Krishna consciousness is so nice that it brings immediate relief from all kinds of material distress. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to spiritual perfection, even if there are a few bumps along the road.
I have read one of Srila Prabhupada's articles in which he said that there is no love in this material world even though many people glorify it.
Why languish in the ocean of material existence being helplessly tossed by the waves of sattva guna, raja guna, and tama guna--the modes of goodness, passion, and ignorance? Today we live in a world that is very much out of balance because we human beings are consuming outside of our quota.
As we both believe everything that Krishna does is for a reason, I would like to know the real reason. Even an ordinary person, when he goes to purchase some clothing, will pick out his favorite color. Sometimes along the pathway of spiritual perfection the neophyte devotee becomes attracted by side paths that appear very appealing but which divert him from reaching the ultimate goal of pure devotion. I do not know what is said about the status of a Mother in the Srimad Bhagavatam, or Bhagavad-gita or the Vedas.
My second question is, is it OK for someone to leave their Mother and Father because they think the love of their parents my come in the way of their becoming Krishna Conscious?
According to the Srimad Bhagavatam no one should become a mother, a father, a guru, or a leader unless they can deliver their dependents from the cycle of birth and death.
So although we always, a matter of etiquette, offer our respectful obeisances to our parents, we must also see the difference between parents who are properly guiding us how to escape the cycle of birth and those parents who are misguiding us to try to enjoy this temporary material world. If our parents are opposed to our becoming Krishna conscious and they forbid us to practice Krishna consciousness, we will have no choice but to respectfully neglect their instructions. Of course you should aggressively pursue all medical and alternative medical avenues for dealing with your diabetes disease.
So now your duty is to make a two-pronged attack against your distress by, on the one hand taking all medical help, and on the other hand completely taking shelter of Lord Sri Krishna and depending on Him for the result. You can pray to the Lord, "My dear Lord, if you want my body to die right now, that's all right. If you sincerely pray like this from the innermost core of your heart again and again until this mood becomes firmly established in your heart, I can assure you that of all of your anxiety will go away and that your peaceful mind will facilitate the healing of your body. Now after transmigrating through millions and millions of species you have finally attained the most auspicious human form. In a similar way, Krishna provides the material energy for those who desire to be in the illusion that they are the center of existence.
Why settle for an asinine, mediocre existence when you can become one of the great pivotal persons in the history of this planet? The finer sentiments of human consciousness have been gradually devolving more and more over the last 5,000 years to the point where we see people torturing small children by dousing them with gasoline and then setting them on fire. I have a problem: on the one hand I am so much attracted to Krishna Consciousness but I easily get carried away by material desires. I am happy that you are finding benefit in our authoritative presentation of the Vedic wisdom and that you are now requesting me to enlighten you and show you the right way.
The turning point for becoming a steady devotee is when the disciple realizes how much the spiritual master loves him or her and thus becomes inspired to dedicate his is or her entire life in loving service to the spiritual master.
A Muslim or Christian will not become perfect in their religion until they realize that the animals are also, along with the human beings, the beloved children of God and should therefore not be murdered and eaten. You have achieved this rare human birth only after undergoing the greatest difficulties transmigrating through 8,400,000 different species.
All living beings, no matter what species they are, have as their original spiritual form, a human form. It is sometimes said that ignorance is bliss, but this is only true for those who are ignorant.
Sir, sometimes there can occur so much anxiety that a person involves himself in sense pleasure activities (like reading newspapers, hearing movie songs etc) not for the sake of enjoying those sense pleasures but just because he feels relieved of anxiety. If Krishna consciousness may not provide such quick relief from anxiety to that individual, then is it justified for him to involve himself for a few minutes (about 15 minutes) a day to get anxiety relief and then get back to Krishna Consciousness? If someone is turning to such remedies for anxiety it means that they do know how to enter into the blissful world of Krishna consciousness. For the world society to become peaceful we must find the common denominator that applies to everyone in all circumstances in all cultures. In the Srimad Bhagavatam the great emperor, Rishabadeva, who is also an incarnation of God clearly spells out the qualification for being a leader. Our quote from the Padma Purana that one should not consider God and the demigods to be on the same level has confused you. Kindly try to understand that it is the material mind which blindly lumps them together and the enlightened mind makes this distinction because the Vedic wisdom clearly makes this distinction. And then you say, "And our sole purpose of any sadhana is to transcend the mind and know our pure nature, by keeping the mind and senses in check. But in this connection it must be clearly understood that even though there are hundreds and millions of names given in the revealed scriptures for the Supreme Person, it is not that any and all names are names for the Supreme Person. You have asked, "So if referring to 'That' - the supreme personality, the one without a second, if I consider some other name as for eg. The answer to your question is given by Shiva and Brahma, who have both clearly stated in the Vedic wisdom that they are not the Supreme Person.
