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It was only last week that I noticed on twitter (my point of reference for everything these days) that Women’s Health Magazine was promoting a free morning yoga class as part of their 21-day-challenge series. Now early mornings might not seem daunting if you rise at 7am everyday and are at your desk by 9am. Dance Flow Lift is a lifestyle, fitness and yoga blog written by former professional dancer turned fitness instructor and yogi; Natasha Wynn. You’ll see posts about my life, my favourite classes, some fab fitness finds, what I'm wearing and what I'm cooking. Kathryn Budig breaks down how to approach yoga’s closest thing to  breakdance move, the arm balance Grasshopper. People often tell me that I’d be a good break-dancer because of the asanas I work on regularly.
This is such a great example of how the most challenging postures start from the simplest root.
We’ve all practiced Revolved Chair Pose hundreds of times, but now it’s time to step it up and add a hip opener to it! As you reach the full angle, keep the elbows squeezing in and take a nice stand on the back of your left arm. At first you can rest the outer part of your right thigh on your left arm, but with time as you gain more core strength, the actual full pose calls for a straight back leg hovering right behind the elbow. Inspired by teaching trip to California, Kathryn Budig is reminded how to have play and have fun in yoga.

Once you make friends with Tripod Headstand a whole family of poses and transitions will emerge.
I too found this a little more than advanced beginner and would have loved it to be longer, cycling through the sequences again to really get warmed up! There’s no particular rhyme or reason for this apart from the fact that I like to vary things and try new classes and studios. One WH staff member is tasked with trying something new for 21 days, and this month, it’s yoga. Instructor Nahid from Good Vibes Fitness took us through the practise, explaining the breath connection in each position.
The lovely people at simplyhealth gifted me with ?30 to spend at Yotopia which I’ve used towards their unlimited 20-day introductory package…perfect! I hope this site encourages people to be fit, happy and healthy in all areas of their lives.
Now I can’t get the song out of my head, and find myself walking around, bobbing my head with a random smile on my face. The key is to create a shelf to stand on, which means you need to bend into a full 90-degree angle. But I love the idea of it, a quick night time routine in the middle of the week to really get the blood flowing but not get you too excited and warm after a long routine!
This would be great for someone more advanced who can keep up and transition easily from one pose to the next without too much time to adjust.
I also can’t deny the envy when I see amazing yogis on instagram doing amazing arm balances and intricate poses…I want to be as strong as that!
It really was a lovely way to begin the day, and I must admit to being rather productive for the rest of the morning!

There’s a lot of debate about the correct name of this pose, which is basically a Revolved Flying Pigeon, but it really does look like a grasshopper.
Cross the left ankle over the right knee, keeping the left foot flexed (it will dangle slightly off the side of the right leg). Keep sinking deeper into your right leg until you’re close enough to place your hands, shoulder-width apart, on the ground to the right side. Cardiovascular fitness is a key to staying healthy, and will help your body become even more amazing than it already is. Find a gazing point for balance and bend the right leg, bringing the weight into your right heel. Bring your palms together in front of your heart and look down to the ground on the left. Slowly twist to the right from your upper ribs, reaching your left elbow to the sole of your left foot (use the forearm if the elbow is too intense). Push the elbow into the foot as you press the palms together to deepen the turn of the chest. If you can manage a deeper twist, begin to work above the elbow and, with time, the armpit, into the sole of the foot. Inhale, lift your heart. With time, if you can get the armpit close to the sole of the foot, drop the left hand down to the outside of the right foot, and extend the right arm straight up into the air.
Take 8 solid breaths here and then switch sides. Keep working this variation to open your hips and experience a great, deep twist.

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