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Stress and HealthThese days life is stressful and it weakens our immune system in the first place. Therefore, any insignificance, like a small change in the weather, may influence on how we feel.

Recorded while the band was an acoustic duo consisting only of Will Evans and Jay Driscoll, while the two were sophomores in college. A while ago it was only seniors and people with weakened health who felt the cyclone coming, now even healthy people experience discomfort.
That especially relates to city-folk who, compared to people living in the country, are more sensitive to sudden weather changes. Among the most vulnerable are people suffering from heart rhythm disorder, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension and hypotension. Low atmospheric pressure is associated with even lower blood pressure in hypotensive patients that leads to fatigue, nervousness and sleepiness.Hypertensive patients are vulnerable to a rise in air humidity and to an approaching high air pressure zone.

People suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia (pathological changes in the blood vessels) are influenced by any fluctuations in the nature.People with chronic disorders of the nervous, urogenital, and immune systems also fall under the “weather-risk” category. Physical activity will do you good, like jogging and walking that fortify the blood vessels to a great extent and strengthen the nervous system. Baby Animals Oct 18, 2007Beautiful Pictures of Autumn Dec 4, 2007Emergency Room Lyrics – Rihanna ft.

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