While there are a number of ways to meditate, there really is no right or wrong way to do it.
If you are looking to begin a mediation program but are unsure of where to start, below are a few tips with a nice bonus at the end!
When you feel calm and relaxed (or when your timer goes off), slowly come back to the room.
Meditation works best if you do it the same time everyday or regularly before practices or tournaments.
If you would like to learn more about how meditation and sport psychology can help you become a better athlete, then give us a call at 312-382-8710. We have worked with athletes such as: Zach Budde, TJ Curry, Logan Weber, and Ethan Robinson.
For novices to meditation as well as those well versed in the practice, the following meditation will help open your chakras and balance your energy in a truly blissful way. Breathe down to your Root Chakra, the Chakra of Belonging, where the weight of your body rests, below the base of your spine.  Breathe into your Root Chakra. When you are ready, allow your awareness to move up to your belly, just below your navel – to your Hara, your Sacral Chakra.
Breathe lovingly into your Hara, letting it gently soften and expand on your breath, taking in nourishment and life force energy. When you are ready move your awareness up to the area below your breast bone, your Solar Plexus, the Chakra of personal power. When you are ready, move your awareness up to your heart chakra, the chakra of self-development and unconditional love. Invite in the color green – the color of spring and life, or rose pink, the color of gentle love – whichever feels right to you. When you are ready, move your awareness to your neck, to your Throat Chakra, the chakra of self-expression, truth and personal will.
When you are ready, bring your focus up to your Third Eye Chakra, between and just above your eyebrows – your chakra of intuition and wisdom. When you are ready, move your awareness to the top of your head, to your Crown Chakra, the Chakra of ‘oneness’ and the Divine. Read this meditation a few times, memorize some of the affirmations, and use it anytime as a bliss-inducing, chakra-balancing meditation.
Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing.
Legendary meditation teacher ThichNhatHanh writes about “washing the dishes to wash the dishes” in his classic meditation primer, The Miracle of Mindfulness. These meditative activities are multi-tasking at its best—you sweep the cobwebs out of the corners of your mind as you sweep up yesterday’s crumbs.
Through the practice of meditation, you will find that you will have less and less random thoughts during your waking hours. When you just can’t clear your mind, one of the best things you can do is to go for a walk in nature.
Many people assume that meditation is the best way to achieve calmness of mind and inner peace. I can tell you from experience that it works: I have used meditation as part of my morning routine to great effect in this way.
Even if you don’t practice the sitting on a pillow and a fluffy Indian quilt with devoted attention to stillness method, there are many other forms of meditation available which I use every day to great effect. Truth be told, if I were to rely on my morning meditation practice alone, then I wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of my busy lifestyle.
I achieve a similar state of trance through some types of repetitive activity, especially (but not always) those that require a connection with nature, one of my highest and most important values. I find that it’s the activities that align with my values, as well as my morning practice of stillness meditation, which provide me with the greatest source of energy to repair my tired mental state. To get you inspired, here are some of the activities I enjoy on a regular basis that provide a meditative effect, which you can try.
You can focus on breathing, let your thoughts run free, and be inspired by your increased creativity and awareness.
When I went through a swimming phase a year or two ago, I found the act of following lanes in the pool, practicing tumble turns, and perfecting my breathing practice very meditative elements. There are few distractions when you get in a lane and glide out twenty to thirty laps, so it’s a good time for you to focus only on that which needs your attention—your direction, your breathing, and that upcoming wall you don’t want to collide with. Camping has to be one of my favorite things to do, and what makes camping so cool is the ability to have a fire.
My fondest childhood memories of camping include sitting around the open campfire next to my dog, staring into the flames, and watching their beautiful patterns as they erupt from the glowing coals and pierce the bellowing plume of smoke.
I would find myself lost in a trance, thinking of blissful nothing, comforted and energized by the fire’s warmth. Those who know me, know that any chance I get, I’m outdoors in bare feet attempting to connect with the wonderful power of Mother Nature.
It could be as simple as lying on the grass staring at the sky, or walking barefoot in a local nature reserve. The vibrations made as the waves crash into the sand are extremely calming, and the fresh air on my face is soothing and refreshing. Almost as powerful as listening to crashing waves on a beach, water cascading over a waterfall has an equally powerful restorative effect on my soul. The stillness and silence you can experience by paddling to the middle of a lake is breathtaking.