The answer is since there is only one Supreme Person, it is not that everybody can be the Supreme Person. How strong can one's loving feelings be for something or someone that is vague and unknown? You have concluded with these two questions, "Are not the feelings more important than words. With great feeling someone may foolishly put their money in the wrong bank account for their entire life eagerly anticipating cashing out at retirement. We are currently seeking serious men and women worldwide who are dissatisfied with the status quo of their own consciousness and the global consciousness, who would like to fully dedicate themselves to personal and global enlightenment.
I do not understand the optimism of devotees who say the world can be perfected through the chanting of Hare Krishna.
The predicted anomalies (irregularities) of this quarrelsome age will certainly come to pass as well as the 10,000 years golden era of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Those persons who are enlightened by Vedic wisdom must necessarily be optimistic regarding the potential for a massive global paradigm shift through the wide scale dissemination of Krishna consciousness. The reason our current slate of world leaders are not capable of leading the world out of chaos is that they are imperfect men and women who are still entrapped on the platform of indriya-seva, service to their senses. The only person who is qualified to lead us is that person who has conquered over his sensual desires.
The secret of conquering the senses is to engage them in the service of the master of the senses, Hrisikesha, Lord Krishna.
Is it that chanting with offense has no benefits and therefore we should chant only if we are able to do so in the pure mode of goodness?
We all start at the offensive stage but as we sincerely chant trying to avoid the offenses we enter into the clearing stage and then gradually, gradually as we become solid in avoiding all of the offenses we enter into the perfectional stage, the offenseless stage. The simple formula for achieving the pure stage of offenseless chanting is practice, practice, practice. The key for perfect chanting is to always chant in a humble state of mind thinking yourself lower than the straw in the street, being more tolerant than a tree, offering all respects to others without desiring any respect for yourself.
Regarding pictures of Krishna, is it really so important to have a photograph or picture of something? If someone has a girlfriend and he wants to keep his fire of love burning, he will definitely keep her photograph handy. Everyone, even the atheist, is connected with God at every minute, but the atheist does not realize it, and therefore he is in a suffering condition.
When our senses are imperfect, and we are thus prone to illusion, and we make many mistakes, and in a cheating mentality stubbornly claim to be perfect, how can we know anything for certain?
So if we will simply hear submissively from the Absolute Truth Personality of Godhead and sincerely apply His instructions, by His power all of our illusion will be dispelled and we will gradually realize Him in full. Just as the taste of a small child who loves playing marbles gradually transforms as he grows older into a taste for playing other sports such as baseball or basketball, similarly those who take to the transcendental self-realization pathway will find that their sporting propensity gradually and naturally evolves into a taste for what can be described as the ultimate sport. Most sports involve one party competing with an opposing party to try to exert the most control over a ball. At the present moment the gigantic ball, planet earth, is being controlled by those who are in the darkness of ignorance. Sankarshan Das Adhikari playing the ultimate sport of pushing forward the self-realization science while flying from Sydney to Melbourne on 30 December 2006. Love of Krishna is the ultimate perfection of existence, but knowledge of Krishna is essential because it helps us to love Him. These past few days of associating with the devotees of Krishna in Sydney have been some of the sweetest and happiest days of my entire life. I am very grateful to you that because of your order I am getting up in the morning and chanting the rounds now at 4:00am. It is nice that you are spontaneously auditing your brain to see if it is functioning in a Krishna conscious way.
The modern day society has made tremendous advancement in so many fields of technological knowledge.
The most basic foundational understanding of reality on which everything else is based is nothing but a big question mark. The time has come now for the world population to become educated in the science of the self.
On the transcendental platform the devotee experiences unlimited bliss which goes on increasing exponentially forever.
If one seriously takes up Krishna consciousness as his only business, he will taste the sweetest nectar at every minute.
So if you want to please Krishna, you simply must always think about Him in the mood of being His devotee.
One of the wonderful qualities of devotional service is that there is no shortage of its supply. Your relationship with the Supreme Controller must go beyond the level of believing to the level of knowing. Here in Sydney Mataji and I are being driven from one preaching engagement to another day after day. If you say that God exists within all of us, then we can take guidance from Him at any moment.
How do we explain that study of the Vedas is not for armchair speculators, that it is instead for the formation of character? You have stated in the recent lesson in the Ultimate Self Realization Course that a person has to overcome Maya and leave aside the animal life, which relates to the material enjoyments. Now my question to you is that a person who becomes Krishna Conscious or for that matter follows the path of Spiritualism, what is the guarantee that he will attain Moksha or salvation from the cycle of life and death?
So on the absolute words of Lord Sri Krishna we can understand that if we fully absorb ourselves in Krishna consciousness, we are 100% guaranteed to enter the spiritual world, the abode of Lord Sri Krishna, when we leave our present body. 23 December 2006--This weekend I am here in serene Govinda Valley in a beautiful forest near the ocean south of Sydney at a wonderful retreat center where I am taking 25 young people on a spiritual journey to revive the dormant enlightened consciousness within their hearts. We arrived here yesterday by car and after a comfortable night's rest began a rigorous day of seminars, classes, workshops, and personal meetings.
