The Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model – Shakira stands 10th on the world’s most beautiful women of 2015 list. The former Miss World Priyanka Chopra stands 9th on the world’s most beautiful women of 2015 list.
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Kate Upton stands 8th on the world’s most beautiful women of 2015 list. The Harry Potter star Emma Watson hold fifth position in the list of ten most beautiful women of 2015.
Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel comes 4th amongst 10 most beautiful women of 2015. One of the highest-paid Bollywood actresses, Deepika Padukone hold the third position in the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2015. An American actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, and singer Jennifer Lopez hold the second place in the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2015. WHY IS IT THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS ALLOWED TO SET THE STANDARDS OF BEAUTY FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Well, the monthly fashion magazines (Elle, Marie Claire, etc.) would agree with that statement as well. Top 10 secret societies, think tanks, exclusive clubs, policy-planning groups and fraternities that every conspiracy theorist should be familiar with and some facts behind them. Annual meeting of around 130 North-Atlantic elites from the fields of energy, finance, government, intelligence, academia and the media. With 65 to 70 regular members, the Bilderberg Group is the most exclusive group on this list. From the get-go the Bilderbergers sought to develop a strategy and create European consensus for a European Common Market.
The annual meetings are held in a different country each year and is attended by around 130 elites with about 65 regulars. As a whole the membership manages the planet’s resources and their membership is especially concentrated in the energy and banking sectors. Researcher and author of True Story Of Bilderberg Daniel Estulin has investigated the Bilderberg Group for 15 years. Jim Tucker has dedicated his entire life to chasing the Bilderbergers around the world after learning of the Group’s existing in the 70s. Video of Hillary Clinton lying about ever attending Bilderberg while a FOIA request confirmed that she attended the conference in 1997. Secret Bavarian secret society active at the end of the 18th century and modern blanket term for the creme de la elite creme. I am currently exposing the secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati in comic format and Terry Melanson has written a detailed non-fiction book about Adam Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati.
Exactly what the illuminati is varies a great deal from one conspiracy theorist to the next. Some researchers believe the Illuminati originated before and that Adam Weishaupt simply reincarnated a much older society. Others believe that the modern elite and the current proponents of the New World Order grew out of Weishaupt’s movement. AKA Chapter 322, is a secret society at Yale University established by William Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832.
If the neophyte accepts, he is given a rolled up message tied with a black ribbon and sealed with the skulls emblem imprinted into black wax.
The clock is 5 minutes faster, which represents Skull and Bones which is to differentiate time spend inside the tomb from the outside, which is referred to as Barbarian time. In 1876 a group of students calling themselves File and Claw broke into the Tomb and discovered that the Order was founded in 1832 (32) as the second chapter (+2) of a German secret society.
Author of Fleshing out the Skull and Bones Kris Milliken, claims that the core group of Skull and Bones is still very much involved in the dope trade. 3000 elites from academia, government, media, intelligence, military, banking and top corporations.
The Council on Foreign Relations grew out of the round table groups and began as a gathering of scholars known as the Inquiry which included the power behind FDR’s throne and author of Philip Dru: Administrator, Colonel House and Walter Lippmann. This group attended the Paris Peace Conference where powerful members of the elite attended a private gathering at the Majestic Hotel. David Rockefeller’s elite think tank of over 300 private citizens from Europe, Asia, and North America.
Famous Members: David Rockefeller, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jean-Claude Trichet, Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter. David Rockefeller had been looking for a way to include Japan into international cooperation discussion.
Certainly one of the most intriguing of all secret societies, unfortunately, it isn’t real. He also included Rennes-le-Chateau restaurant owner Noel Corbu’s (another admitted hoaxer) legend of Father Francois Berenger Sauniere about discovering parts of the Knights Templars’s lost treasure. The strange events of the Priory of Sion and Rennes-le-Chateau were finally epitomized on the big screen in 2006 Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks. Researchers Lynn Pickett and Clive Prince have found evidence for the existence of a Priory of Sion within the Masonic Strict Observance Rites of Germany. Famous Attendees: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, GW Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Malcolm Forbes, William F. Founded in 1872, the Bohemian Grove is a 2700-acre campground in the midst of ancient Redwood trees located in Sonoma County, California. Thanks to the work of Alex Jones, Chris Jones and Phillip Weiss who have each individually infiltrated the Grove, the outside world has been able to assemble a lot of information on what happens there.
