Wea€™ve already put in thousands of hours of grunt work compiling financial metrics and filtering out the noise. Our data can be presented in a variety of visually appealing formats, sent through reliable, real-time delivery methods.
We maintain strict internal audit procedures designed to prevent, detect, and remove any errors in our database.
Final outputs are presented in many interactive formats, including maps, spreadsheets, and PDFs.
With some nifty technology behind the scenes, wea€™re constantly improving our products and tools.
Our popular collection of new-age media properties generate almost 2 million unique users a month. We work with clients across a broad spectrum of industries to create data-centric solutions. Buy-side professionals use our products to evaluate thematic investment strategies, make intelligent comparisons and generate alpha returns. Market experts get access to extensive financial libraries with the most relevant metrics in order to scale up their analysis, and save time on research and data mining. Reporters can embed our charts and statistics to provide relevant background on a story, while editors possess a reliable resource to quickly double-check data points. Business students and professors now have a credible source to cite after quickly searching for information and using it to compare data. Our dashboards offer a highly curated snapshot of market information on equities and industries to help retail clients better understand their investments.
Portfolio managers and traders can analyze financial data in a comprehensive way to make better informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

When he pulled back the curtain and shared their early prototype on day one, it looked like a hacked together version of IRC in the browser. Figuring out why something is successful in retrospect is like trying to describe the taste of water. Have you ever walked into a house and had an indescribable feeling that it just feels cheap? With Slack, a bubbly, bright UI, delightful interactions, and hilarious copywriting come together to create a personality.In Slack, every piece of copy is seen as an opportunity to be playful. Wea€™re changing all of that with our open, fluid dashboards, industry portals, and interactive charts.
Sign-ups to use our beta portals are currently free, while more products are built and tested. They enable us to demonstrate the depth of our data products and financial tools through their global reach. We were avid users of Campfire, and had tested out the many copycat products that had come out over the years.
Most enterprise software looks like a cheap 70's prom suit?—?muted blues and greys everywhere?—?so, starting with the logo, we made Slack look like a confetti cannon had gone off.
They both do exactly the same thing, but one feels dull and the other feels electric and playful. Throughout the entire product, everything seems to playfully jump around and pop off the screen. A professional builder would walk in and give you a laundry list of shortcomings: uneven drywall, gappy hardwood floors, hollow-core doors, and cheap hardware. Where a competitor might just have a loading spinner, Slack has funny quotes like, “Need to whip up a dessert in a hurry?

Sure, it’s hard to get the mix of ingredients just right, but it doesn’t have any features that Hipchat and Campfire can’t build. They’ve all started using casual copy and trying to bone up on design, but it’s a little like your uncle trying to do the macarena. It’s too little too late. Each of these interactions is designed not only to help the user understand what’s going on, but put a little smile on their face. Dump a bag of oreos on the floor and eat the oreos off the floor like an animal.” A strange little injection of fun into an otherwise boring day. It’s the same enterprise chat client underneath, but it’s playful, fun to use, and all that comes together to make it feel like a character in your life. It’s TARS, not HAL9000.
It was a crowded market and knew it would be difficult to make his product stand out from the crowd. We prefer to just put our heads down and design stuff, iterating over and over again until something feels right. Vibrant colors, a curvy sans-serif typeface, friendly icons, and smiling faces and emojis everywhere. Regardless, I was excited to get a chance to work with Stewart, and thought it would be fun to solve some of the issues that we’d had with Campfire. Slack was no different?—?there wasn’t any magic process we used?—?but looking back, I’ve identified a few key things that helped make it the huge success it’s become.
You can create a room, add people, share files, and chat as a group or direct message one another.

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