I observe Windows 8 use different font now and I can't find the old fashioned dialog for detailed customizing all desktop elements like it was used up to Windows 7.
How to adjust desktop icon labels font size, spacing, etc?Hi all, I just installed WIn8.1 Prox64 and I'm facing the following issue.
Photoshop Elements 11 Very Slow to Open Files on DesktopOut of the blue today when I opened PSE 11 and then tried to use it to open a file on my Desktop, it went to sleep.
Changing Desktop File Shortcut IconsI was able to right-click a shortcut to a file on my desktop, click properties then change the icon. Desktop Background not changingHey there, I just installed windows 8 today and the first thing I wanted to do was change my desktop background.
Changing the default client from the Mail app to something else is similar to making PDFs and Photos open on the Desktop, or preventing videos and music files from opening in Windows 8 apps.
Next in the Set Associations screen, scroll down the list until you find Protocols, and under that you’ll see MAILTO. Or if you’re a Firefox user, it’s easy to set the default email client to Gmail or another web based client. Well, I’m upgrading to Windows 7 over Christmas (when hopefully the workload will diminish). I went through your instructions but get to MAILTO and just seen the options of Outlook, Mail and Apps. Every time I turn around there is something that does not work correctly or is inaccessible with WIndows 8.
While the graphics didn’t look exactly like what I had on my Windows 8 Control Panel I was able to follow the gist, make the change, and now email opens in Outlook (13) for me instead of the Windows email. Dear Frances, I took bits and pieces of what has been written above our comments (Thank you All!!) and I now have the ability to send pictures out of my Photo programs! 03.) I have a GMail Account, so went into Tools and made sure that I had enabled IMAP for that account. 05.) Went into the two different Photo Programs that I have on my computer to send a photo. This is the easiest and most simple instructions as to add a default program as I have seen and have tried it many times. My problem is when I go through all the steps and come to the options of the programs, (Mail, Google Chrome, Windows Mail Live, Outlook), my option window shows only three and the one I want, Outlook, is not listed.
Microsoft has released the full, final version of Windows 8 to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, and a free 90-day trial to everyone else.
I have had no issues allocating my fucking RAM, CPU, and battery life in the past, but thanks for deciding what is best for me Microsoft. After playing for few days, I just find it natural to scroll left and right with the mouse wheel up and down.. Put your tablet and your desktop on your WiFi network and control your desktop using touch on your tablet. Yep, you can move the Start screen _after_ login by using the hot corner (bottom left) to open the Start screen on another display. Not a great article – we get to watch Sebastian playing minesweeper and changing windows colours. And this thing about Aero being dated and cheesy really annoys me – i like the look of my desktop. Ya, benchmarks and the like will come later, once we have final versions of benchmark suites, drivers, etc.
For consumers, the main advantage with finding classic Windows applications via the app store is that they are MS certified, so they have to adhere to certain standards, both from a technical and quality perspective. For developers, the advantage is very clear – a central location where applications are promoted without having to spend money on marketing. If they force the Metro thing down everyone’s throats now, people who are learning to use PCs for the first time will feel an instant love for Windows mobile devices.
But hey, I wouldn’t expect a pleb like you to understand the finer intricacies of the complex conjugate hues of red and blue. The Microsoft marketing machine is in full swing trying to make a fool of people into buying the worst most retarded, childish and unusable UI ever created. WP7 has been growing steadily (and faster than the other platforms in their beginnings), but it clearly wasn’t supposed to gain much more market share than it already has. All your babbling is not going to turn an awful childish unusable unproductive User Interface designed by people with no clue about what they were doing into a productive working well designed UI. I agree, its just Microsoft are trying to make it uncool so they can sell new Windows.  People are easily brainwashed. 1- make that start menu and metro apps ubiquitous among PCs (Windows 8), Tablets (Windows RT and 8) and Phones (Windows Phone).

