Yes knowing your weakness when you don’t have a lot of confidence is probably the easiest thing to do in the world. Sadly no one can predict the future, but in this case of building your confidence be a little cocky.
These are the people who can easily remind you of why you are so fabulous during challenging times that shake your self-esteem and confidence. It can be too easy to forget all of your impressive accomplishments when something terrible happens that makes you doubt yourself.
Put on your best outfit that makes you feel like you could strut down the sidewalk and run the world.
Levo League is the first online destination designed to provide Gen Y women with advice, mentorship and career opportunities. What is Your Coffee BreakYour Coffee Break is a lifestyle magazine for the professional woman bringing you the latest in Fashion, Career Management, Entertainment and Celebrity News, Beauty and Travel.
Based in Covent Garden and Knightsbridge, in the heart of London, Your Coffee Break has rapidly established itself as a go-to magazine for career women and fashion-savvy ladies across the world, looking for inspiring content to read during their coffee break. Trying new things builds your confidence because it means you’re always gaining new experiences and learning.
You’ll never realize the extent of what you can accomplish until you start challenging yourself. Have you ever not done something because you feared you would mess up and embarrass yourself?
Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies. Living in close quarters with someone – friend or stranger – can become a toxic situation very quickly.
As many of my readers know and clearly from my blogs title being brave and having overall confidence in myself has always been a major struggle for me. It has been slow, but I definitely have more in confident in myself and in my life with reminding myself of these 8 ways to feel confident.
At times in my life I could name hundreds of my weaknesses before naming a single strength.

Embracing the unknown is what I’ve been working on this year – and pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and going to blogging events and conferences has been a huge help to make me feel more confident overall!
To prevent your brag moments from going into a memory black hole, keep an on-going list where you can file your gold star achievements.
It’s an easy confidence booster when you succeed at little challenges you set for yourself.
Here are 8 ways to feel confident today and realize your potential you can reach every single day. I worried about everything and put myself down over the littlest things that just didn’t matter. Being someone who has social anxiety and struggles with very simple things in life like just going up to someone and having a conversation.
Enjoyed this post and want to read more uplifting posts that force me and you to be a little braver let me know by commenting below. I am always so awkward accepting compliments, but I’ve been trying to get better at it! Even if you just found out you did not get the job or were dumped by “the one” or were assigned a daunting project that you have no idea how to do.
It could be a binder that holds pictures, article clippings, and documents of your proudest life moments, or simply a digital folder. You can’t be the best at everything, but when you focus on your strengths rather than your shortcomings you can be the first-rate version of yourself. Hiring managers want to hire confident candidates and people want to date confident people.
However when you look at the big picture, you come to realize that you have exceptional research skills. Self love is hard, but taking a moment looking at things from a different perspective can make a world of a difference with your confidence. Something like worrying about what someone might ask me about something made me worry sick. At work I have a “booyah” folder within my inbox where I file shout-out emails from clients and co-workers that praise my work.

No matter who you are, you can work on feeling more confident every day with these simple tips! But you know what when someone compliments you on that one strength it means the world to you. So even when I prepared for something and gave it my all and others cheered me on I couldn’t trust myself to do well on what I was trying to achieve.
On a rough day when I feel overwhelmed and start to doubt myself, I reference that folder for a dose of confidence.
And since I didn’t do this, I failed at many things which hurt my confidence even more. I have accepted it and helps me remind myself yes I am still over weight, but hey I don’t have to deal with acne on top of that. I am not telling you to go become an adrenaline junkie because this scaredy cat is afraid to go over the speed limit let alone jump out of a plane. The first time I had to present in front of a senior leadership team, I was beyond nervous. I know one of mine isn’t making omelets, but one of my greatest strengths today is being able to put myself in other peoples shoes and helping them with their struggles. Now though if I study real hard everything I should do or if someone cheers me on for getting a hard task done. When you associate with people who think you are a 10, you will start to believe you are a 10 too.
I remind myself I have done everything to prepare and trust myself that doing that is going to lead me to success and building my confidence.

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