Buone notizie non solo per gli oltre 750,000 giocatori che si sono iscritti per poter partecipare alla Closed Beta di Secret World, ma anche per tutti gli altri; Funcom ha annunciato ufficialmente sul sito del gioco che la data di rilascio per questo MMORPG Horror e prevista per il 19 Giugno 2012 e non come era stato inzialmente vociferato, per Aprile.
Il tempo aggiuntivo che gli sviluppatori si sono presi servira a migliorare ulteriormente il gioco, ottimizzando tutti i contenuti gia presenti e testati nella Closed Beta dagli utenti, che mediamente hanno espresso un voto di 9 su 10 per la qualita del titolo. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.
Now, everyone can see how Valve executed this big visual shift in Dark Horse's upcoming The Art of Portal 2. Last week I posted Chris DePrisco's fiber laser rendition of Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive", the ending theme from Portal, with an implied suggestion that Portal 2's "Want You Gone" receive similar treatment. David explains: "In essence, the laser is firing at a fixed repetition rate - there's around 30k pulses hitting the material every second. As I prepared to write up Grossman's video, I got another email, this time from the original laser Portal engineer. Chris DePrisco was dropping me a line to let me know he had followed up on the :Still Alive" video with a two-track fiber laser version of "Want You Gone".
If it helps sell you on the quality behind this flick, it's being made by the same crew who put together last year's charming Aperture Science documentary.
British artist Pinali sets our hearts aflutter with this animated take on Portal's Chell (in her Portal 2 outfit).
I keep thinking, if I watch it long enough, the "camera" will pan across and just follow her as she starts shooting the place up. Revealed during ThinkGeek's 2012 CES spectacular, the Inflatable Portal 2 Sentry Turret has all the great features of the real thing, except it doesn't talk, light up, sing, or fire off a ridiculous number of bullets. The British Academy Video Game Awards took place on Friday night and Portal 2 was awarded highest honours, taking home little gold faces not only for Best Game, but also for Story and Design.
Youthful electronic musician BonJob agrees, putting together a very cool techno joint that incorporates sound effects from Portal 2 over a pulsing beat.
I love the intro in particular; in fact, I'd be really into music that was created entirely from samples taken from the game's audio. The Portal 2 puzzle creator will let players make their own test chambers without having to dive into Valve's complex level creation tools. Description: An MMORPG set in a current-day world, albeit with magic and secret organizations. Much like Star Wars: The Old Republic, character creation is accompanied by optional videos that set the stage and give a bit of background info on each faction. One of TSW’s main marketing points is its focus on puzzle-based quests, and in-game browser to help the player solve these riddles. Travel between major areas is done via an underground world-tree whose individual branches represent unique, traversable paths.
Crafting is done via a Minecraft-like interface where ingredients are physically placed on a grid in a rough representation of the desired item. In addition to the global currency, factions hand out unique coins for completing quests that are then used to trade with their vendors. So, basically, this is just another ho-hum MMO that hasn’t put much initial effort into the few good ideas it brought to the genre, right? Well, obviously a lot of effort went into the game, but it’s not nearly as unique and offbeat an MMO as the reviews make it sound.
Hi, my name's Radek Koncewicz and I'm the Creative Lead of Incubator Games, a small development studio I started with a few former coworkers. I think a lot about videogames, and write a lot of it down too, so I figured why not make it public?
I tried out the open beta weekend for The Secret World (TSW) last weekend and preordered it. What I really want is The Secret World for a small group of coop players featuring TERA style combat mechanics. DirectX 11 Effekte, Tesselation, Server-seitiges PhysX und diverse andere Highlights machen The Secret World zum technologisch fortschrittlichsten MMORPG der Welt. In technologischer Hinsicht ist The Secret World mit DirectX 11 Effekten, Tesselation, Ambient Occlusion, FXAA-KantenglA¤ttung und diversen anderen Highlights derzeit das fortschrittlichste MMORPG A?berhaupt.