It’s this focus on the here and now of kayaking that force distractions from your mind and provide a meditative effect.
I’ve been a runner on and off for the last thirteen years, and I know from experience that if I’m ever stressed, in a foul mood, or even feeling drained, then a run of any intensity or duration cures me.

The combination of breathing and concentration of physical effort creates a trance like no other, and the increased blood flow fills my brain with oxygen thus ‘clearing my mind’ of toxic thoughts (and waste).
Where would an article on peace, meditation, and body restoration be without mention of yoga? As you can see from the everyday activities above, meditation doesn’t need to be a ‘sitting still in silence’ activity.
No matter what it is, the common theme is to devote time for you each day, focusing your energy inward rather than on your external surroundings.
Create the time to restore your soul with meditation, and re-establish a connection to activities you love in the process. Jason Townsend is an adventurous Aussie and the founder of Kickstart a Cause, teaching people to unlock their true potential and create a life they were born to live.
For the hottest ideas in business and personal development, check out our interviews with fabulous female entrepreneurs from around the world. You wake up, and before even getting out of bed, your mind is already on the go, planning out the day ahead. Once you begin meditating, and practice it properly and on a regular basis, there will be no denying the remarkable changes that will occur in your life. There is no single way to meditate, in fact there are as many meditative methods as there are people who practice.
It has taken time, but I have finally found a way to gain the inner peace and relaxation that accompanies proper technique.
I also like to imagine, during the preparatory stages, that I am on the surface of a very choppy, rough ocean.
For all you Juicy Geniuses who are about to begin your journey into meditation, don’t begin with expectations, let the results surprise you. A Story Of Shameless Passion and Pursuit–How One Juicy Genius Turned Her Hobby Into A Thriving Business! The Juicy ColumnDebunking The Myth Of Success: 3 Sneaky Signs You’re On The Right Path Live Your Life Without Regret! In fact, athletes who have worked with us have reported that they feel and perform better when they meditate regularly as part of their training. Essentially, this means to state what it is you want to focus on for either the day, this moment, or in general. Breathe in slowly from the lowest part of your abdomen; hold it for as long as you can, then exhale slowly and forcefully through your mouth.
When you do notice thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them and let them go without judgment. Allow your body to release all tension and the energy of what it no longer needs to hold on to, let it go, let it flow out and away. Let it soften and gently breathe in life force energy, allowing the chakra to expand into the space around you. Bathe your Solar Plexus with this warm, happy color, letting your Solar Plexus take what nourishment it needs. Soften the throat center with your loving breath and invite in the color blue, the color of the sky and the ocean. Immerse your Third Eye in indigo, allowing your Third Eye to take what nourishment it needs.
Lovingly bathe your Crown Chakra with the light violet color, balancing and harmonizing its energy. To transform your household duties into an exercise in mindfulness, let go of the need to “get it done” and instead let yourself become completely absorbed in the physicality of the task itself. You will begin to notice an increase in your capacity to absorb information – a real help if you are studying or learning a new subject. Aside from that, you will also be able to accomplish much more in the span of a single day, for you will complete each task much faster if you are concentrated and focused. After all, meditation could be any activity or technique that is designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, and develop our compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.
My personal and professional commitments require a high amount of energy from me to sustain them, so I need means to recharge my soul that align with activities I truly love. I experience meditation in many activities that are repetitive in nature, require little thought, and which put me into a state of trance. Without music or a partner who continually talks, a long walk allows you to reconnect with the present, and the state of your body. There’s little room for anything else, hence its ‘meditative’ ability to quiet your thoughts.
When I visit beach destinations, I love nothing more than heading to the beach early in the morning before the crowds come in, to listen to the power of the ocean. If you can’t find a waterfall, then running water in a water feature at home, or a local stream or river, may have a similar effect. The act of paddling in itself is very meditative for the mind and body, as you are required to focus on a rhythm both for your breathing and for your paddling. It’s true that we are what we eat, so cooking is one of the most important skills (aside from growing food) that we can learn in order to care for our well-being. The chopping, stirring, methodical act of food preparation is what I find meditative, and the result is always a healthy restoration of my body’s energy stores. I love yoga, and practice Ashtanga Yoga twice weekly to stretch, breathe, and focus on the technique and posture required to get the most out of my session. It’s a true restorative and meditative form of exercise, and a must try for those who’ve not experienced its benefits.
