China is responsible for 30% of the world’s secretive defense spending, reports Transparency International (TI), a Berlin-based anti-corruption NGO.
Furthermore, “additional, off-the-books spending” could be as high as 50% of China’s official defense expenditure—or $65 billion, based on China’s declared defense budget last year (paywall)—making it extremely difficult to form an accurate assessment of what China’s military is spending its money on.
China is one of 11 countries in Asia that TI says has a “high,” “very high,” or “critical” risk of corruption in its ranking of defense “establishments.” Myanmar and Cambodia score the worst. China’s military expenditure now accounts for 12% of the world’s total, according to the TI report. As China’s GDP has grown, so has its spending on weapons and military, though it is far outpaced by the US. Part of the reason China’s defense spending is so muddy is that the People’s Liberation Army has long been able to generate impressive side revenues by establishing corporations or by commercializing the vast amounts of land entrusted to it.

Scientists with the OMG project measure the heights of glaciers each year using airborne radar. A Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday could make it much easier for the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to hack computers across the country, angering privacy advocates and drawing a rebuke from Sen.
This week's increased attacks on Aleppo come amid what was supposed to be a partial ceasefire in Syria, but which has all but collapsed.
The recent rise in mass shootings has helped renew interest in smart guns, including among investors in Silicon Valley. The Democratic primary is set for May 10—two days before the notorious coal boss reports to federal prison. According to the latest US Department of Agriculture figures, in 2014, nearly 16 percent of total US agricultural exports abroad originated in California, the highest of any state.

Sexual battery might have been a more appropriate charge than rape or forcible sodomy, Shannon McMurray, an attorney for the defendant, told Oklahoma Watch. Secretive spending, defined by TI as “military expenditure where no meaningful details are released either to the public or parliament,” is leading to corruption at home and mistrust in the Asia-Pacific region that could destabilize the area, the organization says.
Last October, Schumer hosted Saturday Night Live, starring in a parody commercial for guns that ended with the tagline, "Guns.
Birth rates for young Hispanic women fell 51 percent since 2006, and for black teenagers 44 percent.

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