Wer einen ersten Eindruck von The Secret World bekommen will, meldet sich hier fA?r die Pre-Launch Betaversion an. Seit Jahren war MSAA (Multisample Anti-Aliasing) das Verfahren der Wahl zur Vermeidung gezackter Kanten in Spielen, doch fA?hrte MSAA mit der Entwicklung neuer Funktionen wie Deferred Rendering zu immer deutlicheren LeistungseinbuAYen.
In letzter Zeit erfreut sich das alternative KantenglA¤ttungsverfahren FXAA zunehmender Beliebtheit.
Durch Verwendung von Hardware-MSAA in Kombination mit dem temporalen Filter liefert TXAA insbesondere bei Bewegungen eine wesentlich akkuratere Darstellung bei kaum hA¶herer LeistungseinbuAYe im Vergleich zu MSAA.
Da sich TXAA am besten bei Bewegungen beurteilen lA¤sst, haben wir ein HD-Vergleichsvideo erstellt, um die Vorteile im Vergleich zu FXAA darzustellen a?’ dem anderen KantenglA¤ttungsverfahren von The Secret World. Mit TXAA wirkt das Bild weicher, die Kanten sind geglA¤ttet und es treten keine unschA¶nen temporalen Aliasingfehler auf a?’ besonders deutlich ist dies bei der Flughafenszene im Vergleich zu FXAA zu sehen.
Hinsichtlich seiner Grafiktechnologien ist The Secret World mit Sicherheit eines der schA¶nsten MMOs A?berhaupt und liefert in Anbetracht seiner Merkmale gute Leistung. Auch was das Spiel als solches betrifft, hat The Secret World einen fulminanten Start hingelegt, und die Inhalte werden monatlich erweitert a?’ erstmals mit dem heutigen Update.
Summary: Funcom revealed two new concepts of The Secret World, a MMO combined with myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend.
Sometimes the only thing separating this world from the legion of unholy horrors is a spray of hot metal and a deafening boom. Il Senior Producer Ragnar Tornquist ha inoltre dichiarato che prima delle release ci saranno anche diverse fasi di test pubbliche dove verranno invitati molti altri giocatori. We know there were many more that could have been nursed back to health, if only we had more resources. The first one presented a simple, clean aesthetic that worked as a great backdrop to the clever gameplay and snarky humor of Chell's battle of wits against GLaDOS. Announced tonight at the Emerald City Comic-Con, the 184-page hardcover book will feature concept art and completed vision, along with character sketches and commentary from writers, artists and other developers. Instead of using the pitch of the laser to replicate sound the way DePrisco did with the fiber laser, Grossman transformed his 250 watt CO2 laser into a working speaker. Each of those pulses disrupts the material, and has an associated flash of light and plume of ejected material, which pushes air outwards, making a sound. Using his single laser he recorded two tracks and spliced them together into one slightly-off but still incredible impressive video. That's why we can't have real Portal 2 turrets scattered about our homes, monitoring and usually protecting our valuables and loved ones. Aperture Science had to make some cutbacks to the production line when OSHA shut down the main plant. Celebrate the winner of three British Academy video game awards, including Best Game, by taking 50% off now through Thursday at 4pm Pacific Time!Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and includes an extensive single player campaign as well as the unique two-person co-op experience with it's own dedicated storyline. Congratulations to Valve, who by this point must be making plans to put up some new shelves of award-bearing load strength.
Not just for its soundtrack, but for the awesome ways that it implemented music into the background of its levels. I know there must be a whole crap-ton of Portal-inspired music out there, but I really dug this one. We got a chance to catch up with Chet Faliszeck and Erik Johnson at GDC for a chat about Valve's plans for the user friendly level editor.
However, in practice they are quite obtuse, recalling the silly, overcomplicated, and illogical mysteries of The Da Vinci Code. These are fully voiced and do a good job of world-building, but unfortunately their completion does not result in any permanent changes to the world itself. It’s a clever way of magically connecting the entire world, and a suitably modular system for introducing new locations. Crafting in general plays a large part in the game as item-drops are relatively rare and many items are not easily purchasable.
There’s still a progression but much of it is in the abilities that get unlocked and the range of things a player can do rather than a sheer numbers-based power curve. The first zone is supposed to be a quiet little ocean town covered by a deep fog with a zombie and deep ones infestation.

During one cutscene, a guy sitting on a couch rested his elbow on an invisible block 8 inches above his knee.
I ended up preordering it (so I could reserve Mcdanger as my username… someone had taken it in beta!).
Kein Wunder also, dass sich die Gaming-Community A?ber die Mitteilung von Funcom gefreut hat, dass Ragnar die Entwicklung des MMORPGs The Secret World A?bernehmen sollte. Da MSAA in The Secret World nicht verfA?gbar ist, kann kein direkter Vergleich angestellt werden. Wer also ein innovatives MMO mit monatlichen Updates, hervorragender Optik und allen grafischen Finessen mA¶chte, der ist mit The Secret World bestens bedient.
Then, last year, Portal 2 took Aperture Science's glistening white test chambers and destroyed them, letting players roam through the innards of Cave Johnson's company. Thanks the amazing things retailer ThinkGeek we can now at least own an inflatable facsimile. You can pretend you’re in the room being John Walker, who can be seen here following Ragnar. The popular vote went to Battlefield 3, which also won awards for Online Multiplayer and Audio Achievement.
The puzzles do help to add variety, but they’re not that frequent and the in-game browser is better suited to directly looking up their solutions rather than trying to piece together misspelled bits of Latin scripture. The crafting and disassembling is a bit clunky, though, as it involves various prerequisites that are not always clear. The problem is this atmosphere is ruined by the many, many monster groups, making it feel much more like an action movie warzone rather than a suspense-driven survival horror, Lovecraftian thing.
The male characters show plenty of anime-inspired midriffs and what westerners would call gay clothing options.
Es gibt auch PvP-KA¤mpfe, in denen die MachtkA¤mpfe zwischen den drei Organisationen zu Tage treten, die seit Menschengedenken miteinander in Fehde liegen.
NA¤here Informationen gibt es im Tech Video-Interview mit Rui Casais, Chief Technology Officer bei Funcom. At a time when wildlife needs our help more than ever these visits teach children about nature and show them what they can do to protect the wildlife on their doorstep.
Toss some water at the screen to simulate the tears that usually flow when John experiences a game by Ragnar. Mouse buttons are mapped to abilities (like shoot arrow) rather than cursor selection actions. Dieses Verfahren erkennt Kanten in einer Szene und glA¤ttet sie mithilfe eines Post-Processing-Pixelshaders.
It looks very similar to the animated diagrams of the first Portal trailers, released way back in 2007. Stattdessen bekommt jeder Spieler denselben Grundcharakter, den er vA¶llig nach Belieben weiter entwickeln kann. It includes a scene that suggests oral sex is being performed, so I’d not risk it at work or at a funeral. Much, much friendlier than Valve's Hammer editor.Valve are expecting a rush of new maps when the new tools are released. Leider hat auch FXAA Probleme mit der temporalen KantenglA¤ttung und kann eventuell nicht alle Kanten in einer Szene glA¤tten. The fact that it takes place in modern day makes this possible… lots of nods to popular culture. It’s a super easy way to consume the creations of other people that are just really hard to do otherwise."There's no release date for the new tools yet, but if it's in beta testing, it can't be too far off.

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