Some people say that grinding is always faster than questing, this is true in theory when you don’t know which quests to take and which to avoid, and what is the best order to do them.
The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible and then turning several quests in at the same time. While traveling, kill everything that is on your way and gives experience (Yellow mobs preferably, but greens are ok if they are just 3-4 levels below you, not more). Don’t waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything that is described in this guide.
Sometimes I will be making lists of quest you should have before starting with an area, that doesn’t mean I will list the whole quest log, JUSTthe quests that interest us for the moment. When I say you should bind (make an Inn your home location) somewhere, it’s for a good reason, and it will save you much time. If you followed hosho’s guide, you should be level 21 now, and in Orgrimmar or Camp Taurajo. In Camp Taurajo, get the quest [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk, get out of Camp Taurajo and look for a Thunderhawk, there are easy to find all around the camp, kill them until you get Thunderhawk Wings. Once you are ready to go again, fly to Splintertree Post (Ashenvale), you should have the flight path if you followed Hosho’s barrens guide.
Fly to the Zoram Outpost, get the following quests [19] Naga at the Zoram Strand, ignore the other quests for now.
For those who were 22 before the grinding session, you still need to kill Nagas until you have 20 Wrathtail Heads. Once you are sure that Jailor Eston isn’t in the area (or have already found and killed him), move back down to the bridge and past it, if you look to your left and down you should see a few wooden houses in the lower court. Get out of Durnholde Keep and start going back towards Tarren Mill, kill as much bears and spiders as possible on your way. Clear the way around the small house and inside you should find Farmer Getz, kill him (If Farmer Getz is not in his house, he’s either in the field right next to it or in the barn).
Once that is done, head east back to Tarren Mill, and kill as much Starving Mountain Lions as you need to finish the quest [24] Elixir of Pain. Head back to the Hillsbrad Fields, to the house next to the northern field with the dog Stanley infront. Once done with the 15 peasants go grind until you are about 1 bubble (about 1500xp) away from lvl 24, if you aren’t that close already.
Time to go back toAshenvale, go to the bank and get all the Shredder Manual pages you have. Follow the road a bit further southwest, to the left you should see a small encampment, get the quest [30] The Lost Pages. 3rd wave: a level 22 Hydra named Vorsha will spawn and attack you, the hydra hits rather hard for a level 22, so use everything you got. Once you have 8 troll charms, get out of the cave and head back to Zoram’Gar outpost.
Once you are done with the[24] Ashenvale Outrunner quest, go west to(68,75), you should see an orc named Torek, with 3 raiders. Now you should be pretty close to level 25 (if you’re not close, it means you are not killing enough stuff on your way) so we are gonna grind on the night elves at the silverwing outpost until level 25.
Go to the island in the middle of Mysral Lake and walk around the gazebo structure until you get the objective complete message for [25] Stonetalon Standstill. Now we’re gonna look for a named lvl 25 bear named Ursangous, just go to the spot shown on map (40,65).
Now go east then slightly northeast (be careful to stay away fromSilverwing Refuge’s Guards) until you reachGreenpaw Village.
Head south to the field of giants, look forSilithid Moundsclear any bug around it and then click them to gather Silithis Eggs. Then head south staying close to the mountain on your right hand side until you stumble across some quillboar camps. There’s also 4 nameds you must find, the first one isLok Orcbane, and you can find him on top of a slope at(41,80).
The 3rd one is Nak, he’s further south in between two mountains (43,83), kill him and loot his skull, be careful with all the stalkers in this area, they tend to add while you are fighting Nak. The 4th and last one, Kuz, roams around the middle camp and a tree with a painted stone at (45,80), kill him and loot his skull. When done with quests [25] Betrayal from within and [24] Weapons of Choice, go east until you hit the road. Once that is done, get back on the road and find Gann, turn in [26] Revenge of Gann and get the follow up.