This tutorial will show you how to change the color of your window borders, buttons, text, and taskbar in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. NOTE: While using either one of these themes, you will be able to change the color of your window borders and taskbar. A) You can either select a specific color option you want, or select the Automatic (top left color box with fan) option to have a color chosen automatically based on the colors in your desktop background. B) If you selected a color and not Automatic, then move the sliders left and right to adjust the Color intensity and color mixer to how you like. NOTE: While using this theme, you will be able to change the color of your window borders, buttons, and text. After you set your colors how you wanted them, you could export the registry keys below to back them up as a .reg file. I like the way windows 8 looks for the most part, but the bright inactive window color is counter intuitive and hideous in my opinion. How to change metro color to be the same as window?How to change metro color to be the same as the window color, or how to set custom colors on metro ui? Change color just for the window border?any way to change color just for the window border? I want to be able to adjust the desktop icons' spacing (vertical and horizontal), desktop icons font size, etc. I tried to do it using Windows Style Builder; however, I wasn't able to as it fails to edit win8 visual styles.
This is annoying when you click an email (MailTo) link on a webpage and you’re bounced into the new UI. I am trying to change Outlook to Chrome (Gmail), but I end up with 2 listings for Outlook and none for Chrome. Got a new computer with Windows 8 for Christmas and am slowly chipping away at getting it to work how I want it to (NOT how some total techie envisioned people would want).
I have tried everything to make Outlook my default or anything that will allow me to click on a photo and have the option to send to an email recipient like in Windows XP. I intended to add that it is OK with me to have Windows Mail as my default email program if it worked as default, even tho I prefer Outlook.
Please install an email program or if one is installed, create an association on the Default Programs Control Panel. It downloaded my Gmail mail into an account (which was a little freaky, as I am not sure what was going on there, but at this point in my frustration, I decided I really didn’t care! I followed the step and when I click on pdf file that I want to email, it brings up outlook 2013.
I am not able to configure my personal accounts to these apps.can someone suggest how I can disable the existing default and enable my intended default accounts?
After you install it as the default, you can click the Read Mail icon in IE and get a link, and all the previously greyed out “Send link by email” etc. I have a windows live email (Hotmail) and had to download windows essentials for it to appear in protocols. However, once I downloaded Windows Live Mail, I was able to use it as my default email program immediately.
With the plain ugly bars and text, everything displays a lot faster, it just looks ugly is all. Instead, it takes you to the vendor’s web site where you buy the application exactly like you do in Windows 7.
I cannot get to my email any faster or write a response to an article with overblown statements any better.
The Metro UI allows you to run 2 foreground apps side-by-side, whereas iPad only allows you to run one foreground app at a time.
Metro UI supports semantic zoom across the entire platform, which can be utilised by 3rd party apps too. Metro UI has Live Tiles which show live data without having to launch an app, and which allows you to pin subsections of an app to the start screen and not just the app itself, and allows you to orgnaise and filter data on the start screen as well as displaying live information for that subsection or filter.
Apps can share data with each other using the Share feature (Share Contracts) even if the apps don’t know anything about each other.
Did you complain when pinned (auto and manual) programs or non-flyout All Programs came around? Virtually no one that uses one wants to change, and the satisfaction rating is higher  than the other offerings. Most WP users LOVE the tiled, information-rich UI, but what sells smartphones right now is app parity, something that is frustrating for all sorts of reasons that are important but completely unrelated to this comment thread.
By making it ubiquitous, everyone will get used to it (a huge part of the 1 billion PC users included).

Comes with Windows 7 by default, but it’s the tablet that Microsoft gave to all the attendees of Build (with Windows 8 on it). Is it possible to set these settings in the registry, script or via Group Policy (preferred option) please? To restore it to any user account, you would just merge the .reg file, then sign out and in to apply.
For instance, in MS Word, I need to make the background completely dark and the text green, in order to minimize the screen radiation. I do not want Google, and when I go to the Store, everything that has the name Outlook on it, is not the email program and when I type in the search for Outlook Email, it does not come up. I use it all the time for my email, but not option to click on and there is no browse option either. But after spending few hours with it, you will find that the metro interface is actually optimized for mouse as well, but it cannot be basic mouse (only left and right click). There is also no performance issue with the interface, runs quickly and smoothly on every pc i’ve tried it on. Microsoft have created an entire sharing platform which developers can utilise and can even publish a sharing contract for others to use if required. This is far superior to the very basic sharing that iOS. They are forcing developers, businesses, system administrators, professionals to waste time with the most unproductive childish UI ever created.
And when you go back to a Win7 machine you’ll feel just as jarred or hamstrung as you would when you picked up Win8. Usability metrics BEFORE touch was a viable input was consistently about making hit targets (for mice) bigger and more spaced out. Also I'd appreciate advice about turning off smooth scrolling of list and combo boxes, it's annoying slow. After a couple of tries, I waited for 2-3 minutes and it then displayed files on the desktop.
For instance, if I click on a MailTo: link in MS Word, or my contact database, it looks for the default option set in Control Panel, and Firefox is not listed as an option there.
But I cannot send my word documents as attachments and im pretty sure I cant send any attachments. Please install a email program or if one is installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel. When I go there, click on the icon Mail, it gives no other option to change, correct, add, or delete. I currently have open office which will not link to email but if I use a different format, it works fine. Microsoft seem to be trying to use jedi mind tricks on the masses – your interface is crappy and dated, buy our new up to date product. But now all of a sudden, because a UI was built around those industry standardized usability metrics, those metrics no longer apply and are instead turned on their head? Perhaps there’s no way to do this without a coding solution by Mozilla or an add-on developer. In its place there’s a flat, square, solid-color UI that does a better job of linking together the two very disparate Metro and Desktop experiences. It’s more useful than the existing Start Menu while also maintaining most of all the current high-runner functionality. But whenbi go look for it I dont want to mess anything up and I need to send these word docs so I am loosing it! By default, the color of this UI automatically mirrors the most predominant color of your desktop wallpaper, but you can set it manually if you prefer.Windows 8 Start screen. I already cant use my printer cause its a hp for windows 7 then I go to the ho website and find the download for windows 8 only to get pop ups saying that the file is corupt and cant be downloaded!
So just what I need I get a new laptop for school I am doing EMT classes and need my printer and my gmail to send word docs and I cant do either! The good news, though, is that the transition is very quick — and given time the Desktop does begin to feel like just another app.
Microsoft still hasn’t made the Start screen any easier to manipulate with mouse and keyboard.
With the final build of Windows 8 now in the hands of hundreds of thousands of third-party developers, and the Windows Store fully open for business, the next three months will be absolutely crucial. If the developers deliver and Windows 8 launches with thousands of apps, Microsoft will be onto a winner — otherwise, Windows 8 will simply be Windows 7 with a clunky layer of primary-colored Fisher-Pricey bloatware on top.

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