After waiting in line for 40 minutes, I was finally in the same room as my middle school crushes, Panic! There are two channels dedicated to cooking and over 300 cooking shows available on TV and streaming venues like Hulu and Netflix. As I approach the end of my term as the online editor of The Flor-Ala, I realize that one major determiner in my success has been self-motivation.
While I was still pondering on these thoughts, I realized apart from talking to God, talking to myself also helps me. If, for instance, there is someone who is always encouraging you and they happen to leave, your motivation might leave with them.
This week, Ford and Volvo announced they are forming a “coaliton” – along with Google – to push not only for the development of self-driving cars, but for federal “action” (their term) to force-feed them to us. To understand what’s going on, to grok the tub-thumping for these things, it is first of all necessary to deconstruct the terminology. The “self-driving” car does what it has been programmed to do by the people who control it. But the point being, you will no longer have any meaningful control over (ahem!) “your” car. It will be a tag-team of the government and the car companies who control (and thereby, effectively own) “your” car. Not only will how you drive (well, ride) be under their control, they will also know where and when you go.
For instance, making the case – in court – that we (the putative “owners” of “our” vehicles) ought to be legally forbidden from making any modifications to them.
This argument easily scales when applied to the self-driving car, which we will be forced to trust with our lives at 70 MPH. For at least 30 years now – since the appearance of anti-lock brakes back in the ‘80s – the focus of the car industry has been to take drivers and driving out of the equation.
The technology that will be necessary to achieve the “self-driving” car is very elaborate and very expensive. I personally have no doubt that, in time, they will make it illegal to own a car that is not “self-driving.” Well, to actually drive the thing. Tesla, the state-subsidized electric car – already has the necessary “self-driving” technology and Elon Musk is pushing it, hard.
This is not economically viable when the average family’s income is in the neighborhood of $50,000.
The object of this exercise appears to be perpetual debt-servitude as well as placing almost everyone fully and finally under the complete control of the powers that be. Buy anything you like at Amazon and use our link to enter Amazon and we will get some commission. Law-abiding good citizens generally hate the idea of having to harm or kill another human being. Within the United States most of our laws, as well as our overall principles based on English common-law, generally acknowledge and permit the use of lethal force if it is in the defense of an innocent person against an imminent threat.
Our healthy abhorrence of violence can actually pose an obstacle for us in preparing for our own self-defense and this is often a result of not fully understanding the difference between using force to defend ourselves versus using violence to intentionally hurt people. The “I could never pull the trigger” sentiment is found among men and women, but held by women more frequently. Part of the issue with an individual’s self-induced hesitancy to take needed action is a matter of understanding the concept of violence.
If you feel that you could never use violence, then you are on point with your inclinations. With a clear understanding of the difference between force and violence we can have a more effective self-assessment of our own abilities and willingness in a bad situation.
Now, the unfortunate possible outcome of lethal force is that the individual or individuals we use force against may die. As law-abiding citizens if we must use lethal force we would use it only because it is the single alternative to imminent death or serious bodily harm.
Salvatore is a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, and life-long practitioner of concealed carry.
COLUMBUS, OH -- An elderly retiree who lives alone was forced to defend himself against a man who police say kicked in his front door and tried to enter his home. FLATBUSH, NY -- Early Monday morning around 3:30am, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's First Deputy Council, Carey Gabay, was walking down the street with his brother when the two walked past an argument. The dependence on Ronaldo, whose tendinosis has given Portugal a slight injury scare before the World Cup kicks off, is almost unprecedented in international football. Ronaldo’s influence was epitomised during the World Cup qualifying play-off with Sweden. There is little doubt the relative fragility of late of the Portuguese team, whose qualifying campaign came close to unmitigated disaster.
Paulo Bento seems devoted to a 4-3-3 system (although did experiment with 4-2-3-1 during the play-off against Sweden), but is unable to call on high-performing stars in the majority of positions.
However, criticising Ronaldo for his ego is to misunderstand the role that such confidence plays at the highest level. Importantly with Ronaldo, those closest to him reject the notion that he is an arrogant individual. Such a picture of professionalism rather undermines the negative stereotypes that continue to tarnish Ronaldo. The World Cup in Brazil actually provides Ronaldo with a rare opportunity to play without significant expectation.

It will be a very effective way of reducing those dangerous “greenhouse gas” emissions, for instance.
