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Colonel Harland Sanders continued his successful chicken restaurant catering to travelers through the area. These guys have a hard time making friend with regular folks, so they need to stick together. LOUISVILLE, KY (Satire MauMau) – In front of an army of journalists, police and company staff, Colonel Harland Sanders’ 68-year old handwritten recipe has been temporarily relocated to a secret-secure location as KFC modernizes the safekeeping of one of the world's top trade secrets. To help keep its most valuable asset safe, KFC has hired national corporate security expert and former New York City Police Detective Bo Dietl to consult on its security modernization project and oversee the temporary relocation of Sanders’ Original Recipe. The specific details of the secret recipe of herbs and spices are shrouded in well -- secrecy, even among the suppliers who produce and blend it. One enterprising journalist at the event has plans to use a nearby spectrum analyzing machine at the University of Louisville to scan his photo of the vials of secret herbs to determine the ingredients. The company that has kept the Colonel’s recipe a secret for decades now claims it has invented a virtual safe to guard any secret. Last week, we were invited to KFC’s flagship store in Mascott NSW to see how the company makes its chicken first-hand.
Each KFC store contains three industrial-sized refrigerators that are kept at optimal temperatures for different foodstuffs, ranging from three degrees Celsius to well below freezing. While KFC flours its own chicken in store, Zinger fillets arrive pre-marinated in the company’s signature spicy sauce. Each crate of chicken is clearly labeled with a use-by-date, batch code and the precise moment that the chickens were killed.
As you’d expect, KFC has a very strict policy of not selling food that passes its use-by-date.
The freezer is where KFC stores its high-volume side offerings such as popcorn chicken and nuggets. While KFC’s meat products undergo extensive food safety checks, its flour is sort of just dumped in a corner.
In 2012, KFC Australia made the switch from imported palm oil to locally produced canola oil. This oven takes care of customers who prefer KFC’s non-fried offerings, such as the grilled chicken Taster Box.
Although done by hand, the flouring process follows a very strict procedure to ensure uniformity across the franchise. Finally, the finished product ends up in the display box behind the front counter, ready for serving.

I'd be willing to bet that most stores never stick to the serve-by time for cooked chicken.
I really wish KFC Head Office (or whatever they want to go by), actually did some quality control on their franchises.
I'm pretty much off KFC altogether as all the ones I've been too in the last few years is always too oily. The thing is, McDonalds seem to have QA down pat; I nearly never have issues with my food, and when I do and complain, I usually find it's because they are training up a new staff member (whether that's true or just used as a scapegoat I don't know, but regardless it's very infrequent Macca's quality is overall extremely consistent). That was a nice read, was kind of hoping it was wherever the popcorn chicken and nuggets were made though. Seems weird they keep there chicken chilled not frozen except for high volume products they freeze. History of Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken was started by Harland Sanders in North Corbin, Kentucky at a gas station he owned. In 1936, the Governor of Kentucky recognized the contribution Harland Sanders was making to the economy of the state and made him an honory Kentucky Colonel. Titled as Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipes, this KFC secret recipes hand-book covers 17 varieties of KFC fast food, namely KFC BBQ Baked Beans, KFC Pork BBQ Sauce, KFC Buttermilk Biscuits, KFC Cole Slaw, KFC Corn Muffin, KFC Extra Crispy, KFC Extra Crispy Strips, KFC Gravy, KFC Honey Barbecued Wings, KFC Macaroni and Cheese, KFC Macaroni Salad, KFC Mashed Potatoes, KFC Original Fried Chicken recipe, KFC Pot Pie, KFC Potatoes Salad, KFC Potatoes Wedges, and KFC Rotisserie Style Chicken. Multiple suppliers are involved in the process, bound by strict secrecy agreements, and none of the individual suppliers know the entire formula. Since then, an additional 623 stores have sprung up, serving some two million customers per week. Each refrigerator has two handles for cleanliness purposes: only the red handle may be touched by raw food handlers. According to Ben, the company’s policy of only revealing the recipe to two executives at any one time is fact, not folklore.
This involved a significant investment including the training of farmers to ensure the business was sustainable.
Each piece is pressed into the flour, patted down and shaken an identical number of times using a specific set of actions. A same system applies at McDonald's, and when I worked there, rarely did we pay much attention to the timers. I'm completely turned off it now, all because my local KFC is utterly crap at pretty much everything.
Road tripped across the state this past weekend and the Hungry Jacks I visited for lunch was nothing like my regular one. Sanders eventually bought a motel across the street from his gas station and put an actual restaurant inside.

I cana€™t tell this is a genuine copy of Colonel Harland Sanders KFC secret recipes, as I have not much ideas about those ingredients mentioned in the KFC recipes hand-book! He found that there were thousands of people looking for directions to help them duplicate their favorite restaurant meals at home. The executives are not allowed to travel together on the same plane or in the same car for security reasons.
To further safeguard the secret recipe, KFC does not identify the suppliers involved in producing and blending the recipe.
Over the past 46 years, the way KFC prepares and cooks its chicken has changed in several notable ways.
Generally, batches of chicken will be usable for five days from the date of delivery, although they are usually sold within two days. The circular cookers to the right are used for spicy Zinger varieties and can cook six birds at once. This is the main reason KFC doesn’t let customers request specific pieces when purchasing chicken combos.
It's annoyed me that much I've even gone so far as to write letters to KFC's Head Office here in Australia to complain about them, but alas, they remain the same. To keep my life easier, Ia€™ll rather visit to the nearest KFC store and have it within few minutes. The obsession started years ago after a challenge from his wife: Could finance manager Ron Douglas, an avid cook and Kentucky Fried Chicken fan, really crack the code to the best-kept culinary secret in the country? And should they leave the company, they've signed an agreement to perform a partial lobotomy at a nearby clinic. Today, the emphasis is on finding a reasonable balance between taste and nutrition — particularly through the use of different cooking oils. It's pretty clear to me they don't actually care about the quality of their products (or service), this is just a PR stunt.
Ron Douglas of Long Island, New York, claims to have reverse-engineered Kentucky Fried Chicken's top secret 11 herbs and spices. Here’s how the process currently stands, from the delivery truck to the front counter.

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