It looks like some folks have discovered (and released) pictures and maps from the upcoming World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion. Keep in mind that, as closed alpha information, none of this is official, and most of the stats are likely to change before the expansion actually releases later this year. Union fortress architect Ba Longsi A· Alexston government hall in the corner of the building design table carefully planned the future of the fortress, the task commissioner Lieutenant Thorne in her exclusive mandate to distribute the podium with his followers task.

Add to Diablo 3 predecessors all classes engaged in executing their skills to a resource back: Mana. All of this information would have come out soon anyway, as Blizzard is planning an open beta on this expansion soon (things are a little busy right now with some other testing), and is slowly releasing information officially as well.
Funcom isn't locking players into major decisions when it comes to character development in its upcoming supernatural MMORPG the Secret World, as you can see in this new freeform progression video.

It looks like the most interesting thing has nothing to do with pictures, but rather with the discovery of the new “talent calculators” used in the upcoming expansion.

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