But beneath all of Walter’s wild daydreams and adventures, lies a romantic comedy that is subtle enough not to override the important messages in this film.
The second act of the film sees Walter embark on a life-changing adventure where the lines of reality and fantasy begin to blur.
Stiller had already proven he can shoot the fantastical, the wonderful and the grand with his previous directorial work on Tropic Thunder and Zoolander, but the artful craftsmanship that has gone into Walter Mitty is of a distinctly higher calibre. To see the world; things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. If must you do one thing before the end of 2013 or going into 2014, head to the cinema from Boxing day and see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it’s a modern day classic.
However, every now and then a film comes out that does precisely that and Ben Stiller’s Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one such film.

Ben Stiller has come a long way since cutting his teeth as a slapstick funny man, making his way into action (comedy) and progressively moving into directing and writing, but this latest piece sits at the top of the pile as some of his finest work yet. Walter is tasked with finding the final cover image taken by renowned adventurer and photojournalist Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) that has mysteriously gone missing, sparking a mission to track down Sean using three pictorial clues, that take him from Greenland to the Himalayas via Afghanistan on a journey that is funny, frightening and transformational.
His love interest, Cheryl Melhoff is played by the magnificently dowdy but charming Kristen Wiig. Whilst I would still hesitate to put it side-by-side with Forrest Gump, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty packs a powerful, joyful and inspirational punch that celebrates qualities that we should all remember to treasure; a sense of adventure, humility, honesty and dedication to good work. The pathos of the main character is well-captured in subtle ways, as are the feelings of triumph when he is able to go beyond his own self-imposed limitations. As we join Walter on his journey we see a man gradually break free of his sedentary lifestyle, revealing hidden passions in skate-boarding, hiking and thrill-seeking.

The cinematography is extraordinary– this is a drama that *must* be seen in theaters.
His transformation is something many of us can relate to, which is partly why I believe this film will have such a strong impact on it’s audience. I expect that most adults with any sensitivity at all will find this a highly satisfying experience that speaks to their very cores. My wife and I were privileged to see it in an advanced screening, and can’t believe we have to wait another couple of weeks for the official release to go back and see it again.

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