Everyone from Buddhist monks to pop stars has come to Tassajara for spiritual enlightenment.
The first gong I hear isn’t really a gong but a gentle ding-ding-ding as a monk moves down the path in front of my cabin.
Weekly drop-in meditation classes offer the chance to learn how to make our mind calm and peaceful.
Meditation offers an opportunity to change the way we react to people and difficult situations in our life. In these classes, we learn meditations to unwind and relax, develop stronger concentration and to settle our busy minds. In his book, Zen Gifts to Christians, Kennedy Roshi suggests that people leaning toward a deeper form of prayer are often attracted to studying Zen – not because they wish to become Buddhists but because they seek a more contemplative prayer life. About UsEstablished in 1989 The Chrysalis Centre was one of the longest established, respected and leading residential holistic retreat centres in ireland. I struggle to my feet, grab my water bottle, and shuffle out into the pitch-dark on my way to morning meditation.

By training in meditation we will learn to develop inner peace, giving us the ability to stay happy and positive all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances. The core practice on a Zen retreat is Zazen – sitting meditation (for 25 min sessions with 10 min walking in-between). Using simple yet profound techniques, discover how to feel happy and have a positive outlook by gaining more control of your mind through meditation. Zazen is the practice of stilling the mind through wholehearted attentiveness to the breath. This steady attentiveness, coupled with stillness of the body, frees the mind from its ordinary activities of thinking, daydreaming or speculating on the nature of life.
What you are doing when you study Zen is nothing other than practicing a compassionate life.
I talk as fast as I move, and if I do sit still for any length of time, it’s because I have a laptop propped against my legs.And I’m not the only one.
We text while we walk and IM while we talk and spend more time with our screens than with our spouses.

I needed a serious reboot, if not a full-on rehab: an escape to a Wi-Fi-free world where people do nothing but sit. Spiritual seekers from San Francisco to Stockholm, Moscow to Missoula stroll softly in dark robes, bowing to each other and to mini altars erected everywhere. Guests come, 80 a night, for meditation mixed with soaks in the hot springs, hikes along the river, maybe an outdoor massage or yoga retreat—and all the kale, polenta, and whole-wheat sourdough they can eat. Curious, if skeptical, types who’ve meditated maybe once in their life (Buddhism 101, freshman year). So I signed up for the Guest Practice Program: 10 slots for those who want a taste of the real Tassajara, at a fraction of the price. For the next four days, I’m half-student, half-guest, straddling the two worlds like Baby in Dirty Dancing.

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