Go south along the merchant coast until the Northwatch Hold, take a dive and the Isha Awak (some big aquatic dinosaur) should be there underwater at (63,53). If you are unlucky, you won’t find the Oil anywhere in Satyrnaar and will have to go check out Xavian, the other satyr camp just north of Satyrnaar (78,46). Once you’re done, get back on the road south towards Splintertree Post but we have one last thing to do before going to there, when you reach the fork close to Splintertree, go south to the Forsaken Camp (75,71). After landing, head west to the Hillsbrad Fields, this time go to the forge house, which is west of the southern field. Clear your way out of the house, kill the remaining Councilmen you need for the quest, and also look for Citizen Wilkes if you haven’t killed him already. This time we’re gonna go to the mines which are just southwest of the Hillsbrad Fields, on the other side of the main road.
Anyway, once you have killed10 Miners,Foreman Bonds andMiner Hackett, get out of the mine and back on the road and follow it eastwards until you cross the bridge over the river which splits the zone in two.
Follow the road south a little while and then east, you should soon see a silver arrow on the minimap showingFreewind Post, following it until you reach it, there is a lift to access it on the east side of it.In Freewind post turn in [25] Message to Freewind Post and take the follow up [25] Pacify the Centaur.
It can be at 3 different spots, and it’s always an area crowded by those weird flying serpents.
Now get back on the big plateau, take the northern wooden bridge back to the plateau where we decided to go south last time. Next to where you kill Arnak you should see a tauren named Lakota Windsong with a quest [29] Free at Last. If you are a caster and don’t like to be silenced, go grind on the wyverns at Highperch. Go to the northwestern part of Thousand Needles, enter Feralas and get on the road, be careful to stay as far as possible from wolves or bears in Feralas, they are way too high level for us. In Thunder Bluff, first go to the western plateau, next to the lift there is a tauren sitting under a tent, named Auld Stonespire, take his quest[34] A Vengeful Fate, this is the main quest for the instance Razorfen Kraul (RFK), and I will soon recommend to do that instance. Go northwest until you find a destroyed caravan (22,24) with a panther in a cage in the middle. If you really can’t manage that part, just abandon the quest, it will mean a little more grinding to do for you. You can find everything needed to complete those quests all around the raceway, do long circles all around it and kill everything on the way. Now you should be getting close to level 33, so we’re gonna grind in the area (turtles, vultures, etc) until we hit level 33. In Booty Bay on the docks, talk to Wharfmaster Lozgil and get the follow up [37]Gobline Sponsorship.
Now you should be about 4 bubbles away from level 34, if you are not it means you didn’t kill enough stuff on your way. Before leaving Orgrimmar, make sure you have a Strong Troll’s Blood Potion with you, or buy it now. Tip: pull the mountaineers first, they are the easiest and they actually come to you instead of range shooting. Your first task will be to make yourself a way inside the fortress and find a Keg of Shindigger Stout, They can mostly be found on the side rooms down the stairs. Note: Boulderfist Enforcers can only be found inside the cave, which can be entered from the east side of the mound. Further inside the village go up the stairs and turn in the quest [37]Trollbane, don’t get the follow up.
With maxed clip plane you should see Helcular’s grave, which is at the eastmost tip of the southshore graveyard. Fly to the Undercity, go speak to Varimathras, he is in the same room as Sylvana, the banshee queen. Turn in [32]Battle of Hillsbrad, also get the quest [42]Into the Scarlet Monastery while we’re here. Sell, repair, restock consumables, visit your class trainer (certain classes might have to go to Orgrimmar). Go west and then north into Alterac Mountains, as if you were going to the Lordamere Internment camp.
After that, go grind on Ogres or Trolls to the east, until you are about 10000xp from level 37. Fly to the Undercity, when there, turn in the quest [36]To Steal from Thieves, right next to the Bat Handler. Then go to the Cleft of Shadows, and find Craven Drok, an orc NPC who roams in between the two slopes there.
Go to the western exit of Orgrimmar, in the last hut before the exit turn in this quest and get the follow up. Fly to Thunderbluff, go to the Hunter Rise and turn in the quest [37]Frostmaw, don’t get the follow up. To the west you’ll find the last quest giver of Ghost Walker Post, Takata Steelblade, turn in [30]Alliance Relations, get the follow up as well as the other quest [33]Befouled by Satyr. Talk to Maurin Bonesplitter who should be right behind you, turn in the quest [33]Alliance Relations and get the follow up [33]The Burning of Spirits.
