Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I have 3 questions for you to ask Theo or whomever you feel best suited if you wouldn't mind. I've read that with Theta Healing it appears it has so much more to offer since one is supposed to be co-creating with the Creator of All That Is more directly. Does Theo know what kind of healing Jesus did during his lifetime on earth and was it spontaneous healing or did the people he healed go through a process?
It is believed that she was abducted while on her way to work in the early morning hours of June 27th, 1995.
Most readers have similar questions so chances are the answers you need are provided below. It was an eye opener for me about how our animals are being treated and the fact that 90% of our seeds are now genetically altered, as well as so many other things. I would like to know what sort of benevolent request I can make to help ease the suffering of these animals and perhaps change their circumstances as well as help our ecosystem and food supply to be in sync with the greater good. Whenever there was an important job to be done, Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. I’m just sick of it, sick of working for them, sick of giving all the money back to them for taxes, gas and overpriced food that is poisoned. They came close to winning, but we can still hit the game winning bottom of the ninth with two outs grand slam. Or we just sit back, deal with the crap and let them treat us like the scared little bitches they want us to be! The secret is to follow the instructions in the Fátima Apparitions given by the Mother of God to St. These Divine warnings were specific directions left behind for Catholics to both prevent the completion of the errors of Russia (the spread of Jewish-Masonic Communism) and were also clues left for anybody willing to decontruct the Apocalypse (the full eclipse of the Catholic Church). I simply don't have the time, energy or finances to continue doing this, so if you and others want to get together and formally organize somehow, just let me know what you need me to post- links to forums, mailing lists, etc.
I followed these directions and out of nowhere, became a punching bag for the cult of Freemasonry. My life was turned upside down, my kids were taken from me by the government and to make a long story shorter, this website and research is my response.
If they start to think that you believe in their American (or whatever flag they offer) religion, they will become less suspicious of you and leave you alone. George Orwell touches upon these types of intellectual disguises in his novel 1984, and these tactics are very effective today.
Going to their rallies, hanging a flag on the front of your house, these types of activities provide a certain cover.
I personally like to drive big American-made cars and wear a cowboy hat to survive in this idiocracy. Masons do this all the time in social situations to guide the thoughts of the group into trivial matters to provide cover for their activities, so we must do the opposite to wake people up from this massive deception.If you contrast Our Lady's peaceful revolution against the Illuminati with the agitations of agent-provocateurs like Jewish-Freemasons Alex Jones or Glenn Beck, who are hell-bent on provoking a violent second american revolution to return to the Illuminati's Constitution, a religious document to the goyim, you will realize they can't touch us. Nobody has already earned a bit of cult movie status, thanks to DVD imports readily available on eBay and film blogs discussing Nobody’s unique narrative structure, philosophical underpinnings, and beautiful cinematography. They can interfere with our communications and prevent us from waking up others, just as Mossad or whatever Israeli intelligence operatives are attempting to do to the Fátima Movement website on the internet, but in the end the Truth will backfire on them I believe.
We do not need to pick up guns and boat up the Russian River Apocalypse Now style, and open fire on the world's leaders sacrificing children at Bohemian Grove.
Lúcia by the Vatican around 1958 made it next to impossible to piece back together the antedote to Freemasonry's New World Order. We operate by saving souls from these world leaders dominions in Hell using the power of the Original Rosary. It took many generations to create this society of fools, and it is going to take at least a couple of generations to wake people up. So how did the Illuminati destroy the Four Columns of the Catholic Church over the centuries? If you're willing, start a blog, print up materials and hand them out, start making and selling rosaries (some affilitates are opening a store next month on fatimarosary.org if you want to check that out), start presenting the material at Vatican II Churches, preferrably in the presence of the goyim so they can see, and basically do what is humanly possible to stop this and cause a reversal. I'm just one homeless human being, and I've reached 250,000 people with this knowledge via this website.
If a hundred Catholics did what I did, the New World Order would fall apart so quickly and the Church could become ours again.