Whenever there was a break between sessions I would met with persons who wanted to meet with me personally.
Tomorrow we wrap up our soul revival retreat with a half day of transcendental activities including a class and question and answer session as well as a kirtan and prasadam picnic on the Pacific Ocean beach.
My question is, according to the scriptures, for performing perfect meditation or rites, understanding with concentration is essential. There is wonderful kirtan (congregational chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra) happening regularly here, uniting everyone in ecstatic celebrations of transcendental bliss. Krishna wears a peacock feather to decorate His head because He is very fond of the peacock feather. 21 December 2006--I am writing this in the back seat of a van that is being driven by Caitanya Das from New Govardhan to the Goldcoast airport, from where we will be catching a flight to Sydney. I know man has a soul, but I want to know how to experience the soul as we can never experience the soul in day to day life. I am very happy to hear that you attended my lecture and will also be happy to answer your questions.
If you will rise early every morning before the sunrise, take your bath, and chant at least 16 rounds of this mantra on japa mala beads before you begin your work day, your consciousness will quickly and easily become situated on the spiritual platform. 20 December 2006--Every day spent in this sweet transcendental abode, New Govardhan, becomes more and more relishable. Because the devotee of the Lord always carries the remembrance of the Lord's pastimes within his heart, wherever he goes he is always living in the Lord's holy dham. Anyone who understands the secret of transcendental meditation will appreciate how this place has become transformed into New Govardhan by being engaged in Krishna's service. Just by observing things carefully around me, how can i or anyone know that there is God, that His presence can not be denied, and that He is constantly watching me? Just as water in is original state is pure but becomes contaminated by coming in touch with a contaminated atmosphere, the original pure consciousness of the living being becomes contaminated by coming into contact with the material atmosphere.
Yesterday we were blessed with the sublime opportunity of coming to New Govardhan in the beautiful mountains near the Australian coast south of Brisbane. Soon after arriving in our mountain top lodge a beautiful rainbow appeared rising up from down in the valley. And then when we went to temple for darshan we were enlivened to see the beautiful peacocks who regularly stroll about the temple grounds.
When we make Krishna the center of our lives everything becomes sublime, peaceful, and happy. Why live an ordinary bland existence full of so many anxieties, when we can live on the cutting edge of adventure at every minute?
The best way to make your spiritual life complete is take complete shelter of the bona fide spiritual master. 15 December 2006, 8am -- This morning when I arose in the early predawn I was on a flight from Mumbai, India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a humble devotee of Lord Sri Krishna by the grace of our Acharya Sri Madvacharya, and I have been receiving your course Ultimate Self Realization for the past few days.
I feel very happy that your path of devotion also matches with the Dvaita(duality) principle which is the practical way of today's life. For one who realizes the true essence of religion there is no such thing as crossing over from one religion to another.
Such poor souls need to be brought back to the actual position of religion so that they can escape the cycle of birth and death and regain their original, though now lost position, in the eternal pastimes of the Lord. Late this evening we are flying from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a a brief transit stop and then on to Brisbane, Australia. I have read that the Spiritual Master waits in the universe, till the last disciple is delivered and he also states that only if the disciple is following the regulative principles seriously, he will remain as spiritual master for him, otherwise the disciple will not get any protection.
So, how do we understand that Spiritual Master will have to take birth again in this material world? That the spiritual master remains in the material universe until all of his disciples are delivered is confirmed in a letter that Srila Prabhupada wrote to Jayapataka Maharaja in 1969. We are to understand his taking birth again as an act of great mercy upon his sincere disciples who are having a hard time. The humble disciple never thinks himself the doer of whatever wonderful things he has accomplished in the service of the Lord. I was listening to one scholar's lecture about comparative religion and some points he mentioned need your authentic clarification. The difference is that while on the material path the difficulties never go away, not even after millions and billions of lifetimes, on the spiritual path this is our last lifetime to face these difficulties.

In spite of all the difficulties a devotee undergoes trying to serve Krishna in this material world, he has one heck of a good time trying to revolutionize this misguided material world with the pure teachings of the Bhagavad-gita as long as he is here. But once you get there, you realize that there is nothing more sublime than sharing this ultimate nectar with those who are eager to receive it. On Sunday I spoke Bhagavad-gita to a capacity audience of many hundreds at our Mira Road temple, pictured in the two photos below. If you love someone and are trying to serve them, you will naturally do everything possible to concentrate your mind on giving them first class service, in spite of all distractions. If you remain in the company devotees, always chanting, and following the regulative principles, the natural pure of love of God within your heart will naturally become fully re-activated. Whether we are being irritated by a small annoyance or besieged by a major catastrophe, in either case if we take shelter of Krishna our minds will become peaceful. It's time we wake up and realize how stupid we have been and take seriously Krishna's merciful teachings given to us in the Bhagavad-gita. There's nothing better to do with your human form of life than to make the ultimate journey back to the Spiritual Sky.
