People with low self-esteem, are usually people who do not accept themselves as they are, who cannot tolerate their failures.
If your answer was yes to one or more of these adjectives you are likely to suffer from low self esteem. The first thing to know is that self esteem is never lost and it is always there waiting to be recovered.
Turn a negative thought into a positive one: According to specialists you should never lose the desire to think positive. Do not be so pessimistic: While we accept that we have failed in some aspects or specific events, we should not be so pessimistic about it. Being aware of your achievements and successes: A good way to increase our self esteem is by checking the achievements of the past, so be aware of it and it will help you to have more success in the future.

Learn from your mistakes: When we look back in our lives, we realize how we got where we are today. Practice self improvement exercises: Practicing exercises like yoga and meditation will help you with your self esteem. For example, instead of telling yourself “do not talk” think “I have important things to say” or change ” I’m not good enough ” to ” I’m good ” . We all have skills and abilities in different areas, it is important to recognize them to achieve our goals. Although we are worse than others on some issues, we are better in others, it makes no sense to compare ourselves with others and feel inferior.
It doesn’t matter what others may think.  Take your time and think before acting, as you know we often make quick and bad decisions.

Start doing things that make you feel good, it will make you happy .Remember that when you are happy you are no longer under stress. When a person is mentally ill, negative, and pessimistic, everything goes wrong and that’s not a coincidence, it is a consequence.

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