They have been accused of plotting the American and French revolution and the Jack the Ripper killings. Due to multiple bans on Freemasonry by Popes, a good catholic is still expected join the Knights of Columbus, as President Kennedy did, the Vatican’s answer to Freemasonry. In addition there are Masonic Lodges not “recognized” by the Grand Loge of England, and as a result, by the majority of “regular” Masonic lodges. The existence of the Committee of 300 is wholly dependent on the word of Dr John Coleman, author of Conspirators’ Hierarchy – The Story of The Committee of 300. Coleman tells us that he gazed upon a mention of the supranational Committee of 300 or the Olympians while stationed with MI6 in Angola.
Coleman uses the core of conspiracy theory literature and adds his own secret group which allegedly controls all the other ones. He also throws in popular nuggets such as the Black Nobility, (the group varies a great deal in conspiracy lore from the historical Black Nobility) who according to Coleman, made the Borgias look like Sunday school teachers. The Committee of 300 were behind Beatlemania and used the Beatles to induce young Americans towards drugs and Rock n Roll. New words and new phrases– prepared by Tavistock– were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Coleman claims to have heard Gorbachev referred to the Committee of 300 on CNN but no one has been able to confirm it and the clip has disappeared from the CNN archives. John Coleman lecture – The Committee of 300 information is towards the beginning of the video.
The military order was founded in 1118 by French nobleman Hugues De Payens with the mission of guarding pilgrims on the atrociously dangerous roads from the coast of the Mediterranean to Jerusalem. The Templars were given accommodations on the Temple Mount and began digging towards the Temple of Solomon.
The Knights Templars went though secret rituals that began by entering the temple from the west door at dawn, signifying that the knight was being born into a new life.
Templars weren’t allowed to charge interest, so they charged “rent” on properties left with them. The King of France, Phillip the Fair was broke because of his father’s war with the English.
In order to do so, he used the same generic charges of heresy that he had used against his enemy Pope Beniface VIII shortly before kidnapping him and beating him to death.

They were charged with heresy, devil worship, spitting on cross, sodomy, and one that stood out to Templars researchers as it was a charge unique to the Templars, worshipping a severed human head. For recanting his confession previously obtained under torture, Grandmaster Jacques de Molay was slow cooked over a fire and his ashes scattered in the Seine River. There are number of secret societies across the globe that work secretly to achieve their already set purposes or goals but one thing about all such societies is very common, i.e. The Knights Templar was also recognized in the history with the names The United Religious, Masonic and Military Orders, and St. The knights of the Golden Circle also had great names in the members list included Franklin Pieces, Jesse James and John Wilkes Booth.
Ordo Templis Orientis is commonly as a secret society which actually came into existence by getting modeled on Masonry, but later on this society worked mainly on the principles of religious system under the leadership of the Aleister Crowley (Great Beast). Most famous members of the Sons of Liberty were John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams, and Paul Revere. Most of you will agree on keeping The Freemasons on top in this list which was once really very secretive as well as influential society in the world. Self-surgery is generally described as a surgical process in which a professional, experienced doctor performs its own surgery.
Inventors really work hard and bring new yet most interesting, useful and much-required inventions to the world. Santosh Kumar is a Blogger, he is Just trying to share top 10 lists from India and all around the world from his blog WorldBlaze. These ladies are the top of the list in the conversation for sexiest woman of 2015 and prettiest woman in the world. She is listed as most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, and most popular dancer by wonderslist. The group came to be identified with the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland where the group first met in 1954. They were behind the Amsterdam Treaty, the Treaty of Maastricht, the Treaty of Rome, and finally the European Constitution. The members are cherry picked most prominent members of other influential organization and national think tanks such as the Brookings, Carnegie Endowment, and Council of Foreign Relations. Their goals are a one world constitution, a one world government, a one army and they work tirelessly towards that goal.
Bilderberg researchers often point out that according to the Logan Act, it is illegal for any American government official to be present at the Bilderberg meetings. Tucker has an informer inside the group who has consistently leaked him list of participants and talking points for years. In has meeting reports for 1955, 1957, 1958,1960, 1962, 1963, 1980, as well as a 1956 history of the group.
Different versions of it continues to appear in computer games, music, television and movies. The 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati is a popular theory about ancient families secretly ruling the United States.
However, we have access to most of the original writings of the Illuminati and we know that the abolishment of private property was one of the goals of the Order. They discovered a painting of a skull surrounded by Masonic symbols in Room 322 and released floor plans of the Tomb.
Buckley, Bill Bundy, Allen Dulles, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, Angelina, Jolie George Kennan, Carl Sagan, Paul Warburg, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Colin Powell, Bill Moyers, Rupert Murdoch, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Edgar Bronfman, Sr.