There are so many people who glorify the love between young couples, between parents and children, between friends, and love for the country, etc, etc. But when one loves Krishna, he can then genuinely love Krishna's devotees and all living beings. By seriously taking to the path of self-realization under the expert guidance of the bona fide spiritual master you can achieve spiritual enlightenment. If man can simply stick to his quota the entire atmosphere of planet earth will be wonderfully transformed for the better. Especially if the neophyte is weak in regards to following the standard disciplines of bhakti yoga, he will often find the side paths to be very appealing. But I think I've heard somewhere it is said that the status of a Mother is even greater than that of God, and that those who do not respect and love their Mother, even God does not care about them. In other words, how would Krishna look upon such devotees who are really devoted to him, but have deeply hurt the feelings of their parents to become Krishna conscious? Especially when they hear that Krishna devotees give up illicit sex life, meat eating, intoxication, and gambling, they find all kinds of ways to poke fun at them. And at the same time, you should realize that Krishna has blessed you with an opportunity to very intensely take shelter of Him. This Maya makes a lot of people deeply entangled in material desires and gets them totally engrossed in material happiness, which is perishable.
If you are sick and tired of the substandard mentality which is becoming more and more the norm throughout the world, the time has come for you to do something about it. All credit goes to you to have initiated this process in me and for helping me to switch on my Krishna Consciousness.
This was the turning point in my spiritual life, and it will be the turning point in your spiritual life also, when that day comes. Although the Bible, the Koran, and the Vedas all give prescriptions for animal killing under restriction, these instructions are for those who are materially engrossed to minimize their sinful activities so that they can gradually give them up.
Of all the various life forms, the human life is a very rare and special opportunity to escape the cycle of birth by awakening your original divine consciousness.
On other planets, will the other inhabitants understand that Lord Krishna has a form similar to theirs, as they see themselves? According to this philosophy, which is known as anthropomorphism, if dogs had a conception of God, they would imagine Him to be a super dog. For those who have a little developed intelligent, ignorance is unsatisfactory and miserable.
And if he doesn't do so, his anxiety would get out of control, and he might need medications to have a normal day and not to get out of control.
Krishna consciousness and only Krishna consciousness brings immediate and lasting relief from all kinds of material distress. Such a person needs to take shelter of bona fide spiritual master who can then guide him how to enter into that realm which is completely free from all forms of anxiety. Only if we base our relationships with each other on this common principle will peace on earth be practical or doable.
He describes that unless someone can deliver us from the cycle of repeated birth and death they should not become our leader.
I am just a humble messenger of the great acharyas of the Vedic civilization who have so perfectly presented the Vedic wisdom. They are both highly elevated servants of the Supreme Person, but they are not the Supreme Person.
When we know someone intimately that's when our love for him can become solid and steady, not otherwise.
But when they go to withdraw their savings at the time of retirement they will be in for a big disappointment.
There is no greater need in the human society than the wide scale introduction of an enlightened paradigm based on a spiritual understanding of the self in a harmonious relationship with the Supreme Self. But things getting worse will actually be favorable for things eventually getting much better.
The good news is that as the golden era becomes more and more prominent, the anomalies of this troublesome age will decrease to the point of nil. The fact is that the more sincerely and intelligently we try to fully bring in Lord Caitanya's golden era, the faster it will happen. In the Lord's service the senses become fully satisfied, one becomes fully joyful, and he can teach others how to become fully joyful.
How does one get to the stage of chanting the Holy Name without any offense - Trinad api sunicena, Taror api sahisnuna? Anyone who claims to be a devotee of the Lord must carefully guard against the above offenses in order to quickly achieve the supreme success, pure love of Krishna, Krishna prema.
This mood will attract the mercy of the Lord and His energy to quickly deliver us from the ocean of birth and death.
Chanting in this mood will quickly bring you to pure goodness, the offenseless stage in which you will relish the holy names of the Lord unlimitedly. Even though he already has memories of her, the photograph will help him to keep those memories strong. So when we say reconnect with God, what we are actually saying is to once again be aware of our eternal connection with God. We can understand that Absolute Truth does exist because it is logically impossible to assert the non-existence of Absolute Truth. Among the pleasures, the pleasure perceived as orgasm through genitalia is the most sought after. Study of literature or listening to good music gives pleasures that lasts little more than raw sense pleasures. The other pleasures are mixed with varying degrees of anxiety and are therefore not pure pleasures. Because of this the present world society has been plunged into a very, very precarious situation.
