Here you will find a collection of online lessons, music, relaxation and meditation mp3’s. Download Yoga Meditation Relaxation Music that you can use within your yoga or meditation classes, at home or on the go. Download and Listen to Guided Visualizations Online to wash away all worries, negative thought patterns to bring your own inner healing.
These compositions are designed to infuse your room with a quiet background conducive to peace and contemplation. Although designed with yoga and meditation in mind, these soundscapes are also perfect for providing a relaxing atmosphere for reading, or resting too. Among the trees of this ancient forest you find a temple, small and safe, a bare wood floor and a cushion await you within it's stone carved walls.

High on a hill there is a place where you can be alone and still, yet connected with all that is around you.
And so you do, and leaning against it's time worn trunk, you at once feel safe and content to spend a few moments. The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.
These relaxing ambient backgrounds have been created to support you in your yoga, or meditation practice by setting a scene of natural peace and tranquility for you to enjoy as you stretch and unwind. Just as you might use an essential oil to bring a relaxing scent into your room, you can also use this music to create an atmosphere of natural gentle peace. Forest birds sing over the sound of a river tumbling over time worn rocks as the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls add their resonant healing tones.

The birds sing, as they have always done here, and the rain drips softly on the leaves outside the door. You can step back from the busyness of life, and sit above it all and watch the world go by.

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