Whether you want to decorate a studio space or you're looking for new artwork, there are numerous yoga asana posters from which to choose. Bookstores, yoga studios, and fitness apparel shops are all quick stops for possible yoga posters. The D'ana Baptiste's Elegant Posture Flows series features various asanas represented in black and white photography.
For a more comprehensive demonstration of postures, select the 84 Classic Asanas Poster in sepia tone. If you'd like more fine artwork with a yogic theme, check out the intriguing photography of Victoria Davis. The site offers a series of motivational photography featuring individual yoga poses performed in a natural setting.

This Yoga Asana Poster is layered with the history of the practice and an explanation of the seven chakras. Developed by yoga instructor Karen Greenbaum, the eight Yoga Benefits Posters show a full view of a basic posture, the English and Sanskrit name, and a detailed explanation of the asana's benefits. This Pieter Weltevrede-inspired poster, The Role of Asana, is a lush explanation of the Eight Steps of Yoga.
On this site, you'll also find artwork dedicated to explaining the chakras and vegetarianism.
Many online retailers stock an incredible selection of yoga posters to suit anyone's taste or purpose.
You'll find exquisite jewelry, including yoga necklaces, pendants, and earrings, as well as sculpture and prints.

Many of the posters featured on this site are more elaborate, often reproductions of Indian art paintings. The following sites accept uploads of your photos, often provide a wizard for designing, and supply you with various paperstock options. However, if you'd like a more durable or fine art print, some images come in a variety of backings, as well as framing and matting options. In addition to stocking many of the yoga asana poster collections already mentioned, Ovana has a colorful set of nine asana images illustrated by Nancy Van Kanegan.

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