What is the secret power of the Catholic Church that must be eclipsed or wiped out entirely before the Apocalypse can proceed again? That's just the world we live in today, and the price we pay for our forefathers' submission to the false theology of Freemasonry who have owned the Church and its teaching outlets for far longer than most people can handle. I'll promote to the extent that I can on this site, and make famous anyone who dares to try to stop you. He basically told the Illuminati to go f**k itself, basically to their faces, and they did not kill him, rather they like him because he is REAL and not a zombie. I suggest buying a spy camera for about $100, and document Freemasons who interfere with your activities. Then, other goyim can see them for what they are and will realize what is quietly going on right in front of them. Tax day is coming up in America, and keep this in mind because this is one way the Illuminati enslave us. Hang a sign on your door that says The Church of Our Lady, build a Shrine to Our Lady in your backyard, and take advantage of the tax exemption set up for the Church. This will save you thousands of dollars each year and you can apply these savings to working for the promotion of the Message of Fátima. The next time someone rhetorically asks what God did for him, teach this person how to save 40% of their labor by living as a lay-person of the Fátima Catholic Church. This 40% savings can be used to pay down mortgages very quickly, and I don't have to explain how much money interest-payments eat up over the lifespan of a 360 month loan amoritization.
In the end the HOLY FATHER will consecrate Russia and a CERTAIN peace will be granted to the world?(2) No mention of the BISHOPS?(3) Is this as it was? Combining the tax savings from not filing with the Jews and their IRS, the savings of property taxes and applying that money to get rid of interest payments, these tactics over time can free up 60% of your income, and give you control over the rest of your life so you can work for yourself, your family and the restoration of the Church, and not for the Jewish World State, their laws, and their goal of WWIII.
Or is this as it will be?(4) Are we without a pope right now?(5) Is this the time of the prophesied Counterfeit Church?(6) Is La Salette the answer?(7) Rome losing the Faith and being the Seat of the Antichrist?(8) The true Catholic Church being eclipsed in the process?
Another thing that needs to be done is to buy decommissioned Cathedrals from the Vatican and operate them as Fátima Churches. Hardly anybody now with the true Catholic Faith?(9) Please see in 8 languages:a€?The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the impostor Sr. For example, the Archdiocese of London is liquidating three Churches right now in Canada for the cost of $1, and nobody wants them.

I'm in no position to do this myself, I seriously have been so financially drained in court that I live in a semi-truck, but whoever out there is motivated, you can buy a decommissioned Catholic Cathedral and live in it, not pay property taxes, not pay income taxes, not pay interest, and free up most of your life's labor which goes to the Masonic State.
This time period has been granted so that Catholics can wake up and realize who their true enemy is, and decide what they want to do about it. With this newly found free-time, you can make and sell Original 150 Rosaries, house priests and nuns who are defecting from Benedict's Illuminati religion and do your part to help them fight back, and just live.
You may have to work a small job for the utility bill and for your food, but this could be the beginning of the restoration of the Papal States that were taken by Mussolini in 1929.
For those who are unaware, this was the last part of the world that was free from Masonic government control. It isn't easy to fight Benedict and his internal Vatican Masonic mafia, and living as a monk or a nun doesn't make you rich, so try to help these people out if you can. If everyone did their part, the Truth can set us free even today, and the Rosary will spiritually bury our Illuminati opposition.
The $15,000 report indicates the structure is remarkably sound, it overlooks a bay and the Detriot skyline from the Canada side, it has a modern house for the clergy with three or four bathrooms attached to the Cathedral, a huge basement, and modern electric with boiler heat.
I have a 100 or so page report on this property if anyone has questions.So these are things that can be done to fight the Illuminati, free human beings from being their slaves, and do what's right. And remember when your life is all said and done, and when you're looking back on it, there really won't be much dignity when you realize you have been imprisoned by these Masonic goofballs your entire life. Someone has to keep watch, but the ball was dropped a long time ago.(4) Yes, there is no valid Pope right now.
The truth is, there hasn't been a valid Pope for a very, very long time, probably since right before the Arian Crisis in the 3rd-4th Century, when Satan replaced God the Mother in the Liturgy concerning the Holy Trinity.
Subject: Original Rosary Creed FormI was adding three beads from the first but if you are telling me that I should just do the 150 maybe I should change it.
I will fast and pray about it first as I always do before making a decision, since you have the Rosary with the creed parts, 5 beads before the 150. This has been proven and causes the Church's enemies' magic undergarments to become soiled.
Where it goes from here is up to you.(9) The Dimond Brothers are Masonic, skilled at mixing Truth with Lies.
I carefully edit their material while using their research for the purposes of restoring the Church's power.