Round Table member Lionel Curtis suggested the creation a Royal Institute for International Affair in London and the Council of Foreign Relations, its US counterpart in New York. Five of the 6 men of the “Agenda Group” which drafted the United States proposal for a United Nations were members of the CFR. Stead organized a secret society with an executive committee known as the “Circle of Initiate”. At the Belgium Bilderberg conference of 1972, Rockefeller discussed the idea with Columbia University Russian Studies professor Zbigniew Brzezinski (Zbig) who had himself previously approached the Bilderberg Steering Committee. The Trilateral Commission receive funds mostly from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and is deeply rooted in the CFR.
Every July, elites participate in a 2 week encampment to make ritual sacrifices to the sinister owl-god Moloch.
The earliest historical document mentioning the “Old Charges” of Freemasonry is the Regius Poem and dates to around 1425. Author Stephen Knight writes in The Brotherhood that the KGB controls masonry and though it exercises control over MI5 and MI6 and is a requirement for any advancement at Scotland Yard.
There are multiple other degrees that a mason can obtain once he has become a Master Mason (Third degree) which masons call Appendant degrees. For example, the Rite of Memphis-Misraim has 99 degrees and the Grand Orient de France accepts women. Words such as “rock” in relation to music sounds, “teenager,” “cool,” “discovered” and “pop music” were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be “discovered” by “teenagers.” Incidentally, the word “teenagers” was never used until just before the Beatles arrived on the scene, courtesy of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.
Proponents of the group often point to German industrialist Walter Rathenau’s quote, but there is no indication that Rathenau was referring to an actual group rather than a number.
He does make good observations on the GATT later on in the video demonstrating that he has a grasp of the globalists agenda and method. No one know exactly what they found and rumors go from The Jews lost reassure lost in the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 ce.
More than 90% of Templars were non-combatant and actually involved in the day-to-day running of the vast Templar empire. They pioneered banking concepts such as safety deposit boxes, letters of credit, and what appears to be the first form of traveler’s check in the West – Upon depositing property at any Templar depository in Europe, you were given note with a coded cipher. He then poisoned his successor, Pope Benedict XI and bought up enough cardinals to install his childhood friend as Pope Clement V who later moved The Holy Sea to Avignon. Before dying , he cursed the pope and the king telling them they would follow him within the year, they did. This secret society was formed during Civil War in United States which earned a lot of encouragement even in the start especially in Mexico and the West Indies. William Robert Woodman were the person behind creating the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn society.
It was claimed that Adolf Hitler, Arthur Rosenberg and Rudolf Hess were the three most influential names of this society. It was historically known as a loosely organized group (mainly consisted on the dissidents) which was formed in United States well before the Revolutionary War in this region. 4 in our list of ten most secret societies in the world that grabbed the fame of creepiest societies in their times. Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, Bob Dole, James Buchanan, Mark Twain and Winston Churchill were the famous members of this society. Which of the secret society gives money, authority, protection and power if one belongs without any shield of human blood? Formed 20 years ago by Diplomats at the United Nations in New York it has Diplomats and World leaders as member globally. As a model, Delevingne can be seen in ads for Chanel, H&M, Oscar de la Renta, and many more.
She started her career at a young age and became wildly famous for her role as Jackie in The 70’s Show.
She has been ranked as the number one most attractive woman in the world by AskMen’s and FHM.
She is most famous for modeling for Victoria’s Secret, but also Armani, Dior and Ralph Lauren.
As of July 2014, She has become the first person to reach 100 million followers on Facebook. She is one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses and one of the most popular and high-profile celebrities in India.
I know that this is your opinion and all, a very shitty one, but It’s unbelievable how you actually felt that it was okay for you to post such a comment.

The ultra secret group was founded by Denis Healey, Joseph Retinger, David Rockefeller and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (of the infamous Lockheed scandal in which he took kickbacks selling exploding planes). Leaked 1955 transcripts revealed that Bilderbergers had discussed the creation of a United European with its own currency. Each international region is roughly represented by one member from the finance sector, one from the government sector, and one from academia. This is hardly in line with the modern capitalist plutocrats who make up today’s Illuminati.
On Saturday evening, neophytes give a detailed biography of themselves and on Sunday they give a sexual biography while lying in a coffin.
Taft Russell’s family fortune came from opium and according to Eustace Mullins, the fraternity continued to be involved in the dope trade all the way up to the Vietnam war. Its equally powerful British sister organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs has been renamed Chatham House. Carol Quigley called its members the “international financial coterie” The CFR was instrumental in planning the post World War 2 economic and political world order.
The secret society had an outer circle known as the “Association of Helpers” which eventually evolved into the Round Table Groups. The commission helps governments around the world reach “constructive accords” with other governments. Next time you encounter an impossible-to-open-without-the-combination-type Cryptex, consider sticking the thing in the freezer for a few hours.
