The 4th Media presents below a carefully-selected and -compiled set of photos from several different parts of the world where several major US wars have taken place after the WWII. When President Dwight Eisenhower left from his office in 1961, he warned the world about the imminent danger emanating from the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).
What it’d mean is the works most mainstream media reporters do could be turned into to either, unintentionally (or involuntarily) assist or willfully work for mainly the CIA-operating disinformation (or demonization) campaigns.
The annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – the Human Rights Reports – cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements.
The State Department annual human rights report is a valuable(?)* tool but if compiled carelessly, it hemorrhages credibility.
In its most recent report on the United Arab Emirates, for example, diplomats are either on autopilot, simply cutting-and-pasting from previous reports without regard to new information, or they are purposely ignoring U.S. The problem relates to Alkarama, a self-described human rights organization whose reporting the State Department, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International have uncritically incorporated into their reporting.
Most recently, Mourad Dhina, executive director of Alkarama, signed a letter of support for Moazzam Begg, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who has since returned to terrorism. However, at times, it’s irresistible that someone has to address this issue of very self-righteous, hypocritical and arrogant acts and behaviors among US government figures and its agencies such as State Dept.
At any rate, the State Dept’s HRR is mostly and indisputably full of finger-pointing of OTHERS.
As many have already characterized for years, their self-righteous DS and AE mindset could mean they are helplessly psychotic. Anyway hope our global readers could go all the way down to the end of this report together with the provided photos (though some might be difficult to look at) below, also together with some portions of the two above-mentioned mainstream media reports: One Fox News, the other The Washington Post. A fleet of advanced Russian fighter jets may soon end up in the arsenal of North Korea, if Russian President Vladimir Putin grants a request from his counterpart in the isolated nation, Kim Jong-un. The highly advanced jets, intelligence offcials say, would allow Kim to act on his secret plan to invade South Korea in a lightning assault — a plan revealed recently by a top North Korea defector. The North Korea envoy sent to Russia, Choe Ryong-hae, was at one time North Korea’s second-highest-ranking political official and considered the right-hand-man to Kim Jong-un himself. The previous leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il — father of the country’s current ruler — attempted to buy a fleet of Russian jets back in 2011. What is Kim Jong-un planning to do with the planes if Russian leader Putin agrees to sell him the Su-35 fighter jets? Military intelligence officials in South Korea say that they now know that in August of 2012, Kim approved a new North Korean military directive.

The new war plan would allow North Korea to invade the South and conquer the country within one week, using advanced weaponry — including nuclear weapons. A North Korean military officer who recently defected to the South provided a copy of the frightening plan, the JoongAng paper reported.
The Russian Su-35 jets would give North Korea an aerial advantage that would be difficult to match in a sudden strike, one that could certainly set off World War 3.
On June 20, 1942, the lighthouse at Estevan Point on Vancouver Island was shelled by the Japanese submarine I-26. Intelligence officials have learned that North Korea approved a new military directive in August 2012.
According to Bloomberg, Kim Jong-un has set-up posts along the South Korean border to more quickly invade its neighbor.
North Korea has also probably developed ballistic missiles with a striking range of 7,458 miles. The SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS seen often in American culture often seems one of the most distinctive aspects of the West in terms of its Christian (often hypocritical) culture. Security Council refer its findings to the International Criminal Court, which is unlikely to happen given likely opposition among permanent council members that have veto power to prevent the move. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in Chief of The 4th Media is a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. A South Korean news report revealed Friday that a high level North Korean envoy held a secret meeting with Putin to ask for the highly advanced Sukhoi Su-35 jets. That belief would seem to be correct, as according to a report Friday in the South Korean JoongAng Daily, it was Choe — pictured below, left, with Kim Jong-un — who was entrusted by Kim to deliver a secret letter to Putin in the closed-door meeting on November 18. Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Nancy Marguerite Andra-Warner, Elle Antonson, Brian Antonson, Rick Arnis, Melanie Arseneault, Paul Assaff, Peter Auger, Dale Austen, Peter Aversa, Tom Avlicino, A.A. But there is another country secretly planning to invade its neighbor, and it has sought to purchase a fleet of the most advanced Russian fighter jets. According to South Korea’s Defense Ministry, the North was also aggressively expanding its mechanized forces and artillery.
Department of State submits reports on all countries receiving assistance and all United Nations member states to the U.S. But this was only one incident in the incredible and little-known Japanese campaign to terrorize North America’s west coast and mount an invasion through the Aleutian Islands.
Bachusky, Johnnie Barber, Jim Barss, Beulah Bartley, Glenn Basque, Garnet Brado, Edward Bridge, Kathryn Brown, Wayne F.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has secretly requested Vladimir Putin to supply the highly-advanced Sukhoi Su-35 jets to North Korea.
Kim’s plan to conquer South Korea was recently revealed by a top North Korea defector. The United States will have to jump in to defend the South because it has a security pact with Seoul. Bryan, Liz Bunney, Gayle Cameron, June Campany, Susan Cannings, Richard Cavell, Edward Challenger, Robert James Cheadle, Chris Choate, Chilco Christensen, Peter Clark, Cecil Colegrave, Bruce Couper, Jim Coyle, Brendan Craig, John R. Kim Jong-un’s father and former North Korean ruler Kim Jong-il had attempted to acquire the Russian jets in 2011. Over the past few years, North Korea has been boosting the ability to attack the South and United States. President Barack Obama last September.Mr Obama said at the time that it was 'never too late to do the right thing' and 'pay tribute to our Vietnam veterans and their families'.
Dakers, Diane Dalton, Anthony Daniels, Calvin Davis, Kate Day, Beth DeMeulemeester, Linda Dempsey, Hugh A. Denny, Sir Cecil Dixon, Joan Dombowsky, Greg Dombrowski, Theo Dorland, Jason Downs, Art Fayle, Thelma Field, Nancy Finch, David Fontaine, Theodore Foran, Jill Foster, David Gamble-Arsenault, Debbie Garner, Joe Garrish, Christopher Gaunt, Jack Gough, Barry Grant, Peter Green, Valerie Gzowski, Peter Hacking, Norman Harvey, Al Harvey, R.G.
Niosi, Goody O'Keefe, Betty Oberle, Frank Oertel, Andreas Olson, Arv Opperman, Hal Osler, Sanford Owen, Patricia Parsons, Ian Patenaude, Branwen Paterson, T. Portman, Dale Quan, Holly Raby-Dunne, Susan Rayner, William Reineberg Holt, Faye Robinson, Chris Rodney, William Saley, Henry Sandor, Steven Sauerwein, Stan Scullion, Bob Seagrave, Jayne Septer, Dirk Shadick, Stan Shannon, Anne Shaw, Jack Shymanski, Wendy Silversides, Brock Simpson, Caroll Sisters, Witte Sleigh, Daphne Smallman, Shawn Smith Matheson, Shirlee Smith, Barbara Smith, Peter B.
Spottiswoode, Amanda Sprung, Dawn Stangoe, Irene Stewart, Barbara Stewart, Monte Stewart, Ron Stott, Jon C. Trainer, Mary Tucker, Shirley Jean Roll Turnbull, Elsie Tyabji, Judi Vassilopoulos, Peter Virk, Manjit Vogel, Aynsley Waite, Donald E. Wakeman, Dan Walls, John Walter, Ryan Warrender, Susan Watt, Bruce Weber, Lori White, Charlie White, John W.

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