Go south till you hit the road and then follow it until you get to Shadowprey Village (25,75).
Get the quest [38]Hand of Iruxos from Taiga Whitemane, who should be standing on top of an earth mound, to the right after a couple of huts. Go inside the main building right infront of the main gate, clear the way to the central room, inside of it you should see a big red crystal. Get out of this building, and go to the guard tower just next to the main gate, clear the two npcs on each side of the hut on the top floor of the guard tower, then get full health before you go in, because 2 npcs are inside. Before you leave the fortress, kill mobs until you get the remaining Infused Burning Gems you need for the quest [33]The Burning of Spirits. 6.5 (added recently) Go southwest and swim towards the island with water elementals on it (20,22), find the Altar of Naias and use the Gift of Naias which should be in your inventory. Quests are important, they give rewards and faction and are less boring than pure grinding, BUT sometimes some quests are really a time waste and we will skip those and replace them by good grinding session when it is necessary. Buy it at the Auction House or bring the materials to an Engineer and ask him kindly to craft it for you. In Splintertree Post, turn in [20] The Ashenvale Hunt and talk to the same NPC again, get the quest named The Ashenvale Hunt again and complete it. Now comes a grinding session, for those who went to Wailing Caverns there will be very few grinding to do or no grinding at all if they are already 22. Then get back on the road and keep going east until you get to another guard tower and a crossroad (57,36), go north to Tarren Mill. You should soon find Durnholde Keep, the main entrance is on the south side of it at (76,46), go there.
Follow the ledge until the end and jump down there carefully and start clearing the way to the wooden houses carefully, watch out, mobs run away here.

We’ll first focus on the field which is to the northeast, you should see a small house, a tower-like structure and a medium sized house which looks like a barn.
Then go northwest towards the next field, next to this field you’ll find a medium sized house, with a dog named Stanley infront of it. Go back to Tarren Mill, turn in [24] Battle of Hillsbard, get the follow up [25] Battle of Hillsbrad. Now you can bind chapters together when you have the right pages, it will free some bag space. If you die don’t release, Muglash should be able to finish off the hydra if you did enough damage to it before dying. DON’T take the quest now, just remember where he is, go further west on the other side of the road you should find a path to Silverwing Outpost(66,73). Start killingBefouled Elementals there, be very careful with your breath as they like to frost nova you while you are under water, so stay close to the surface as much as you can and pull them with a long range attack. Kill the remaining Befouled Water Elementals you need to complete the quest and then head to the western tip of the lake. Ursangous always roams around this area, so just kill bears and stags while waiting for him to show up. You have to kill Razormane Warfrenzies, Seers andStalkers until you get a wand, a shield and a backstabber. Then follow search the road north and south until you find a tauren npc named Gann Stonespire, he walks up and down this road, from the fork that leads to Dustwallow marsh to Bael Modan, you should find him without problems, get his quest [23] Gann’s Reclamation and head southeast to Bael Modan.
Go back to the excavation site, but this time your target is the Helipad with the Gyrocopter atop. From Ratchet go south along the Merchant coast until you get to the area named the Tidus Stair, turn in [27] Mahren Skyseer and get the follow up [27] Isha Awak. It should be an easy kill, loot his heart and run back to Mahren Skyseer, turn in [27] Isha Awak.
Then get out of Splintertree Post, go southwest and then further west along the road until you find a small encampment to your left. To access it you have to get out of Satyrnaar, follow the road west until you hit the river, then follow the river north and you’ll find Xavian to your right after a little walk. Now you’re gonna search around this camp like shown on the map for a level 31 Hyppogryph named Sharptalon. Learn new skills, check the auction house, repair and restock consumables etc.Get out of Orgrimmar, take the Zepellin to Undercity. He wanders to the City Hall and the Forge, so kill stuff around those two areas until you find him. Right after the bridge turn south and head this direction until you find a field withMudsnout Gnolls in it(65,60).
After crossing 3 wooden bridges you’ll be on a plateau with 2 choices, east or south. I recommend two spots, one is the yeti cave west of Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothils, it’s a great spot. When you get to one of the big cities (Thunderbluff, Undercity, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon) you can turn in 3 stacks for some exp. Get down the lift and follow the road west until Darkcloud Pinnacle, find the slope going up on the northwestern side of the peak (31,36).
