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Wash your face with a mild soap, and use a fresh towel to pat your cold sore and the neighboring area dry. Peel back the paper tab marked in red with the number “1” (avoid touching the sticky part underneath by holding on to the small rectangular tab). Continue to hold the rectangular tab and peel back the other paper tab, marked in blue with the number “2”.
Press down lightly on the center of the patch and hold the patch in place for 15-20 seconds to make sure it sticks to on top of your cold sore. Apply makeup on top of Conceal to ensure that the cold sore blends in with the rest of your lips.
After applying the Abreva Conceal on my blemish, along with my concealer and powder, I looked flawless and ready for my photo opp.  The beauty of this new product is that you can use it around your lips and apply lip gloss or lipstick on top. Abreva Conceal is a clean, non-medicated patch for cold sores that allows air in, yet protective enough to keep contaminants out. Makeda Saggau-Sackey is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Glamazon Diaries, which serves as a daily source of fashion news, style advice and a round-up of the most exclusive celebrity events in New York City and Washington, DC. The first thing you want to do is make sure your face, skin, lip area, and hands are super clean. Once you take the patch out of the packet, you’ll notice that the back of the patch is numbered.
Overall: I feel like this is a product that is so genius, I have no idea why it wasn’t developed sooner!
Unfortunately you might not have Abreva Conceal Man coming to your rescue, so you will have to go buy a package of 6 or 12 and then follow these simple steps.
Lipstick of almost any kind can also cover the Abreva Conceal patch but be careful when applying over the patch as you don't want to tug on the patch and move it.
Lip liner can be applied but you must be VERY gentle when applying on top of the Abreva Conceal patch.
I did not wear the Abreva Conceal patch for 8 hours at a time so I have no idea if it lasts that long.
Make sure that your patch is sealed all around the edges with no folds or ripples before applying foundation or concealer. You cannot use the Abreva creme for treating a cold sore in conjunction with wearing the Abreva Conceal patch.
You should ALWAYS see your doctor for treatment if you develop a cold sore or before using any new over the counter treatments for cold sores. Do not apply lip gloss straight from the tube when wearing the Abreva Conceal patch or when you have a cold sore.

The Abreva Conceal patch retails for approximately $12 for a 6 pack and $17 for a 12 pack of patches.
Purchase 2 year subscription to Parents magazine for just $7.99 plus receive Ultimate Birthday Party Planner absolutely FREE. The kit comes with a box of patches, a mirror, and a concealer brush, which I noted is a pretty decent quality brush. Keep in mind that the product really is meant for use on the lips and I think it works better there because it can be covered up with lipstick. Next, the tab is carefully pulled off.  What is left behind is a thin clear patch which provides a smooth surface for makeup.
Brand Statement: Abreva Conceal is a clean, non-medicated patch for cold sores that allows air in, yet protective enough to keep contaminants out. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Abreva. She is also the editor-in-chief of Duchess of Cambridge Style, an online fashion community devoted to chronicling what the former Kate Middleton wears, events she attends and where to get her looks. They are a fact of life, and I remember getting cold sores every once in awhile as a kid in grade school, feeling so embarrassed about the big, round sore on my lip. It allows air in with MicroAir technology, but it helps keep contaminants out, which is especially important when working with a cold sore. You don’t want to be working with dirty fingers or skin that has any makeup remnants on it. You want to slowly peel away the rectangular tab, leaving behind just the thin, clear, round patch.
The actual patch is very thin, very invisible looking, and really quite comfortable to wear. The patch did a really excellent job at covering it up without it being very noticeable at all.
Cold sores can be embarrassing and annoying, and this is a wonderful non-medicated patch that can conceal, hide, and prevent contaminants all in one. One of these days one of you is going to get a cold sore on your lip…and probably at a really inopportune moment…I mean is there ever a "good" time to have a cold sore? It is an interesting product that seeks to solve the common problem of trying to use makeup to cover up a cold sore. I applied concealer and makeup over it, but as I noted earlier, this really is meant for use on the lips and lipstick would cover it better. Even as an adult, I feel self-conscious if I get one, almost like everyone is staring directly at my lip every single time.

You don’t want it to become even worse or infected, especially since cold sores usually eventually break open with a scab. I don’t currently have a cold sore at the moment, and my skin is pretty blemish-free, so I demonstrated this patch over a small area of my lip where I have a mark from a past breakout.
It doesn’t feel strange on your skin and lip, and you can still eat, drink, and talk as usual. No more feeling like you want to cover your lip area with your hands, or duck out on professional meetings because of an embarrassing cold sore! Feel free to visit the Abreva Conceal Patch website for helpful tips, tricks, and hints on application. If, for some  reason, your foundation appears too light on top of the Abreva Conceal patch, try a little matte bronzer on top of the foundation to blend with your skin tone. You might need to replace it if you eat or drink while wearing the patch, if any sort of moisture gets in contact with the patch, or if you have VERY oily skin, like me. I know my mom's biggest problem is being scared anything will touch it.Also what nail polish are you wearing?
I really didn’t notice any sensation from it while wearing it as it is very thin and flexible. Again, using it on the lips would be less noticeable, plus with lipstick over it I think it would look much better than a cold sore without a patch.   Also, Abreva suggests applying a little bronzer to any portion of the patch on the skin if it appears too light, and I didn’t try that. I liked that it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear, which is really important for a product like this. You can blend concealer, foundation, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip pencil over top of this patch. I didn’t have a cold sore at the time I tested the product, so I  tried it out on a blemish. In hindsight, I think I would have used my thicker foundation to cover it more and maybe tried the bronzer trick as well.
This solves the pesky problem of having to cover up your cold sore, and protects it from contaminants in the air, as well.
I did find however that the patch looked incredibly invisible when I used a very light hand in applying my foundation. It almost appeared more invisible to me when I was wearing no makeup in that area, but this will vary from skin tone to skin tone.

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