You can get similar restorative benefit from activities that promote your connection to love and self-restoration, and may either be physical in nature or not. It’s an activity that’s as flexible as your imagination, so starting tomorrow, get out there and discover what’s possible for you.

When he’s not inspiring greatness in others, he can be found travelling the world exploring the beauty of nature. I am constantly amazed that this simpler method of ZEROing has never been suggested, as IF people prefer to 'do' something to distract themselves or am I missing something here? Now a dedicated meditator, I have realized that incorporating this simple ritual into your schedule is one of the best ways to respect both your mind and body.
Spending simply ten to fifteen minutes a day on meditation is not much, but it will provide you with a window into your subconscious mind, which has a positive subsequent impact on your physical state and mental clarity.
Cast aside all of your previous conceptions about meditation, and start on your own personal journey to define a unique method.
This may sound ridiculous, but my meditation position places me right on the floor of my bedroom, with my legs crossed, facing my bedroom wall. If you live in a home with other people, let them know you will be meditating and that fifteen minutes of silence would be greatly appreciated.
There is a stereotypical meditation posture that involves your index fingers and thumbs touching, but this is not a requisite. Unfortunately, many taekwondo athletes and coaches do not incorporate meditation as part of their training. If your club can incorporate meditation into the taekwondo training program, you can use the dojang and meditate as a team, which is very powerful. For example, an athlete may have the intention of being fully focused on each movement in practice with the goal of perfecting their technique. If you find yourself being disturbed with too many thoughts, go back to focusing on your breathing. We are committed to ensuring that all athletes have an opportunity to compete at the top of their game while developing the skills they need for life.
If you’re washing dishes, that means savoring the feel of the water on your skin, the sound of dishes clunking in the sink, the lightness of the bubbles. A clear mind is by nature tranquil, calm and quiet and exudes a great force of positive energy. You will get more satisfaction from your work and the various tasks you busy yourself with during the day, because your concentration allows you to be fully absorbed in the work itself without your mind distracting you with its usual worries and anxieties. By focusing on your breath for a few minutes a few times throughout the day, you will have less stress and anxiety. You must try to disassociate yourself from these negative thoughts otherwise it will bring you down into a lower state of mind. You will find that your thoughts will begin to slow down when you are surrounded by a natural environment. I decided that a natural environment would probably be the most conducive to mental rejuvenation, so I set out to my backyard and plopped myself down on the grass. I try not to keep my eyes closed, nor wide open, with nothing in my vision to cause distraction (hence, the blank wall a foot in front of me). After a couple minutes of breath and mental vacancy, I slowly begin to submerge into the depths of the sea, where there is only complete stillness and dark.
For example, you could do it for 15 minutes right after you wake up, or before you fall asleep (just as long as you’re not too tired!). Simply place your hands in a comfortable position, even together, but try to have them facing upwards.
Share below your meditative techniques, and how you feel you have benefited from incorporating this simple pleasure into your routine.
As you develop the habit of meditating, you will become more proficient and comfortable with the process.
An easy way to remove negative thoughts from your mind is to replace it with something positive and uplifting.
Rarely do we find the time in our schedule to simply focus on silence, breath and peace of mind.
I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath, but within three minutes I had already accumulated about seven mosquito bites. I personally do not focus on a mantra, but instead place all of my attention on my breath–how it enters and exits my body. That is one of the reasons why a clear mind is a perfect stranger to boredom, since boredom often stems from a lack of positive energy. We might be thinking about what we are going to have for lunch and then all of a sudden be thinking about our upcoming vacation. We have lost our ability to get in touch with nature by living in this modern technological world.
It can be very beneficial to animate your breath in the initial stages of your meditation, by imagining during your inhales that you are breathing in tranquility, strength, or any other disposition that you feel you want to embody. You can never expect to begin meditation and enter into the deepest state instantly; it will usually take a few minutes at least (or more, in the beginning).
You can play a game with yourself by bringing your mind back to the present every time it wanders away. It is important to spend some time in nature as often as you can to connect yourself with your true spirit.
On your exhales, imagine that you are unleashing any tension, anger or despair you may feel.

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