If you are solo skip the next paragraph, because you can’t kill the enraged panther alone at this level. Open the lock and kill the panther and loot theHypercapacitator Gyzmo, then go south to Whitereach Post.
When that is done, travel east to the Weathered Nook (54,44), go up the slope and inside the cave to turn in the quest [30]Test of Endurance.
Kill River Crocolisks which can be found all along the river in northern Stranglethorn Vale until you find 2 Large Crocolisk Skins. Kill Young Panthers, they are mostly found on the other side of the river to the east (41,10).
Go south and down the plateau until you find the troll camp at Bal’lal Ruins (29,20). Once you’ve collected all of that, go west to the shore and move along the shore towards the north until you find Crystal Spine Basilisks.
After that go take a swim until you reach the loc (24,22), right under you should be some ruins guarded by elite murlocs.
In the Undercity next to the Bat Handler you should find a quest [36]To Steal from Thieves. Go inside the Inn, and get the quest [31]Soothing Turtle Bisque from Christophe Jeffcoat, also buy 1x Soothing Spices from him. Go southeast and across the river, then go south until you hit the shore, you should find nagas there (58,64). Also make sure you use a snare type ability on all mobs, as they run when below 20% health. Get out of the Dwarven Fortress, get back on the path going northeast and then east into Arathi Highlands. Stay on the road for a while until the location (30,50), north of that point you should see a mound with some ogres, this area is called Boulder’ gor. Get back on the road, follow it eastwards until you reach a crossroads, follow the smaller trail going northeast, until you reach Hammerfall, the horde outpost. Get out of the yeti cave, go north and slightly northeast, find the plateau named Corahn’s Dagger (48,18). Once you have a Fresh Carcass, go through the snowy path, you should be able to locate a yeti cave soon at (37,68). When ready, place the Fresh Carcass on the Flame of Uzel and wait a little bit, frotmaw should show up within the next 20 seconds.
Exit the cave, go west back to the plains area in Alterac Mountains and then southwest until you find the Lordamere Internment Camp (21,82). You can get stone tokens from the Dalaran Guards and Theurgists, and the Bloodstones from the undead npcs: Ricter, Alina, Dermot and Kergan Darkmar.
Wait till the 3 guards patrolling close to this area are as far as possible then sprint for the grave, right click it, complete the quest log which just showed up as quick as possible and then run for your life, back the way you came from. If you are still not 36 at this point, it’s not a problem, we still have 1 quest to turn in the Undercity.
This room is behind the Apothecarium, you have to use the gate of the Apothecarium to access it.
However this time go further north towards those rubbles around the big purple dome of Dalaran (20,77).
Then go to the plains north and west of the Ogre caves, all over the plains there you’ll find Highland Fleshstalkers, you have to kill alot of them until you have 12 Raptor Hearts.
Wait a few seconds then he will have a quest up for you, take it and go back to Tor’Gan, turn in the quest [37]Guile of the Raptor again. Get out of the village the same way you came from, follow the road eastwards until you reach Magram Village (66,68). Go east to the Kolkar Village and find their chief, Khan Dez’Hepah (73,47), who stands in one of those high tents. Go to the horde camp just above and around the Kodo Graveyard, turn in [35]Khan Dez’hepah at Felgor Twocuts (56,59) and [37]Catch of the day at Nakata Longhorn just a bit further north. Go northeast to the Satyr Village of Sargeron (75,28), kill all the satyrs you need to complete the quest [33]Befouled by Satyrs. You should already have found a Flayed Demon Skin on one of the burning crusade npcs you killed, if you haven’t stay in the fortress and kill everything until you get one.
Get west to the tower of Ethel Rethor (38,27), turn in the quest [33]The Scepter of Light at the npc Azore Aldamort.
Go west to the shore, follow it south until you see the mast of a wrecked ship, sticking out of the water at (33,31). Also in the same area you’ll find those giant lobsters named Drysnap Crawlers andPincers.
Go north of the sunken ship until you find nagas, kill them until you find Rackmore’s Golden Key.
