The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. These married high-school sweethearts have lots to be proud of: not only have they kept their relationship going strong for 16 years, but they recently completed a 30-day challenge (30 classes in 30 days). Would they have imagined doing 30 straight days of yoga before they signed up for, or even before they had completed, their challenge? Now that they have completed their challenge, they plan to make a bit more time for housework and some more enjoyable activities, like traveling and taking their dogs to parks. She's been keen to show off the fruits of her hard labour in the gym lately, and who can blame her? Vanessa, who has been with Austin, 20 , for an awe-inspiring (well, for Hollywood anyway) nine months, held tightly to her man's hand as they wandered around the Los Angeles suburb after sunday service.A  She teamed her long dress with a slouchy bag and pretty sandals, allowing her hair to flow loose and wavy.
The High School Musical star could not keep a straight face as she attempted to hide behind her boyfriend, smiling all the way to the car. Hiding her new violet-coloured hair extensions in a high bun, Vanessa kept cool in a cleavage-bearing purple tank top, black yoga pants, and flip-flops.
Meanwhile, Austin tried as hard as possible to hide his handsome face with a grey hooded sweatshirt, NY Yankees cap, black pants, and trainers.
Vanessa once told Self Magazine that her 'secret to flat abs' was Pilates, and she's frequently seen going to and from the studio near her home. She and her boyfriend, soon to star in The Carrie Diaries on The CW, kept both of their faces covered in matching bandannas yesterday as they hauled large bookshelves on to the waiting moving truck.
It is still unclear whether Vanessa was moving out of the six-bedroom Tuscan-style manor she purchased in 2008 for $2.7 million in order to move elsewhere or to move in with Austin.

Two peas: The loved-up pair have a lot in common -- aside from being home-schooled child actors, they've both recorded musicShe had previously shared the 5,200-square-foot mansion with ex and High School Musical co-star Zac Efron, whom she dated for five years. However, the former Disney star is clearly besotted with her blond boyfriend and the pair are notorious for their PDAs.
The couple has a lot in common -- aside from being home-schooled child actors, they've both recorded music.
The half-Filipina actress has just wrapped the indie comedy Spring Breakers from eccentric director Harmony Korine.
Korine penned the script to the controversial 1995 film Kids, which is reportedly one of Vanessa's father Gregory's favorite movies.Hudgens, who also has Gimme Shelter and The Frozen Ground coming out this year, plays a 'crazy party girl' named Candy. Vanessa, alongside co-stars Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine star as a group of friends who head to Florida for spring break, but can't afford the lavish holiday they want so they decide to rob a restaurant.
They’re not the only ones – everyone around them has noticed their weight loss! But Pilates crazy Vanessa Hudgens opted to cover up her increasingly toned body today for a visit to church in sunny Studio City with her boyfriend Austin Butler. The couple were spotted moving her furniture into a U-Haul truck on Friday, prompting speculation that they've moved into together. The former Disney star is clearly besotted with her tall man and the pair are usually notorious for their public displays of affectionAustin collects guitars and he also plays the piano, while Vanessa once had a recording contract with Hollywood Records and took home a statue for Female Breakout Singer at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. She's like a bubbling little girl, who is just so excited about everything,' she told Glamour South Africa last month. Practicing on and off through the years, It was not until recovering from an ankle injury in 2012 that Alexis rediscovered her love of yoga.

Shannon and Greig also notice that running is easy for them now and they have more stamina for other activities, as well as reduction in stress, anxiety and back pain. Their goals include practicing yoga consistently, incorporating yoga into an exercise plan to help with weight loss and working more on enjoying the present.
But the 23-year-old didn't look any less gorgeous in this long white maxi number with fringe detail. The coy couple were out and about yesterday, too, being playful on their way to Pilates class in Studio City. Unable to continue the high impact cross-training after the injury, Alexis began to focus on her yoga practice. With stressful jobs as probation and corrections officers, they like the peace and singularity of the Bikram practice.
She enjoyed not only the strength and weight loss benefits, but the stress reduction and mind calming benefits resulting from a regular practice. Alexis enjoys sharing the gift of yoga with her students in a positive, non-competitive, and non-judgmental atmosphere. Her upbeat classes are taught using a vinyasa style and will challenge you to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance while focusing on alignment, breath and quieting the mind.

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