training and networking .You might need go back to school for further education, enrol in a training program or gain basic experience through part time or volunteer work.
Before making the switch, find time to talk to your current networks to see if anyone is in the field you want to be in. When it feels like everything is already in place then it’s time for you to make the switch. Making a career change is a big life decision—one that takes a whole lot of planning and heaps of courage to carry out. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
In order to create an eye-catching resume that will help you stand out from the competition, you’ll have to look at all your experience and accolades in a different light, she says. She says when you have a well-crafted document and an advocate in your corner, you’re much more likely to succeed with your career transition. To get a clearer picture of what makes a resume stand out, we asked Augustine to create a sample of an excellent one for a professional changing careers. If you want to change careers, it’s best to have your new job goal well-defined, as this will dictate how you reposition your experience and which qualifications you decide to highlight in your new resume, Augustine says.
It’s important to identify which of your skill sets are valuable to another field, and in what capacity. Even though the job seeker has over six years of experience and has worked in at least three positions, her resume is only one page long.

Include numbers whenever possible, whether you’re describing the size of your budget, the number of events you helped organise, or the number of people you managed, to demonstrate your value to the employer.
There are two questions I get asked most frequently when I meet new people and tell them my story. Paula Davis-Laack, JD, MAPP is an internationally published author and stress and resilience expert. Career change is an important phase in your life, much the same like the time when you set out on your first career.  While considering a Career change you must take into consideration a few pertinent issues. Hello dear , I am working currently as Factory Manager for Water and Wastewaterr treatment equipments , Bsc. If so, you may want to invest some time in identifying your work preferences first to ensure the change you’re making turns out to be a great fit.
The “Getting from Here to There” webinar provides advice and tips on how to create and execute an effective career plan, including information on strategic planning, targeted goal setting and identifying valuable contacts and resources.
Dority is an information specialist, consultant, career coach, published author and adjunct professor at the University of Denver in Colorado.
For people struggling to get through the day, Hannon's tips will help you change your habits and your attitude so you'll love your job again in no time at all. Not only will you learn what they believed was the key to their riches, but you'll also get Hill's 13-step program that will put you on the track to achieve wealth and success.
This book features interviews from Cheryl Strayed (bestselling author of "Wild"), Anna Holmes of Jezebel, Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck, and many more. Even if you're not passionate about the fashion industry, you can benefit from this inspirational story. But it will teach you to change your perception of how the world around you works — and help you achieve more. Whether you hate your job or dream of more flexible working hours, changing careers is possible with a little soul-searching, proper planning and focused job search.
How much will it cost for you to update your skills and training to get into the profession you want? There is a lot of preparation needed before you can up and quit your current job and expect to find another one in a completely different industry. Before you make any definite decisions, conduct extensive research on the field you’re interested in.
Depending on what career you’re changing to, you may need to go back to school for further education, enroll in a training program or gain basic experience through part time or voluntary work. Talk to your current networks to see if anyone is in the field you want to be in, and start meeting others in the industry. Many people find there’s a big difference between doing something you love as a hobby and doing it as a job.
This will make it much easier to focus your job search on the positions you to meet the qualifications for.
Having a plan and taking it one step at a time instead of jumping into it can make it more manageable and set you up for success. Overcoming fears of failure and making the decision to change careers is often the hardest part. Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of August 23." class="">This week, we learned what it's like to join Google as a 19-year-old, how to switch careers when you don't know what to do next, and why Amazon's far from the only company that needs to change its culture. In the era of TED Talks and YouTube, audiences expect a more intimate, interactive experience. This week she explained how she "discovered that the Google lifestyle meant more than just an on-site laundry service and free gourmet meals" and why it's made her a better entrepreneur.
But according to two researchers, "the reality is that few organizations have figured out how to innovate, adapt, and create amazing things without burning their people out." Here's why, and what all companies should be doing differently.
Whether you dream of having flexible working hours or just plainly hate your job, a career change is possible by making little tweaks on your job search strategy. Have you recently started feeling like the career you are currently pursuing is not right for you?
You also need to be realistic about the circumstances that may factor in with your plans to change careers. If you’re an IT Technician and you just wake up one day realizing that your true calling is to be a writer, you won’t really get anywhere without doing some research.
You can also read on the outlook for the new job and career that you want to pursue to give you an idea what’s in store for you in the long term. Realistically, however, you’ll have to make certain sacrifices (and compromises)  to get what you want. You’ll also have to start networking with other industry professionals to gain valuable insights and successfully make the transition from one career to another.
What most career changers don’t realize is that networking is even more critical to your success when trying to look for a new job – more so when trying to forge a brand new career path. Attend professional networking events if you can find any and set up informational interviews with people in the industry.
The initial planning stages are considerably easier compared to the actual job search, so try not to be caught off guard. Planning ahead and taking it one step at a time instead of jumping into it can make a career change more manageable. This resume focuses on the skills, achievements, and qualifications that are most relevant to the job seeker’s new career track. Once they have a good understanding of your background and strengths, they will be able to provide insight into which roles in their field might be relevant to you. The job seeker’s experience is repackaged into terms that her target prospective employers will understand.
It’s your job to figure out how to translate your experience and past successes into terms that resonate with your new target audience. Two examples of strengths tests are the VIA (Values in Action) Signature Strengths questionnaire, which is free and can be found here and Strengths Finder 2.0, a book by Tom Rath. Im a 12th passed student with 74.50% and wanted to pursue a dgree in CA but find it difficult to cope up with it. Do you feel more comfortable with established standards of dress and behavior or prefer a week of casual Fridays?
Hierarchical enterprises are primarily top-down, flat ones more likely to distribute decision-making responsibilities (which may impact quality and speed of decisions). She has written extensively on career development for students and new graduates and is a frequent presenter, lecturer and panelist on career-related topics.
Throughout the book, she also shares personal anecdotes about her struggles with time management and prioritizing her career and family life.