Power brokers assemble at ”The Owl Shrine” for informal “Lakeside Talks.” Nixon canceled his scheduled Lakeside Talk in 1971 because the media was insisting on covering it. He even shook Ronald Reagan’s hand who confirmed that it was indeed at the Grove in ’67 that he had assured Nixon that he would not challenge him in the upcoming Republican nomination. Born if Blood traces the order back to the Knights Templars, and the Hiram Key traces the order back to Jesus and Ancient Egypt.
The most popular ones are the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, with 33 degrees and the York Rite .
His status as a MI6 whistleblower and the origin of his doctorate are never discussed in interviews.
The Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations all make an appearance and serve as the executive arms of the Committee of 300. Coleman’s decade long studies at the Cairo Museum (?), no member of the families of the Black Nobility or their servants has ever died from the Black Plague. The Templars as an organization now owned agricultural estates, mines, vineyard, castles and vast tracks of land and money. If you needed to withdraw funds in another location, even Jerusalem, a Templar clerk would give you your funds and give you back a re-coded cipher. Though most of the societies listed below were formed with real-life political personalities and they were keeping only religious goals to act on, but they attracted countless criticism and conspiracy because of their focus on secrecy and mystery. This secret society was not directly linked to the originally created Knights Templar society which was known to the world as a religious military group. Initially the focus of this secret group was on colonialism but later on (shortly after Civil War) it changed to fervent support to Confederate government. All these three founding members of this 8th top-rated society in our ten most secret societies in the world list were known to the world as Freemasons. It is generally claimed about many secret organizations that they work on malevolent ulterior motives and these claims sometimes never got proved, but the claim really fits at the Thule Society.
Degrees of initiation were the base of getting membership of this sixth top-rated secret society in the world.
There were smaller factions of patriots that were the main part of this group who joined it from almost every colony in the country. It is believed about this society that it was probably formed in the 1600s by a group of German Protestants. Some believe that none of the so far known societies in the world could grab notoriety of a really secret organization as The Illuminati which attracted numerous weird conspiracy theories. George Bush was the most famous member of this top-rated society (as can be seen in the above picture taken in 1947). All women are sexy in one way or another and magazines and websites try to rank the most beautiful and talented women every year. Musically talented, Daschenel can play multiple instruments, including the percussion, keyboard, ukulele, and banjo.
She has received numerous accolades, including a National Film Award for Best Actress and Filmfare Awards in four categories. She has received many awards and honors, including seven Grammy Awards, 16 American Music Awards, eleven Country Music Association Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards, 34 Billboard Music Awards and one Brit Award. Lo enjoyed a highly successful business career, consisting of various clothing lines, accessories, fragrances, a production company, television shows and a charitable foundation among other business interests. They are also working on merging Canada, United states and Mexico into a North American Union.
Strangely, Estulin claims that Bilderberg Steering Committee member and founder of Canada’s largest book chain Heather Reisman has banned True Story Of Bilderberg from her stores. Today, the term Illuminati is usually used as a blanket term for the inner circle of the elite.
It has saved me hours of work in establishing the root of various Illuminati theories and rumors. There are other compartments in the case including manuscripts, secrecy oaths and initiation rituals.
He threw in the very real, Order of Sion for authenticity and proceeded to plant documents in the French National Archive later known as the Dossier Secret. He discovered that they drank a secret herbal compound and exposed themselves to low-frequency radiation making them immune to the disease.
Aleister Crowley and William Yeates were also two other notable members of this organization. It published three documents shortly after the society was formed that had become really very influential in the country because were widely read by the people.
It is among oldest secret societies of the students in United States as historical documents claim its formation in 1832. Though officially The Freemasons was formed in 1717, but some historical documents claimed its existence even during 1300s. As a songwriter, she has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. She is an active celebrity endorser for several brands and products, including Tissot, Sony Cyber-shot, Nescafe, Vogue eyewear, Maybelline and Pepsi, among others. There are lots of beautiful Indian (from India) women and black women are very beautiful as well. The Bilderberg discussed improving business relations and extending IMF loans to China before Nixon’s famous 1972 visit.
Prime Minister Disraeli had MI6 snuff out Abraham Lincoln and later, William Stevenson of Mi6 ordered the hit on JFK. Here is an attempt to distinguish the top ten most sexiest women in the world for the 2015 year. By the start of 2015, Swift had sold over 40 million albums, 130 million single downloads and was one of the top five music artists with the highest worldwide digital sales. At the Bilderberg meeting of 1991, David Rockefeller told then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton to support NAFTA.

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