In this video Simon Borg-Olivier demonstrates several breaths using this system which can also be used in every posture and during seated breathing exercises (pranayama). It is interesting to note that studies have shown that allowing the eyes to roll upwards in this fashion (as happens naturally in deep sleep) increases delta wave activity of the brain, while gazing at the tip of the nose stimulates pelvic floor activity (and mula banfha).
The following diagram shows variations of the main postures used in Surya Namaskar A in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the main postures in Candra Namaskar A, which is for many people a good preparation exercise before practicing the Ashtanga Yoga Series, because it includes a very useful hip flexor (front of hip) stretch. A.‘Half squat posture’(Utkatasana) (Inhalation with broomadhya drishti) can be modified by bending the knees only slightly, only lifting the arms up a little and not raising the head. B.‘Standing hands-to-floor posture’ (Hasta uttanasana) (Exhalation with nasagra drishti) can be modified by bending the knees as much as you need to touch the floor (you avoid this sequence unless you can touch the floor comfortably at least with you knees bent).
C.‘Pendulum posture’ (Lolasana)  (Inhalation with broomadhya drishti), which involves balancing in the air on your hands in its final form, can be modified by simply leaning onto your hands and taking as much weight off your feet and onto your hands.
F.‘Plank posture’(Santolanasana) can also be replaced with an easy ‘Kneeling plank posture’ (Janu san tolanasana) to teach the important transition for the spine between forward bend (spinal flexion) and backward bend (spinal extension). H.’Upward-facing fingers-to-floor posture’ (Urdhvamukha uttanasana) (Inhalation with broomadhya drishti) can be modified by bending the knees. Ideal exercise to cope with insomnia.Regular practice of Surya Namaskara calms the mind and helps to get sound sleep. Practice regulates irregular menstrual cycles. Practicing Surya Namaskar ensures the easy childbirth.
Surya Namaskar practice boosts blood circulation and helps to prevent hair graying, hair fall, and dandruff. Sun salutation exercise helps to add glow on your face making facial skin radiant and ageless. Step1: Stand straight with your feet together and palms folded at the chest as if in prayer.
Step 2:Raise your arms above your head and stretch back as much as possible to bend your spine backwards while inhaling air. Step 4:take your right leg back and stretch it while balancing it on the toe and keep your left leg folded in front of your chest.
Step 5:Take back the left leg as well and keep both the feet together while raising your hip from the ground and balancing yourself on all fours. Step 6:Slowly come down and rest your palms next to your shoulders, your knees touching the ground but your waist and hip slightly raised above so that they don’t touch the ground.
Step 7:Lower your waist and raise your torso, making your arms straight and balancing yourself.

Step 8:Bring the left leg forward and fold it so that the knee reaches your chin and look up.
Step 9: With your palm at your toes, raise yourself up so that your forehead touches the knees and your spine bends forward. Step 10:Get up very slowly and take your arms above your head and stretch backwards while inhaling. Step 11:Then come back to the first position with your arms folded and relax while breathing normal. If you like my posts, join me on my Google+ page and facebook page which are mentioned below. Sun or Surya in vedic astrology is the main reason behind formation of our body and controls our general health. A person with well placed Sun in his horoscope, remains healthy, robust and recovers from illness quicker than others throughout his lifetime. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the body in a different way and alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing.
Practiced daily it will give great flexibility to your spine and joints and trims your waist. One full round (12 positions) repeated continuously for 9 times (12×9=108 postures) will make you sweat heavily and burn down all excess fat in body.
It should take about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on practice and speed to complete 9 rounds (108 postures) of Surya Namaskar. Start practicing Surya Namaskar Postures with Mantras early in the morning with empty stomach (after clearing bowels movement) and just before sunrise.
One round of Sun Salutation consists of two sequences, the first leading with the right foot in positions 4 and 9 (as illustrated with images below), the second leading with the left. Keep your hands in one place from positions 3 to 10 and try to coordinate your movements with your breathing. Breathe out as you bend forward from the waist, keeping palms together, tucking your head, and keeping your back straight as long as you can. When you've bent as far forward as you can comfortably, grasp the back of your ankles, calves, or thighs, bend your elbows, pull your upper body gently toward your legs, and tuck your chin toward your chest. Hold the position for a few seconds with body in pose, breath held, eyes focused, and mind silent.
Each of the postures with letters in front of them are the more accessible first stage of each major posture, that should be mastered first, and then the postures with an asterix (*) in front of them are more challenging or more advanced version of the first posture that need to have the essence of the primary pose in them.

But in the full version (not shown here) it is optimal for energy flow and spinal health if the front of the body can be lengthened without shortening the back. The key to this pose even in the full version is not to feel a stretch in the back of legs. In the final posture, as in this more accessible preparation posture, there should be no creases in your back, and you should should be able to speak normally while being able to comfortably hold your shoulders the same height as your elbows (not below them), with elbows directly above your wrists. Most people should not try the full ‘Upward-facing dog posture’ until they have mastered ‘Pendulum posture’. Ideally Surya Namaskara should be done total 13 times along with Surya Namaskara Mantras given below chanting one mantra before starting each cycle of yoga postures.
Your abdomen should be stretched to the maximum limit and your biceps should be touching your ears with your hands parallel.
Inhaling, stretch your arms up and arch back from the waist, pushing the hips out, legs straight. Exhaling, fold forward, and press your palms down, fingertips in line with toes – bend your knees if necessary. Exhaling, lower your knees, then your chest and then your forehead, keeping your hips up and toes curled under.
Exhaling, bring the other leg forward and bend down from the waist keeping your palms as in position 3. Inhaling, stretch your arms forward, then up and back over your head and bend back slowly from the waist, as in position 2. In this pose which is commonly thought to be a back bend arching the back on an inhalation, the key is lengthen the front of the body on an abdominal inhalation and this gives you the power to lift into the air.
As physiotherapists we regularly see that when this posture is practiced incorrectly, as it is by most adults, it generally leads to back problems. This is what prepares you for the strength work in this sequence and protects your back with a mula bandha that does not create tension. You need to be able to see your navel or this posture is not going to help you develop the balance between strength and flexibility that keeps you energised, calm and pain-free for life.

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