Once you’ve got the key, swim northwest, kill any Slitherblade Myrmidon, Naga or Sorceress you find on your way, this is a long swim.
Swim southeast, back towards the tower of Ethel Rethor, kill the remaining Slitherblade you need on your way back, make sure you complete the quest [36]Other fish to fry before you go. Go southeast, stop at (35,35), you should be close to the Master Tribal Leatherworker npc, all around this area you need to find Shadowmaw Panthers, they are stealthed.
Move north to the Nesingwary’s Expedition Camp, on your way you need to kill 10 Elder Stranglethorn Tigers (31,19). If you can get a group to the Wailing Caverns, do it, it’s a nice little instance and the main quest rewards are really good for this level.
Inside the keep, clear the way over the bridge, then follow the small path up and then left. Before you start killing stuff, be mindful that every of those humanoids run in fear, so use snare abilities like hamstring when they get low on health.
Clear the way inside this house and on the 2nd floor you’ll find Farmer Ray, kill him (Farmer Ray can also be found on the first floor of his house, and also around it and in the field next to it). Learn new skills, check the Auction House, we’re gonna need that Deadly Blunderbuss soon. Wait until you get the (complete) message, then release and run back to your corpse, go to Zoram Outpost and turn in the quest.
They shouldn’t be hard to find, use TAB key while running around to find them, they are mostly next to trees anyway. Kill all the nightelves on the path and inside the house, as soon as this is done, sprint back to Torek and start his quest. Besides killing12 Befouled Water Elementals you must also find and killTideress, a level 27 elemental who roams from the island in the middle of the lake to the eastern tip of the lake. On Tideress’ corpse you will find a Befouled Water Globe, right click it to start the quest [27] The Befouled Element.
The Helipad is midway down the slope going to the excavation site (46,85), go up the helipad and right click the Flying Machine to destroy it, then go back to Gann for the last time and turn in the quest.
There should be plenty of Oil in Xavian, so you won’t have to stay there long (mobs can be level 30 there so you better get the oil and go away as soon as possible).
Foreman Bonds is a different deal, the problem is that at 20% health he summons 2 dwarves to guard him and it’s very unlikely that you can kill all 3. The other good spot is the Harpies in Thousand Needles, this spot is great but might not be so good for casters because the harpies cast silence. I won’t mention this directly in the guide (beside the Orgrimmar turn in) as it might vary strongly from person to person when you get the cloth and when you make a stop at the aforementioned cities.
Go up and across 3 wooden bridges, you’ll end up at the top of a peak with 2 bridges, take the one on your left (going east), at the next peak there will be 2 bridges again, take the one on your right (going southeast). Turn in the quest [28+]Arikara and [30+]Hypercapacitator Gyzmo if you did it, if not you can abandon that quest. Clear your way inside the cave until you reach the bottom, you should see some wooden crates in the corner. And we’re gonna grind on those harpies (or you can go grind on the wyverns or centaurs in thousand needles if you prefer) until we are 4000XP away from level 32. In Thunderbluff go south to the Hunter Rise and turn in the quest [30]Steelsnap, get the follow up [37]Frostmaw, you can destroy the Kodo Skin Parchment you just got from this quest.

Avoid the level 35 turtles, they are orange to you and might be a little too hard, find the lower level ones on the northern part of the Shimmering Flats. Fly to Ratchet, talk to Gazlowe (in one of the houses northwest of the wyvern landing spot)and get the follow up [37]Goblin Sponsorship.
Take the flight path if you haven’t already (we did this in the Chapter I of my guide). While you search for crocs you can also kill Young Tigers close to the river for Tiger Mastery. Turn in Tiger and Panther mastery, get the follow ups [33]Tiger Mastery and [33]Panther Mastery. It should take a while to get 15 Bloodscalp Ears, 9 Bloodscalp Tusks, 1 Bloodscalp Totem and 25 Bloody Bone Necklaces, but it is a nice grinding spot anyway. If you run short on Basilisks, there is more on the lower plateau to the east along the shore. Another last thing before you go, if you don’t have the cooking profession yet, go learn it.
Then go to the Apothecarium, find Master Apothecary Farell, turn in the quest [28]Elixir of Agony and get the follow up.
