As a long-time advocate of meditation and yoga, no one is happier than me to see the rise in popularity of Eastern wisdom in the West. Next time you practice yoga, measure your practice up against these sutras – these yardsticks of true yoga. People are enjoying spiritual practices all over the world now – from meditation in Sydney to pilates in New York, and from yoga asanas in London to Ayurveda in New Delhi.
These are also what set yoga, and in particular, asanas, apart from any regular system of exercise or stretching.
As more and more friends take up yoga, though, I often wonder about how their paradigm of “yoga” compares to my own.

Few people realize that the physical postures, or asanas, are very much distinct from other systems of stretching, and are just one aspect of a much broader field of spiritual knowledge. Regular exercise actively engages the mind; Yoga results in the complete settling of the minds activity. Yoga literally means union, and in the deepest sense, it refers to union of the individual self and the cosmic self. And last but not least, the dawn of unboundedness… do you feel a growing affinity between your individual self, and the cosmos as a whole? Jahrhundert, legt die Techniken dar, die den Körper, als effektives Mittel zum Erreichen der existentiellen und spirituellen Ziele des Yoga, einbeziehen.

Der dort genannte Raja Yoga ist eine auf dem Hatha Yoga fußende Yogalehre, die spirituelle Ziele betont.

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