The argument being that such modifications could potentially affect various “safety” systems and they do not want to be held liable for any resultant problems that may occur.
And keep in mind, that means half the people to the left of average make less than $50,000. For those of us that choose to go armed, we carry a weapon to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the elements of humanity who have no such reservations. I am not an attorney and I have no intention of addressing the particulars of such legal matters.
Most firearms trainers will encounter students who declare that they could never pull the trigger on another person no matter what the circumstances and no matter how justified. Interestingly, if these individuals are further pressed and asked if they would use lethal force to protect their child, even if they would not use force to defend themselves, the answer is almost always “yes.” This phenomenon demonstrates that the “I could never” sentiment is often not thoroughly thought out, but simply a natural response concerning any sort of potential for violence. Violence is typically defined as “physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” For most the idea of using violence against others is disturbing. At this point you need to ask yourself “am I willing to use any force necessary to neutralize a deadly threat?” That is the question.
Neutralizing by force is essentially breaking the physical structure of the attacker to the point at which that individual gives up doing his threatening behavior, or simply can no longer perform the behavior because he is incapacitated. If there are any other realistic alternatives to using force that we can do safely, then we should not use force. Many of us acquire firearms training, unarmed combative skill, and a variety of other training to enhance our ability to defend ourselves and those that we love.
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Ronaldo does not just have to live up to Portugal’s immense expectations, he is the brightest light of positivity in a nation still reeling from the debilitating effects of the economic recession. Lionel Messi and Neymar are both crucial to the success of Argentina and Brazil, respectively, but both have world-class players around them. Touted as a personal duel between Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the latter’s brace in the second leg was upstaged by the brilliance of Ronaldo, a second-half hat-trick exhibiting the pace, skill and determination of a player at his magisterial best. Drawn in an apparently favourable group alongside Russia and Israel, Portugal stuttered and stumbled their way to Brazil from the moment they fell behind to minnows Luxembourg in their first qualifier.
Nani has been out of favour at Manchester United for the last two seasons (14 league starts from a possible 76) and none of Helder Postiga, Hugo Almeida or Nelson Oliveira have the true quality desired at the top level of the international game. Ronaldo will be selected as the left of three forwards, but will have a role in which he can roam anywhere and everywhere in order to impact on matches, with the central forward (likely to be Postiga) having little pressure to score goals. He is viewed as arrogant, conceited and egoistical in some quarters, part athlete and part prima donna. There was no gratitude for the brilliant pass from Gareth Bale, no thought of hailing the team effort in effectively confirming Real’s first European Cup final in 12 years.
There is a necessity for self-confidence in sport, because it provides an absolute belief in ability. He is the perfect athletic specimen, but that is achieved by continued hard work, something revealed by Manchester United development coach Mike Clegg. Perhaps it reflects an air of jealousy, but even in Brazil there are those that will wish him to fail on the biggest stage. Of course there will be millions of eyes focused on world football’s most recognisable face, but his Portuguese side are ranked as relative outsiders for the tournament. Constantly encouraging yourself and staying committed after motivation leads to success, according to an article by Fareed Siddiqui, individual member of Institute of Management Consultants of India.
Instead of you controlling how fast you go, when to brake – and so on – such things will be programmed in by … programmers. This is easier – and more profitable – than merely building cars that are fun to actually drive.
The distinction between state power and corporate power is so blurry now as to be almost impossible to parse. The details vary from state to state, but generally lethal force is permitted by law if it is the only recourse for preserving innocent human life.
This entire topic needs to be fully considered long before you strap on a gun for personal protection.
The question is not “am I willing to kill someone?” The question we ask ourselves can only relate to our intention.
Marine and Afghanistan war veteran, has been held in a Mexico prison for unintentionally crossing the border with personal firearms in his vehicle. In Lisbon, they are proud to announce that Portugal produced the world’s best player. Home draws with Israel and Northern Ireland were combined with defeat in Russia and a last-gasp equalizer in Tel-Aviv, and it took a Ronaldo hat-trick to spare Portuguese blushes against Northern Ireland. Miguel Veloso will likely be relegated to a place on the bench with the much-vaunted William Carvalho taking his place, with Raul Meireles among the other likely starting midfielders. If Postiga can occupy two defenders and create space for Ronaldo, his mission will have been accomplished.