Anyone who would like to meet with me in Melbourne, Australia should send me an email as soon as possible to see if a meeting can be arranged. But when I chant I remember my previous day activities and what wrong thoughts I had thought in the previous day. But you should bring your mind back to focus 100% on the sound of the names and do your brain audit after you finish your rounds. But in spite of so much impressive progress there is one area in which it is completely in the dark ages. But if he doesn't even know who he is, how can he possibly make a meaningful decision of what he wants to do with his life? Anyone who would like to meet with me in Australia should send me an email as soon as possible to see if a meeting can be arranged.
Such bliss vanquishes all material attachments and nullifies all the miseries of material existence.
You must bow down offering your respectful obeisances to Him, and fully absorb yourself in Him. We can know that Supreme Controller because He reveals Himself fully in the Bhagavad-gita as the Supreme Person, Lord Sri Krishna, with His all-attractive personal form. Here at Govinda valley during our weekend Soul Revival Retreat from 22-24 December we have had a fabulous opportunity to dive deep into the nectarean ocean of transcendental bliss.
This morning I presented a japa meditation workshop followed by a class on how one can practically apply the principles of the Bhagavad-gita in one's daily life.
Similarly the Hare Krishna mantra is powerful and will act whether or not one is conversant with the Sanskrit language.
Just as I described yesterday, we are now in a sublime transcendental atmosphere of pure goodness staying in a wonderful ashram full of devotees who are 24 hours daily engaged in the service of the Lord. Gorgeous deity worship of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna is being conducted around the clock to inspire the mood of bhakti within the heart. It has been so wonderful to be in New Govardhan in the peaceful, serene mountains with the fresh air, wide open spaces, breath taking views, and a beautiful flowing river. A city scene where people are running here and there for making and spending money is in a lower mode of nature, the mode of passion.
Just as we tasted the incomparable sweetest nectar at New Govardhan, now we will also taste similar ultimate nectar at the ISKCON center in Sydney. If at the present time you do not experience your eternal, full of bliss and knowledge, spiritual existence, it is because you are still misidentified with your temporary material body. And gradually over time if you steadily continue this process every day, you will reach the point that you can keep your consciousness solidly fixed on the transcendental platform 24 hours a day.
Therefore it is with pangs of sadness that we will be leaving here tomorrow for our flight to Sydney. This name was personally approved by one of the greatest spiritual masters in the history of the universe, His Divine Grace A.C. By remembering Krishna the lifter of Govardhan hill here, this place becomes transformed into Govardhan. Although this may not make any sense from the mundane point of view, it is easily understood and realized by those who are on the transcendental plane.
He fully manifests Himself in the form of His names to enable the lost souls of this age of Kali to easily attain spiritual perfection by chanting His names with love. The Lord is more interested to see how much we are loving His devotee than He is to see how much we are loving Him. It is this contamination which is the actual cause of whatever sufferings or miseries we undergo in this material existence. If you will follow my simple instructions to always chant the holy names and follow the regulative principles of freedom according to the bhakti yoga system (Krishna consciousness) you will always be connected with me in all times, places, and circumstances.
Krishna emphasize in the Bhagavad-gita the benefit of being connected with the spiritual master through submissive inquiry and service.
Lord Krishna is especially fond of the peacocks and always wears a peacock feather in His hair.
Can you explain the importance and significance of the tilak and the chandan mark applied on the nose.
We have a temple of Shri Radha Krishna in our home to which we worshipped very carefully as best as possible.
Then by his mercy you can perfect your existence and see Lord Krishna within and without at every minute. It is heartening to see that ISKCON has active members of different races and cultures and that it spreads the message of our Krishna all over the globe.
We have to bring all those who have crossed over to irreligion back to their original position of Krishna bhakti. We leave for the Mumbai airport at 8pm for a late night flight to Kuala Lumpur followed by a second flight to Brisbane, Australia. The whole world is a chaotic mess without enlightened consciousness, and I am so fortunate that I have been blessed with the knowledge than can liberate everyone from their suffering condition. And if it is so, then is it not that the Spiritual Master is bound to our wishes and aspirations without having a free will of his own?
This special kindness of the spiritual master is reserved for those of his disciples who are strictly following the regulative principles, not for those who have given up following his instructions.
The only mentioned is that there is birth after death (only once), but not a cycle of birth and death.
Therefore whether we pursue a life of material advancement or a life of spiritual advancement, we will be forced to deal with so many hellish situations.
In the photo below I am explaining Bhagavad-gita philosophy at one of the many student centers located throughout Mumbai. How much I am indebted to my spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, for blessing me with this life of unlimited nectar. But sometimes it is very difficult to concentrate, many thoughts running in mind during all the chanting 16 rounds. All we have to do is remember that Krishna is the best friend of all living beings and that because He owns everything, everything is for His enjoyment. Other pathways may sometimes appear to be smoother, but all they do is take you in circles through the 8,400,000 different species of life.