Above: The Satanic Jewish Lord Jesus of the Apocalypse flashes the Satanic handsign on the Masonic Dimond Brothers' Youtube channel, as one of their videos endorses Satan (the Lord of Moses) as God. Your history on this hat (located on the "Mecca Destroyed" page) states that its red coloring was derived from an act of the Mohammedans, who dipped their caps into the blood of the vanquished Catholics. This site also contains articles about the Baphomet, and its illegitimate relationship to Masons, who are connected to this goat-devil courtesy of a joke that was never made clear. I found the site interesting, though its founder clearly leaves out a lot of the material you cover. There is too much in this institution's history which is devilish and contrary to reason, and also antagonistic to the the Mind which fashioned this universe. That said, is it reasonable to conclude that if this Faith is of God, that the Church has been under the assault and control of a "shadow Church," much like governments have? Today I am more strongly persuaded that this is the case, especially after having viewed your page on the First Amendment (the pictoral comparisons of Masonic vs Church courts), and the attempts of the Evil One to mimic God's government, and corrupt Humankind with this counterfeit.
Pagans and atheists make the charge that the Catholics "stole" their dle Pagan practices and symbols when it went astray from the Faith.
One could retort with the fact that back in 2008, the Name of God was a sacred mystery, but your point is more valid.
Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces.2. I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.3. Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune.
Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the sacraments of the Church.8.
I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death.14. Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.(2) Regarding the meaning of the red color of the Masonic Shriners' Fez, I picked up that tidbit of info from Vatican Catholic's documentary on Freemasonry.
I actually included that clip in a documentary project which can be found in the video below at the 1:50 minute mark. But the Dimond Brothers decribe it as a victory over Christians, not Catholics, so take it for what it is. To be honest, I haven't spent much time studying Masonic costumes and their secret meanings, my time is better spent concentrating on the things Catholics need to do to win, and the main thing is to say the 150 Rosary everyday without exception.
The most effective Masonic infiltrators were the ones who pretended to be the most holy, because that gave them credibility in the eyes of the meek.
I understand what you're saying, but the real Church has been virtually non-existent for centuries, what people consider to be the mainline Church is obviously a front. Some people argue that the Catholic Church stole pagan symbols and practices in order to appease and convert these people, to bring them in.
If Catholics organized and did this, even in these hard economic times, they would save roughly 25% of their annual income and could easily donate 10% for the rebuilding of the Church that God Our Lady requested in the Third Secret of Fatima. My family and I live in ---- and we are looking to be conditionally baptized this coming Easter season.
It came to me that if you were "trucking" this way during the next month or so we would enjoy a visit and perhaps you actually perform the rite.
I have no idea about Thomas Rhodes - but he was supposedly the Bishop with the lineage through the Church.
For some reason I see what you are about and am called to assist where I can.Please let me know if you are interested in a visit?
I have a large family and very little income to support all 14 people here let alone travel much. The Knights Templar is a Masonic outfit, 100%, so whatever intentions were required to ordain this Priest properly are null and void. The Corporation SOL (or sun) is the property deed holder for most Vatican II properties, btw. It's nothing personal against you, I've just had my fill of Masons coming to me as friends and then setting me up for litigation.
I did mine for the reason I explained but you started this for me and I THANK YOU SO MUCH.Sincerely, BWMr. The Jewish Psalmists and their useful idiot Protestants recite the 150 Psalms, so the 150 Rosary is the antedote.

There were some rumblings about adding three Psalms to make it 153, so perhaps that's why your're doing that. It's looking like this day might be just around the corner, judging from the way they are putting the hammer down on our site. There is no affiliation to Knights Templar - Ron who received "messages" from God the Father, Our Lady and Christ Jesus set up the names Sons of Light and Templar Knights (not Knights Templar) (Priests and Army - respectively). The number of visitors compared to only one week ago before the Israeli hit on this site is down by two-thirds. It’s pure Satanism in plain sight (for those aware of it), check the left hand of the old guy, Simeon.