Kill yetis until you get Hercular’s Rod, which is kinda rare, so just kill a lot of yetis.
Kill trolls in there until you finish the kill list of [32]Call to Arms and then grind here until you hit level 35.
You’ll find a syndicate camp there, kill those humanoids until you get a Syndicate Missive. Head southwest to the river and follow it until you have the alliance town of Southshore in view. So if you are lacking less than 2500 xp, don’t worry about it, just go back to Tarren Mill.
Kill elementals and the dalaran humanoids in this area until you complete[34]Bracers of Bindings and [35]Dalaran Patrols. Consider this as a small grind session, just grind on everything in the area, till you get 12 Hearts. Gather 10 kodo bones, watch out though, clicking the skulls sometimes spawns a Kodo Apparition, which are easy to kill at your level but just don’t click a skull if you are low on health. Take a swim, all around this ship you’ll find Giant Softshell Clams, open them to find clam shells, which you need to open to find meat inside. The key can drop from any naga in the area, it takes me about 10 kills each time depending of my luck. Keep swimming northwest until you reach Raznajar Isle, and step on the isle by the eastern side of it (30,9).
Turn in the 3 quests, do NOT get the follow up form[33]The Corrupter, but get the other follow up: [33]Alliance Relations.
Keep going north along the river to find more crocs, kill them until you got 5 snapjaw crocolisk skin. Base Camp, clear yourself a path to the top of the oil rig, which you can access at (42,18). It’s very important that your hearthstone is set to Orgrimmar, will save us a lot of time.
In Silverpine follow the road until you reach a fork at (51,36), go west here and get the flight path at the Sepulcher, also get the quests [20] Journey to Hillsbrad Foothills from Apothecary Renferrel and [21] Beren’s Peril from Shadow Priest Allister. Free him and then get out and start killing everything on your way until you complete [22] Wanted: Syndicate Personnel. Now just go out and start killing Hillsbrad Farmers andFarmhands in the fields until you have the [24] Battle of Hillsbrad quest finished. Now we’re gonna head to the southern field, there are many Hillsbrad Peasants in it and also Farmer Kalaba.
Buy the shredder pages you miss (if you still miss any), they go for 15-20s buyout usually, and sell the extras.
Kill 15 Excavators, 5 Foremans and Prospector Khazgorn who should be at the far end of the excavation site, loot his journal. Keep going west on the road, at the first fork go west and at the 2nd fork go west as well until you reach (56,59). Once that is done, head back to Tarren Mill, don’t forget to kill stuff which is on your way. First pull the 2 which are on the left inside the room, go back to the first room and hide behind a wall so that the Councilmen cannot nuke you from a distance but instead come to you. Make sure that you’ve got the follow up of [28]Elixir of Agony, from Apothecary Lydon.
Then go east, stay along the mountain to your left until you find a slope going up at(54,44).
Once you have done that, head to the southeastern corner inside Highperch, you should find a narrow path going up to another plateau, at the end of this plateau you should find a tauren named Pao’Ka with a quest.
After crossing the bridge go left, there you should find Arnak Grimtotem, you normally should be able to pull him solo if you wait for the right moment, he will have another tauren close to him, so you might pull him with an add but this should still be manageable, use a health potion and long cooldown abilities if needed. The only risk is that 2 extra taurens spawn to ambush her everytime she reaches the middle of a plateau, so you’re safer if you pull the static spawns to her before she reaches the middle. Right-click the bonfire, it will summonArikara, a level 28 Elite (green to you), definitely manageable. Go to the peer and talk to Wharfmaster Dizzywig, turn in the quest but don’t get the follow up.
Turn in[31]Hemet Nesingwary then talk to the other dwarf, get his quest, turn it in at Hemet again. If you don’t have enough trolls there is another camp northeast at the Tkashi Ruins (33,15). Dive and click the tablet to loot the Tablet Shard, you should be able to do that without aggro’ing any murlock.
If you find a necklace named Pendant of Myzrael, click it to start the quest, and you may equip it too if you don’t have a better necklace.