It's a great read for anyone who worries that doing something wrong will spell the end of their careers.
It’s a little scary and risky to change careers; however the benefits of truly enjoying your job are well worth the risk. Once you make the decision that you’d like to change careers, be patient and take the time to make contacts, do your research and get the basic qualifications you’ll need in order to make the switch. Talk to any contacts you know in the field or contact professionals in the industry to get more information, review industry websites, related news and learn about the qualifications needed for entry level positions as well as the industry outlook. You’ll also need to start networking with other industry professionals in order to gain valuable insights and increase your chances of successfully making the transition. Attend professional networking events and set up informational interviews with people in the industry. Try to volunteer or intern for a few hours each week in the field to make sure that you actually know what you’re getting into, gain some relevant experience and make sure that this is the right path for you. With a little hard work and determination you can change careers and get the life you want. These eight tips will help you deliver your message in a way that resonates in 2015." class="">The old days of standing in front of a podium and addressing a silent room are over.
This week we learned why, in writer Jane Porter's words, "the notion that we have to choose a single career path and stick with it from beginning to end is simply a myth." This is what you need to ask yourself when you hit a dead end.
Have you been scared of trying something new because of the financial constraints that it may cause?
Through a process of elimination, determine which careers would match up with your top skills and see which ones are the most “viable” considering your current situation. Sometimes, in your desire to shift career paths, you might feel the desire to do it right away without much regard to the factors that may come into play.
Even a casual chat with friends who belong to the industry that you want to break into will go a long way in giving you more realistic expectations.
Subscribe to industry-specific publications, conduct informational interviews, and start attending events that are relevant to your target field to gain this insight, and update your resume accordingly. Naturally, for some choices your responses may be more of a mild preference than a strong response, but this still gives you useful information, by telling you that this particular issue isn’t a deal maker or breaker for you. Kim’s areas of expertise include professional branding, career transitions and career sustainability. Start thinking about what you would do if finances weren’t a concern and make a list of things you would like doing. It may require some significant life changes but more things are possible if you really know what you want and are willing to make some sacrifices.
In order for you to go back to school or take a training course to help you change careers, you may need to make a lifestyle change or move in with a family member to be able to afford it. Develop a long-term plan that includes setting the ground work for a career change, then updating your skills, knowledge, and experience and networking.
Read about industry news and company statistics online and begin speaking the language of the industry. Here's a look at five growing pains in store for the next few decades." class="">Freelancers now make up roughly a third of the American workforce, and their ranks are growing.
Planning a career change, on the other hand, can bring about doubts and uncertainties and a whole range of issues which can be difficult to deal with. Talk to people who are already in the industry or field that you want to break into so that you can get more information. Contact us for detailsWhy do you want to change careers now?Are you bored with your present job so you want to change careers?
Explore your top skill areas and try to match things you enjoy doing with things you are good at. The benefits of truly enjoying your new job and a career that you really love are well worth the risk.
More often than not, going through a career change will require some significant life changes and you have a better chance of succeeding if you really know what you want and are amenable to make some sacrifices. Once you make the decision to make a career change, be patient and persevere to get the basic qualifications you need in making the switch. So again, might end up settling for a little less than the job that you currently have, but take it as a small price to pay for following your desired career path. Whether you are in IT or otherwise with many companies closing down, change in career are what many of us are looking for. Then I believe you would want to change careers and if you would, using the internet will be a great place to begin search.Most people want to change careers but do not have the courage to go through with it.
However; if you want to change careers, you must not be scared or worried about anything instead you must be very practical. Nowadays there are many options besides going for 9-5 jobs which many people who want to change careers end up in which is worse than before for them.Identify your strengths when you decide you want to change careers or before changing your career, this will ensure that you are not making any wrong decisions. If you are good at singing or playing an instrument and want to change careers start teaching music. Fashion designing, pottery and sculpture, gardening and selling nursery equipment are all profitable options. Day care, baby sitting, becoming a janitor, starting a moving service are also offline jobs that have wide audience. So you see, if you want to change careers all you need is the right start and also the zeal to want to want to change careers and make your life better. Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, selling online, web design services are some of the latest lucrative jobs available online.
If you are good at writing and you want to change careers you can offer your services as a freelancer online at many websites that are marketing this service. If you want to change careers, software programming, web designing, multi media are all expertise that are avenues to explore. The main advantage with online work is you can cater to world wide audience from the comforts of your home.Teaching math or Spanish online if you want to change careers and are good with teaching languages, starting your own website to offer your professional services is also finding wider acceptability now. Be it a lawyer or an auditor or a public accountant offer your services to a world wide audience through the internet.
Start earning not only by offering your professional services but also through Google Ad Words and Ad Sense programs especially if you want to change careers but also want to work at the comfort of your home and attend more or spend more time with your family and loved ones doing so.Remember all you need is zest and zeal to become satisfied and successful in your career if you want to change careers. Also remember that there are so many big companies today that started small and became successful in the long run although many thought they were too late in life to want to change careers.

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