Factually this human life is meant for no other purpose than attaining enlightenment, the supreme enlightenment. You will see a human body that is similar in all ways to the herbivores (herb eating animals), not the carnivores (the meat eating animals). Is it better to hear the doctor's unpleasant report that you have cancer so that you can immediately adopt stringent remedial measures? As Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, we can understand that He chooses to manifest the bluish-blackish complexion because He likes it. If we do not take seriously to the pathway of self-realization we will remain entangled in the miserable cycle of birth and death. But if they wanted to, they could have a big chuckle how they become victorious over the laws of nature while their critic are defeated by those same laws.
Seize this opportunity now to awaken your Krishna consciousness and then share your realizations with everyone you meet in a manner suitable for their level of understanding. Those who have understood the essence of all scriptural wisdom give up material sense enjoyment and focus 100% on developing pure love of God. The actual situation is that God has a form and we, being His children, have a form similar to His. Anyone who develops pure love of God will be able to see and directly associate with that same person Krishna, Who has the most beautiful transcendental form. Such persons seek that higher knowledge which can deliver them into the realm of actual happiness, not the so-called happiness of less intelligent fools.
Sadly, in the modern day society it will be very difficult to find even one person who is qualified to be our leader. The sole purpose of any sadhana is to transcend the mind and know our pure nature, by keeping the mind and senses in check.
So if referring to 'That' - the Supreme Personality, the one without a second, if I consider some other name as for example Shiva or Brahma, how can it be an offense?
Apart from the words chanted - if the feelings from the heart are pointed to that One - 'That' - The causeless cause of everything - then?
With this proper humble approach the student or disciple will make steady progress on the path to proper understanding and eventual spiritual perfection. It is only by their blessings and divine potency that we can clearly and perfectly understand the Vedic wisdom. Feelings are very nice, but they should be properly channeled in the light of transcendental knowledge so that in the end we will actually become liberated from the cycle of birth and death. This enlightened science is presented in full detail in the Bhagavad-gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam.
Right now, within most recent memory, there are reports on the media of mothers chopping off the limbs of their baby; of one mother who hanged her three children and then herself.

The bad news is that after 10,000 years the golden era will disappear and the anomalies will come in full force much worse than anything we've experienced so far. Because the authoritative predictions are there in revealed scripture that the entire globe will indeed be transformed by a tidal wave of Krishna bhakti. If a class of such sense-controlled men and women can become widespread on this planet, the entire world will become joyful.
Then gradually, gradually by the unlimited power of the Lord's sweet holy names all of offenses will melt away into oblivion. If such communities are founded on an imperfect principle, they must necessarily eventually fail. Are we destined then to remain in the illusory realm of relativity in which everyone takes their own subjective opinion as the so-called truth? Simply by associating with the devotees here one dives into an ocean of unlimited nectar that keeps expanding more and more ad infinitum. In spite of so many rapidly advancing fields of knowledge, we still do not know who we are.
The pure devotee of Krishna tastes the sweetest ecstasy at every minute by constantly remembering the name, fame, form, pastimes, entourage, teachings, and paraphernalia of that wonderful Lord, Who possesses unlimited power, beauty, renunciation, knowledge, wealth, and fame.
In this way, if you will take the Lord's teachings of the Bhagavad-gita and apply them practically in all times, places, and circumstances, the Lord will be very, very pleased with you and He will take you back to His eternal abode in the Spiritual Sky.
If every man, woman, and child on the planet Earth decided to immediately absorb themselves 24 hours daily in devotional service, we could supply them enough of it to completely fulfill their desires. Lord Krishna is desiring very strongly that all the living beings who are trapped here in this material world should come back to Him as soon as possible. Therefore we cannot claim to be following the internal guru if we are neglecting to follow the external guru. What a wonderful feeling to rise early in the morning, take bath, and fully absorb ourselves on the absolute platform of eternity, knowledge, and bliss. Then after breakfast we had another session in which I described what kind of bliss is experienced by one who is situated on the transcendental platform and how to be situated on that platform in all times, places and circumstances. But after knowing the facts of the cosmology and Einstein's theory of relativity and the theory of big bang explained by physicist Stephen Hawking, I began to realize my existence in the universe. Therefore everyone should chant the Hare Krishna mantra as much as possible everyday for realizing the Supreme Truth.
Delicious vegetarian foods are prepared with love and devotion and then offered first to Radha and Krishna. We become realized in the Absolute Truth to the extent that we are able to chant His names with purity. Therefore the insiders' secret in regards to perfecting the holy names is to cultivate sweet loving relationships with the Lord's devotees. So how to get out of the suffering conditions that are being constantly hurled at us by the material energy? The benefit is that the spiritual master will bless you with transcendental knowledge and realization. It is vegetarian foodstuffs which have been cooked and offered to Lord Sri Krishna with love and devotion. They need to the follow the example of the New Govardhan community and make their lives perfect. Suffering is an artificial imposition on the all-blissful consciousness of the living being. For millions of lifetimes we have identified ourselves as being the particular material body that we were inhabiting in that particular lifetime.