But here’s the question: How do you explain to the meek (as you say) in these days that Our Lady is part of The Most Holy Trinity, and why we should name Her in the formula for baptism? We only have the Tuy Apparition as a help, but try to show it to a average nominal catholic and you would get this answer: I see The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit as a dove, joined the three of them by Mary (as they say). Ironically, we only have the Koran, surah 5, 117 as a written testimony in our favor.The whole Novus Ordo Staff (clergy men, the media) has a lot to do with this mess. As you can see, the image doesn’t display a rosary at all, actually, is hard to find it, and the baby Jesus is on the scene. At the age of thirty-three (9), when he had taken the three-times-three degrees of Mystic Masonry, he descended to the center of the earth. So does every other tekton Mason or phree messen, (child of light,) as the Egyptians called such, descend through the nine arch-like strata of the earth. I strongly suggest a return to the Latin Rite which eliminates all this doubt caused by the vernacular transition. Anyone who has a problem with this can start with the Dogmatic Latin Vulgate which denounces John's Masonic Baptism and gives the basis of exorcism in Acts XIX. This passage links John's heretical baptism rite to the coming Lord Jesus, the anti-Christ, and quotes Paul as denouncing John's rite for this reason. Keep in mind the procedure is not complete in this passage because the proper matter and Catholic intention are required, but since most priests now rely on the Jews' bible as their authority, they cannot explain their position in light of this. Any priest calling himself Catholic who does not know this should be avoided at all costs:1685 Latin Vulgate, Acts XIX contains the basis of exorcismLatin is a very powerful language, which is why the Jewish intellectual elite still use it to this day.
When this is removed, as in Espiritu Sanctu or other variations of the name, it takes the meaning out of it, thus relying on the Priest's intention to cover that void. Paul tries to explain this error in ACTS XIX to those he finds who were mistakenly baptised in John's Baptism. The Catholic Rites are found in Dogma, which was changed long ago, before the French Revolution in 1777, when the books of the Seven Seals were opened by Rosicrucian operatives posing as Catholic Cardinals.
As far as answering the question of how to explain that Our Lady, the Mother of God is in the Trinity more effectively, I really don't know. The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe standing on the moon lord converted 9 million to the Catholic Faith. It's a tough job because we all grew up in this lie, and it's simply easier for people to believe this lie.
If you're trying to explain this to the end-times types, perhaps you can explain that at the end of the world, humanity is deceived into worshipping a false god, similar to the biblical time of Noah. I would recommend infiltrating CCD teacher positions and teaching the Fátima concept to children. They understand better than most adults that Christ has a Divine Mother (Notre Dame) and a Divine Father (Spiritum Sanctum), and if this is backed up by Dogma and the Miracle at Fátima, they will be less likely to grow up as dumb, Illuminati subjects who eat up anything they are told.
One thing that helps us in this fight is to flood the internet with this knowledge where you can.
On our end, we're having trouble with these Israeli internet pirates who are wiping us out of existence. It's getting more difficult each day as we apparently reach the conclusion of this final battle, so the more you can do, the better. If it's not apparent that the Illuminati deception of a Jewish moon god that speaks through burning bushes isn't enough to wake them up from this Apocalyptic deception, probably nothing will. Freemasons control the arguments on these sites as site moderators, re-writing my story and saturating the information market with useless, time-wasting information, so it would help if you went on these forums and fought back. This helps steer other people looking for the Truth straight to the source, the Fátima Movement. The more people who are aware of this, the less shocking it will become, and more people will be converted.
This is the best way to fight the Lord Beast and the suppression of the Trinitarian Theophany of 1929 which proves Our Lady is God. Putin on the world's most powerful listMy brother says the nobody has the soul of a stranger, a mind of a demon, and the spirit of God Page 1, 2, 3Questions for the nobody?
The first notable study of the origin and meaning of the Black Madonnas in English appears to have been presented by Leonard Moss at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on December 28, 1952. After research across the resources available on the web, the AAC team noticed the absence of a centralized resource designed to help understand the basics of addiction and navigate the veterans’ and active military support systems.
It includes 48 citations of the latest studies and 10 external resources for veterans seeking help.
I hope that the quality of this page and the importance of the subject matter merits inclusion on your page alongside the other resources you have provided a€“ or elsewhere on your website.
I believe that it fulfills an important need and will be of great assistance to veterans seeking help.Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you can add this resource to your site.
Nobody:The Fatima Movement does not support veterans because they not only fell away from the Church, they took up arms to kill for Jewish Masonic governments and their contrived wars.
Many veterans only realize this after the war is over which is why their suicide rate is over 20 per day in the United States. If they choose to pick up a Rosary and stop others from making the same mistakes, then we will support them. That the Rosary has changed (most would say 'developed') over the centuries is no news headline. But supposing what you claim is true, if the Jesus you worship is not the Jesus of the gospel accounts, then who is he?
At least the Catholic Church, whom you so abhor, can mount a somewhat sober and intelligent argument for their claims.

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