Exercise discs seem to have a tendency to have muted and muddied sound, but not so with this title.
Yoganize Loving Self Yoga DVD for Youth and Vitality, Featuring Meditations for Beauty, Joy, Self-nurturing and a More Positive Mindset - With International Instructor, Karen Noonan (E-ryt 500, Iayt, RYS 200 Hours). Karen Noonan (E-RYT 500; Yoga Therapist), the creator of the Yoganize style of yoga choreographed and presents this class. With a background in Physical Education and a passion for anatomy, physiology and alignment principles, Karen believes that each and every person can live a vital and pain-free life - this requires movement as well as meditation.
Karen's passion for movement stems from the fact that the body is biologically wired for movement.

Safety is of paramount importance and Karen teaches the individual to really listen to the body.
It is her belief that we are our own best doctors - if it feels right, it is; if it does not feel or look right, chances are - it isn't. The aim should be wellness and health rather than the Western ideal of the 'perfect body.' When we let go and follow our need to go within, meditate more and exercise for health and well-being, it is Karen's belief that the by-product will naturally be a sense of feeling better about oneself, improved self-image, increased capacity for joy and peace.
Ultimately this feeling of feeling that 'I am already enough' is freeing and this letting go allows us to truly enjoy this body, this beautiful being in the here and now.
We all deserve to have more joy and to experience more beauty in our lives - the right exercise program and the right mindset will make this a reality.

It starts with making the choice to be more gentle and loving towards yourself - it starts with you - now :) We end the program with a meditation.

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