But it is disheartening to note that some people who have been born and brought up in the disciplined way (Brahminical way) in India get lured by the materialistic so-called ecstasy and forget God and sometimes get converted to other religions. Plus I have been given the opportunity to travel and spread this science all over the world for the ultimate benefit of all living beings. Here in the land of Krishna, even though rampant materialism is manifesting more and more everywhere, there is still a deep seated all-pervading presence of Krishna consciousness, like an underground river, flowing very strongly.
The scholar wants to establish himself as a scholar by squeezing out some new conclusion, which he will then try to defend by his concocted arguments.
This consciousness is called Krishna consciousness and brings swift relief from all kinds of distress. Krishna is trying to convince us to return to His kingdom, but we are stubbornly, most foolishly clinging to our suffering situation refusing to return to our original position in the spiritual world. That love of a devotee for other devotees and all living beings is completely devoid of kama.
This supreme enlightenment is to fully understand and implement the teachings of Bhagavad-gita, and then to share this sublime knowledge as much as possible with the people of this world. If one goes outside of nature's balance, outside of his quota, he will lose his balance and thus be living in a disoriented state of consciousness.
Or is it better that he lies to you and tells your that you are okay, so you can have a pleasant day? I read an online article on the complications of diabetes and, as I am myself a diabetic, I was shocked to read the article which has left an horrific impact on my mind.
With diabetes or without diabetes, you will still be in the suffering condition of birth, death, old age, and disease if your mind is not properly situated. And there is no better medicine than Krishna consciousness for helping your body to regain its health. Take advantage of the revealed scriptures (such as the Bhagavad-gita and the Srimad Bhagavatam), the association of the Lord's devotees, and the merciful blessings and instructions of the bona fide spiritual master. The entire world civilization is suffering from the misguidance of persons who have not even the slightest qualification to deliver us from the cycle of repeated birth and death. So I will carefully present to you the answers to your questions based on that knowledge which has been revealed by the great spiritual authorities, not according to my opinion. We are now prepared to train anyone who is serious about attaining and sharing this supreme enlightenment with a world that now needs it more than ever. I work with mentally ill people and the states of their rooms is squalid, deplorable and abominable beyond belief.
Because the more this material world becomes painfully obvious as a hellish existence, the more people are going to be serious about a spiritual alternative. In fact it will be so bad in those times that the troubles we now face will seem like a Sunday school picnic in comparison. Of course considering the present state of world affairs, it may take many thousands of years before this sublime transformation becomes universal in scope.
The mind wanders sometimes although as much as possible we try and chant in the early morning. But if a community or civilization is founded on a perfect principle and the members of that community or civilization are trained how to always live in harmony with that principle, such a civilization or community will endure perpetually. This same mood can be created anywhere in the world where there is the congregational chanting of the holy names. For such a devotee there is no such thing as material existence, and the so-called bliss of merging with and becoming one with God is like a fig compared to the vast ocean of transcendental bliss in which he is constantly sporting. The more we associate with the Lord's devotees, the more we will experience the sweet taste of Krishna consciousness. We are experiencing this practically here in Sydney where we are presently intensely engaged 24 hours daily in the service of the Lord. Therefore there is no easier way to please Him than to enlighten these trapped souls in the science of Krishna. The guru within is externally manifested as the guru without to teach how to perfect our relationship with the guru within.
By chanting and hearing of the unlimited names, fame, forms, and pastimes of the inconceivably beautiful Lord in the association of devotees we experience the choicest, most pristine nectar.
The participants came up with the toughest possible questions that negatively minded outsiders such as reporters might ask a devotee of Krishna.
Because they are offered to the Lord, by His mercy the foodstuffs are transformed from material energy into spiritual energy and then distributed to the devotees and guests to nourish the body and revive the spiritual consciousness of the soul. But there is nothing less auspicious about our next stop, a Krishna temple in Sydney, even though it is in a crowded, congested city. But a temple of the Lord where the devotees are engaged 24 hours in His service is the absolute best of all atmospheres.
Your body is just like a garment that you are wearing or an automobile that you are driving around in. But still who would want to leave behind such a wonderful place as New Govardhan--a place of saintly devotees, stunning deities, a beautiful temple room, cows, peacocks, flowers everywhere, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, rainbows, a river, and much much more? Therefore the most essential aspect of the self-realization process is to be able to perfect our chanting of the holy names.
To the extent that we love the devotees of the Lord, to that extent we will be able to absorb ourselves in the pure chanting of Krishna's holy names, and to that extent He will personally reveal Himself to us.
As soon as we utter this great chant for deliverance the atmosphere becomes transformed from material into spiritual. Those who have crossed over from one religion to another were not on the platform of true religion.
One simply has to tap into it by seeking out and taking shelter of the association of realized transcendentalists. The spiritual master is also a jiva soul, but he is a jiva soul who has fully absorbed himself in devotional service. The devotee has no such agenda to try to gain some reputation for himself by establishing a new conclusion.
