Directed by Brad Bird from a script he wrote with Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, Tomorrowland also stars Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson and is scheduled for a Dec. Genius Brands International announces that their new animated series, ‘Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab,’ will premiere in April 2015. The animated series follows Angie, a 12-year-old prodigy and her young science club who accidentally discover Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab – a ‘tricked out’ dream lab equipped with gizmos and gadgets, including two of Edison’s very last inventions: a hologram that brings Mr.
Thomas Edison voiced by American singer, songwriter and Berklee College of Music Professor Livingston Taylor.
Most importantly, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab will be a fully immersive multi-media property that crosses a variety of platforms to entertain.  An interactive website, digital applications, toys, games, electronics, in-school curriculum and more are all in development.

According to Variety, Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Secret Circle) has signed on to fill the role of Casey Newton opposite George Clooney in the sci-fi action adventure from Disney.
Featuring comedy, adventure and hijinks, as well as inspiring fun, Thomas Edison’s Secret Labdemonstrates that innovation can foster creativity, imagination, a can-do spirit and positive entrepreneurism. Edison himself “to life,” and a virtual reality machine that lets them go anywhere.   It even has a wacky (and slightly nervous) robot called Von Bolt, who becomes part of every adventure. In each of the episodes, Edison encourages and inspires the kids in scientific and technological explorations, including physical science, life science, earth science, space science and other fun and engaging areas. Louisa Johnson, Reggie N Bollie & Che Chesterman singing… X Factor 2015 jukebox songs revealed!

4th Impact, Louisa Johnson, Che Chesterman singing X Factor 2015 POLL: Pick YOUR favourite finalist! Video Of The Day 0Britain’s Got Talent 2016: Watch Ben Blaque perform most dangerous stunt EVER!

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