I can not believe it took me that long to finally get in touch to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting yourself out there and sharing your practice with us with such generosity and care !
In the big jungle of youtube videos, you definitely stand out as the most authentic, positive and empowering Yoga guide I have seen AND you never fail to make me smile !
I am moving to LA in late August and would aboslutely LOVE to attend to one of your class somewhere in the world. I am very new to yoga but have been enjoying and learning a lot from your two beginner videos. I have a question about the foundation of yoga pose, is “Dancer Pose” one of the foundation poses? I teach classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Salvage Vanguard Theater and monthly classes at the Blanton Museum. I have a questions … all the postures I learn them as I go with your very insightful comments but I have a pain in my wrists when I do downward facing dog and when I shift over the hurdle and back. Is yoga beneficial to a guy who has just turned 59, would like an alternative to the gym, and gets lpr reflux?
If this post is approved by Adriene, I watched a very helpful video call Easy Digestion by Dr. The information is very helpful, the video person was not on top of things as well as he should have been but if you stay with it you will get some very good information on diet tips to help heal the esophagus and stomach.
I want to be proactive and stop doing the things that are not helping this irritating condition. Thank you Adriane for providing a most helpful yoga practice for those of us struggling with this condition. Adriane, I meant to mention, I experienced loss of my voice for several weeks a year ago and that is when I went to the doctor and the discussion of GERD from other symptoms came up. Diet-wise, three books that have been useful for me are Jorge Rodriguez Acid Reflux Solution, Jamie Koufman Dropping Acid and Joel Fuhrman Eat for Health (vol II). Eat light at the end of the day and fast for 4 or 5 hours before going to bed or doing yoga (except for this great routine).
Sometimes loving yourself enough to do all of that is hard, but maybe we can love each other enough to make it happen! Found your web site as googling yoga and acid reflux which has been troubling me greatly recently. Deepen your practice, get into your most amazing body and connect with a commitment to yoga for 30 days straight. The mission of Yoga With Adriene is to inspire you to find what feels good, be authentic and always do your best. I would like to try something new in 2014 and 30 days of Yoga would be a real positive challenge.

Since I’m in Aussie and its already the morning of Jan1 2015 I’ve already started my yoga journey with the morning energizing sequence and if the rest of my days are gonna be like that I am SO looking forward to the rest of them!!!! Secondly, wow, thank you so much for offering this 30 day intensive as a gift to anyone who will meet the challenge. Also I practice a classical dance form south India called Bharata Natyam, and am preparing for a shared 3 hour performance and the end of January. This yoga practice is suitable for all levels and designed to inspire you to check in and create a full body warm up experience before your run. I normally don’t stretch before running, but have been a fan of your other videos so tried this one out.
I have a quick question about warming up and cooling down for yoga practice ~ please let me know if you do it? I did your gentle yoga routine today and really enjoyed it, but I was wondering if I should be doing a warmup sequence before I start any yoga practice?
Found you when I started wanting to do yoga at home and your videos were the most detailed and in depth.
Do you have a suggestion for an order to learn and focus on the different postures that you break down in your foundations of yoga series?
And i would love to see how to build up this pose, do you have any video that teach his pose? I just finish your 30 days with Yoga program and I am excited to start studying Yoga with you! It’s a relaxing, gentle way to wind down my body from the hectic tension I gained from being at work. I am so pleased to announce that we will be practicing and sharing 30 DAYS OF YOGA in January.
It is also our mission to share the tools and awesome gifts of yoga with as many people as possible! My only request is that you do the videos with voice-over instruction so as to limit the distracting chatter and focus on the yoga. All of my video programs for purchase on done VO so that you can repeat them over and over without the chatter. I am Australian and live in the Central Victorian Goldfields’ town of Clunes where there is a great yoga group.
Your instruction is so concrete and easy to follow, you know your s**t, and you present it in such a fun down to earth way.
I am a broke newly married elementary school assistant and I was wringing my hands pondering how I could aford Reboot or Empower and the yoga deities answered my prayers! This is just what I need to polish my form ( as it is deeply connected to yoga) and prepare my body for that kind of duration.

You can practice this before a walk, jog or run or you can practice this as you prepare for a running program or future runs!
I know it will be challenging at times and often we will butt heads or get fussy, but in the end, the journey is the reward and I could not be more excited about the journey than I am right now. I’m a professional actress in film, commercial and theatre and I teach performance, movement and yoga for all ages. It will get you on your mat and into your body while also preparing you for public classes and local yoga opportunities. Also- a gentle and grounding practice for anyone looking to relieve tension in the neck, connect to breath and balance the body. Love your sequence and will give it a go , although modified as asadly now I am overweight.
I look forward to chatting with you all about experiences and motivations on the mat throughout the next year!!! I have been doing your videos every day for the last three months and find that I can no longer bear listening to the same videos (and same chatter) over and over so I stick with your voice over videos (freedom flow is my favorite).
Especially when you almost say a curse word or break into an explicit Nelly song and catch yourself. So… can you tell me the average length of time of the 30 day videos so I can do a little planning. And your curative videos are really super effective (tested and approved yesterday relieving back pain video).
Thank you for sharing your classes, vlogs, thoughts and now videos with us and keep them coming as they inspire so many people. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone the body or create more flexibility this series (most importantly) will help you to FIND WHAT FEELS good. Seeing your video was inspiring and now I think I can just as well do yoga in my own living room. We must be patient and mindful as we build endurance in running- just like in our yoga practice- we find what feels good, find ease and build stamina, strength and discover a practice that can be fun! Afterwards I felt more aware of my body and breath during my run and even went further than I planned.
Stay tuned for Yoga For Runners Cool Down and Yoga For Runners Injury Prevention video – coming soon! Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility or deepen your current yoga practice- this is the place for you.

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