Just as some volcanoes are active and some are dormant, for a liberated soul love of God is active and for a conditioned soul love of God is dormant.
Therefore tolerate whatever austerities you may find in Krishna consciousness and attain the Supreme Nirvana of pure love of Godhead in this very lifetime.
Is it a fact that the so-called "love" in the material world is only a distorted reflection of prema--the spiritual love?
It is a manifestation of prema, because he loves everyone seeing them in relationship with Krishna. The wild animals have a natural sense of balance and therefore always eat within their quota.
The environmental disruption which is making big headlines every day is the result of a human society run amuck, not the animal society. It is obvious that it would be useless to have a doctor who always tells you that your health is okay. He mercifully gives us the cure, how we can regain our original spiritual forms, which are eternal, full of knowledge, and full of bliss. So because of His personal taste He has chosen this bluish-blackish complexion like a rain cloud.
Therefore we are advised to always carefully stick to the pathway of the previous acharyas. Once we are situated solidly on the pathway of Krishna bhakti, we can then reach out and extend the mercy of Krishna to everyone: our parents, our children, our friends, and society in general.
Of course, at the same time, you must follow all medical advice for dealing with the diseases of the body. After countless eons of suffering in the cycle of birth and death, this is your most opportune moment. Together we revolutionize this planet and bring in a sublime new era of enlightened consciousness, Krishna consciousness. Utilize these gifts of God to reconnect yourself with your original eternal identity as a servant of Krishna or God. The science of how to do that is revealed by the Supreme Source Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna.
This is why we advise everyone to get out of the cycle of birth and death as soon as possible by fully surrendering to Krishna or God and going back the Spiritual Sky.
This means that we have to arrange our lives in such a way that we can associate with the Lord's devotees as much as possible. Even while living in the material world the devotee experiences living in the spiritual world at every moment because devotional service and the spiritual world are non-different. This is the greatest service that can be rendered to the fallen souls, the greatest service that can be rendered to the Lord, and the greatest good we can do for ourselves.. This Krishna consciousness philosophy is so perfect that I was able to deal with every possible objection against Krishna consciousness and solidly establish it as the topmost knowledge within existence. Simply by realizing that we are not these bodies and by engaging in the activities of our actual selves as eternal spiritual beings we will taste the true ananda or bliss of spiritual existence at every minute. I feel a small boy whose face is filled with Makhan (butter) and He is laughing playing with friends everywhere He is.
They were already crossed over to irreligion and have simply crossed over from one version of irreligion to another version of irreligion.
He simply wants that the conclusions given directly by Lord Sri Krishna are honored and worshipped throughout the world for the deliverance of the suffering humanity from the jaws of repeated birth and death. The spiritual master is your best friend to guide you, bless you, and inspire you every step along the way.
But modern man has drifted out of balance and thus does not know what to eat and what not to eat. By carefully studying and applying the science of the Bhagavad-gita under the expert guidance of those who are accomplished in understanding and properly implementing it we will enter into a divine, enlightened state of consciousness and become empowered agents for helping to bring in a new era of peace to this planet. Therefore there is no greater need in the human society than training an entire new class of enlightened men and women for occupying all of the leadership posts throughout all the strata of society. Krishna is eternal, full of bliss, and knowledge, and we are also eternal, full of bliss and knowledge. Crime is rampant and the cities are infested with thieves, and there is a drug dealer on every street corner. If our preaching were to become this successful, we could give Srila Prabhupada a pretty nice preaching report when we go for his darshan after rejoining him in the spiritual world.
The next step is that you must engage yourself in activities that are on the spiritual platform.
We combine 2 parts of hydrogen with one part of oxygen and sure enough we get water in our test tube. However if we are determined and always remain enthusiastic, then our perfection is guaranteed to manifest in due course of time. And if you love material sense gratification more than God, you are irreligious no matter what label you may give yourself. He gives the credit to his spiritual master, who then gives it to his spiritual master, who then in turn gives it to his spiritual master, etc, etc. My wife is also desperately worrying about my mental condition even though I have not told her completely about what kind of thoughts are running in my mind. Revive your original and eternal transcendental identity by fully dedicating yourself to becoming self-realized under the guidance of the bona fide spiritual master. I do not have anything against any religion, most of my good friends since my childhood are Muslims ( I am materially a Hindu). So when I describe practical activities in Krishna consciousness this is simply to demonstrate its sweet transcendental nature in action. Therefore, Life is God's Work of Art, and Life in order to live must eat, and must eat what is in its nature to eat--even lean beef, pork, chicken, and some fat, too, but carefully.
Perhaps we have 10,000 years ahead of us in which Lord Caitanya's sankirtan movement will better the world, but will there not always be war and gross evil in this Kali-yuga?
I choose to eat prime rib and you choose to condemn or criticize or in any other way to judge me.

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