Before you go through this pass, kill some lions in the area until you get a Fresh Carcass (if you didn’t get one already that is). He’s guarded by a level 36 mob, Warden Belamoore so kill this one first, then kill Kergan and loot the last Bloodstone. If you are lacking more than 2500 xp, go grind on yetis, lions or syndicates until you fill up the gap, then go to Tarren Mill. Go west to the Kodo Graveyard and use the rod on any Ancient, Aged or Dying Kodos, when you got one following you, bring it back to the goblin who gave you the quest, he will say something about you needing to inspect the beast, right click on the kodo you just brought and you should get a quest update.
When you kill the burning crusade npcs in the fortress, use the gem on them when they are about to die (10-20% health left or so), you will gather infused burning gems that way. When you are ready, click the crystal, aDemon Spirit will spawn, it’s lvl 37 but kinda hard for this level, so use everything you got if needed.
Keep doing this until you have 10 Shadowmaw Panther kills and 8 Shadowmaw Claws, and also a Pristine Tigress Fang. Get back on the road, go south and follow the road until you are approximately at (58,77), at this point go northeast to Beren’s Peril, stay close to the mountain which should be on your left hand, kill any Dalaran dude in your way. If you don’t find him immediately just find the other nameds first then come back and grind in the area while looking for him. At this loc, go north and then right until you stumble across an area withLaughing Sisters in it (centaur chicks) (58,55). For other classes, clear the way behind you towards the exit right before engaging Foreman Bonds, finish him fast and then run for the exit, the 2 dwarves will eventually give up on you.
Turn in the 3 quests and get the 2 follow ups:[30] Battle of Hillsbrad and [28] Elixir of Agony. Up the slope you’ll find a cave, enter it and get the quest [26] Test of Faith from Dorn Plainstalker. You don’t need to level cooking up, you just need to train and to become an Apprentice Cook, it will unlock some cooking quests for some easy XP.
You need 15 burning gems in total, and you will probably gather them while we reach the other objectives for other quests we have to do here.
Start killing everything in the area until you find Jailor Marigen, loot the key and free Thog’thar, you just need to right click the iron ball. If anyone else is killing those peasants you should group up, as they don’t respawn that fast, better not fight over them. If you fail the quest just wait for the NPCs to respawn and try again, it took me 2 tries to get it down with the first character I did it. If after 15 minutes of grinding you still haven’t found him, just forget it and move to the next step. Start to grind on the Laughing Sisters around this spot, you will soon or later find a named cat,Shadumbra. So keep killing stuff around the Forsaken Camp and once you spot Sharptalon keep him in sight and wait till he is close enough to the Forsaken Camp, pull him with the lowest aggro spell you have (a simple bow shoot or a rank 1 nuke) and bring him to the Forsaken Camp. The next pull will be 3 mobs, and you will prolly need a potion so make sure your timer is ready. He’ll teleport you to the top of a peak, look for two wooden planks and jump off from them.
Grab the 10 Turtle Meat you saved when we were in the Shimmering Flats, and you’re finally ready to go again. If you are not that close, stay on this island (good grind spot) and kill nagas until you are 4 bubbles away from level 38 or less.
However you can follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it’s not a problem, it works too. You just have to slightly peek into the room and they will aggro you, run back to the first room, hide behind a wall. Just kill her quickly and run away, that’s the easiest option, but any class can manage it with a bit of strategy. No need to get the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest yet, it’s the page quest and you only need to take it once you have gathered enough pages to complete the chapters. Once they have Sharptalon down to 90% start attacking him again, you must do as much damage as possible but don’t use high aggro spells like Earth Shock for example, help them finish it off. You should re-appear next to Dorn, turn in the quest and get the follow up [30] Test of Endurance.
Turn in the 2 quests you have here and get the follow up [27] Sacred Fire and get the other quest [30] Hypercapacitor Gizmo.
You should normally be able to loot him, and get his claw, which starts a quest if you right click it. Get back to full health, go to the 3rd room, pull the lone Councilman to the left, he should come solo, hide behind the wall in the 2nd room so that he comes to you. If you don’t manage it the first time its ok, stay in the area, kill Oozes and Elves while waiting for Sharptalon to respawn (about 10 mins). Now only Magistrate Burnsideshould be left, kill it and then destroy the Hillsbrad ProclamationĀ and the Town Registry (a big blue book on the floor).

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