Concentration: The initial stages of training in Zazen usually emphasize concentration, by focusing on the breath often aided by counting. Just Sitting (Shikantaza): Shikantaza is objectless meditation, in which the practitioner does not use any specific objects, anchors, or content of meditation, but uses the power developed in concentration to remain aware of thoughts that arise and pass in the present moment without any interference. By practice one by one, the practitioner learns to regulate the body, then the breath and finally to regulate the mind. The posture of Zazen is seated, with folded legs and hands, and an erect but settled spine.
Burmese Position: a cross-legged posture in which legs are crossed and both feet rest flat on the floor.
Half-lotus Position (Hankafuza): Left foot is placed up onto the right thigh and the right leg is tucked under the left thigh. One should improve the sitting posture over the period of time and can use even chair to sit in the beginning. Counting: The beginners can utilize the technique of count, counting each inhalation and exhalation until they get to ten.
Time: If sitting longer is an issue due to physical discomfort or the practical constraint of time, start with around 15 minutes. It is better to give the gap of around 2 hours after taking the meal to sit for Meditation. The aim of Zazen is to suspend all judgmental thinking and letting words, ideas, opinions, images and thoughts pass by without getting involved in them.
Le menton doit etre legerement rentre, quelle que soit la posture pour laquelle vous avez opte. Les postures de Zazen sont la pour vous permettre de disposer d’un point de depart dans votre exploration de la meditation.
Koan consists of a word, phrase , statement, dialogue,  story, anecdote, or question, the meaning of which cannot be understood by rational thinking but may be accessible through intuition.

The eyelids can be half-lowered, the eyes being neither fully open nor shut so that the practitioner is not distracted by outside objects but at the same time is kept awake. Les plus celebres des postures de Zazen, les positions du lotus ou du semi-lotus se retrouvent dans d’autres pratiques (yoga, meditation bouddhique).
Il est, par contre, important de pousser sur le sol avec ses genoux, de garder le dos bien droit. Vous avez tout interet a faire appel a un maitre pour etre bien guide et partir sur de bonnes bases. Afin de pouvoir poster un commentaire, s'il vous plait controlez que les Cookies et JavaScript sont actives puis rechargez la page. Zen emphasizes experiential wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment and de-emphasizes theoretical knowledge in favor of direct self-realization through meditation. Since koans are, ostensibly, not solvable by intellectual reasoning, koan introspection is designed to shortcut the intellectual process leading to direct realization of a reality beyond thought. Although Meditation happens in mind and not in the sitting posture, so one should not stuck up in having an ideal sitting posture.
The eyes are kept lowered, with the gaze resting on the ground about two or three feet in front of body.
By keeping the back straight, the diaphragm is allowed to move freely, which results in deeper, easier and natural breathing. En se concentrant sur la posture assise, on reunifie corps et esprit en renouant le dialogue avec son corps, trop souvent parent pauvre des pratiques de recherche sur soi. Les mains, paumes vers le haut, sont posees contre le ventre, les doigts de la main droite poses a plat sur ceux de la main gauche, l’extremite des pouces en contact, a hauteur du nombril. De plus, la pratique en dojo vous evitera de laisser s’installer de mauvaises habitudes et de passer a cote de points importants. Zazen calms the mind and increases the ability to concentrate enough to experience insight into the nature of existence and thereby gain Enlightenment (Satori).

When beginners reach the level of reaching to the count of ten without getting disturbed by thoughts, they can start to count an inhalation and exhalation as one instead of two. Portez-le legerement devant vous, sans vraiment fixer quoi que ce soit, entre vos paupieres presque closes.
Eventually practitioners can just concentrate on the breath, without any need of the counting.
Zazen settles the mind in its original state of purity and clarity, from where one can see the world as it is. Les images sont la, vous n’avez pas le choix, mais elles restent indefinies, sans interet pour vous comme le sont les idees qui traversent votre esprit.
The hands form an oval, which can rest on the upturned soles of feet if sitting full lotus or rest on thighs if sitting in Burmese or any other position. Once the mind is able to be unhindered by its many layers, one will then be able to uncover and realize one's true nature or Buddha nature. Tentez, de temps a autre, de pratiquer Seiza, le Lotus ou le demi-Lotus, pour varier votre pratique, assouplir progressivement votre corps et sortir des sentiers battus.
Ne fermez pas totalement les yeux, vous etes la malgre tout, vous ne partez pas dans le monde des reves ou de l’imagination.
Laissez simplement votre regard se poser naturellement a une distance situee entre 1 et 2 metres de vous.

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