This is a footballer that many love to hate, more divisive an individual than perhaps any other in the game today. Instead, Ronaldo chose to show the number 15 with his fingers, demonstrating how many goals he had scored to break the competition’s seasonal goalscoring record. It allows for setbacks to be acknowledged but then beaten, with psychological studies revealing that those with high self-confidence are likely to enjoy increased performance.

Whatever you tell yourself shows on the outside in the way you talk, the things you say and the energy you bring out. If you have no issues with the possibility of having to hurt someone even if justified, then you are a liability. The issue, however, is if a citizen who carries a firearm specifically for self-defense has this mentality, the weapon may prove to be a liability rather than an asset in a bad situation if this mindset is not corrected. A good way to start this personal assessment is to have a clear understanding of the difference between violence and force. Unfortunately the only type of force that effectively protects innocent life in some situations is Lethal Force.
That means if a threat is neutralized and no longer able to hurt us or others we are done with our part. Regardless or your level of dedication, the most important element in your ability to defend yourself is the right mindset. Success breeds confidence and confidence breeds success, a self-fulfilling and positive prophecy. Our ingrained value for life should move us to avoid any situation that could lead to violence, and the only possible reason to use force that can potentially harm or kill another human being should be relegated only to situations in which there is truly no other choice. Despite the legal and ethical justifications, the will to do what is necessary in such a circumstance is a very personal matter.
Bad things happen quickly and a gun should never be deployed for defense by an individual who may hesitate to use it if needed. The force we use if we need to defend ourselves is “physical force” as is intrinsic to violence, but where the difference lies is in the intent. The term lethal force implies exactly what it means, force that can be lethal, resulting in death. Therefore, it is our intention that we can control, not the ultimate outcome for those involved. Being taken to the hospital and making a full recovery in three days is also a possible outcome. A huge part of this mindset is facing the sad but real truth of what self-defense may entail. Then all the participants were offered a snack.In some studies, participants chose between raisins or a candy bar.
Anxiety Most Popular Posts5 Signs of Covert Narcissism The Luggage Set A Doctorate in Life: Dual Degrees Most Popular NewsMouse Study: Sleep-Wake Cycle Linked to Salt Levels in Brain Breast Milk Linked to Brain Growth in Premature Babies What Helps Kids Thrive in Face of Adversity? If the will to use the weapon is absent, then producing the weapon can simply up the lethality of the conflict rather than resolve the attack.
Violence is intended to “hurt, damage, or kill.” The force we use to defend innocent life is intended to neutralize.
The most obvious and effective lethal force tool that we can carry concealed on our person is the handgun. Simply the sight of the weapon or the sound of the blast causing the attacker to flee is another possible outcome as well, and that is effective neutralization if it stops the threatening behavior. It is comforting to understand that as a good person there is no need to use violence, as that is not what we use to defend ourselves.
The definition of neutralize is to “render something ineffective or harmless by applying an opposite force or effect.” That is what we do if we must. These things are all possibilities depending on the circumstances and we have no control over these outcomes, but we have control over our intentions. We use physical force to render a bad person ineffective of harming or killing innocent life. We should, however, have every intention of using whatever force necessary, but only what is necessary, to stop a bad person from hurting innocent parties. However, we must also come to terms with the possible outcomes and commit to the will to use any force necessary to cause that neutralization if the threat persists. You need to think about it, be realistic about it, and if you cannot accept that possibility then carrying a weapon is not the right decision for you. Edged weapons and blunt striking objects are also lethal force, and even our hands can sometimes constitute lethal force, but the goal of any such tool in a defensive manner is not to kill somebody. The goal is to stop that person from doing whatever it is that they are doing to pose grievous harm to innocent life. Rick Nauert has over 25 years experience in clinical, administrative and academic healthcare.
As practitioners of self-defense it is good to hate violence, but we need to be willing to use whatever force necessary to neutralize. He is currently an associate professor for Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals doctoral program in health promotion and wellness.
Nauert began his career as a clinical physical therapist and served as a regional manager for a publicly traded multidisciplinary rehabilitation agency for 12 years. He has masters degrees in health-fitness management and healthcare administration and a doctoral degree from The University of Texas at Austin focused on health care informatics, health administration, health education and health policy. His research efforts included the area of telehealth with a specialty in disease management.

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