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I am a registered nurse, wife, mother, and patient, and for 15 years I have suffered from three tick borne diseases.
In this helpful book, Bryan Rosner presents 10 new Lyme Disease treatments and enough discussion of the science behind them to put the information in context and make it useful.
Remarkably broad and clearly written, this will be one of the top Lyme Disease books of the decade.
The chronic lyme arthritis develops when a person gets bitten by a deer tick that is infected with the Borrelia bacterium and the condition is left untreated for weeks or months. This ailment can be treated through different medicines but many people doubt the effectiveness of antibiotics in curing the chronic lyme arthritis and often switch to different alternative modes of treatment. Acupuncture is one of the best suited alternative modes of treatment for chronic lyme arthritis. This mode of alternative treatment is painless for most people suffering from the chronic lyme arthritis.
Massages, such as the deep tissue massage can help relieve the pain in chronic lyme arthritis. It requires extreme care in choosing a particular type of massage, as it can worsen the condition if a wrong type of a massage is used on the person who is suffering from the chronic lyme arthritis. Different exercises and yoga help improve the condition by relieving pain and stiffness from the body. In addition to acupuncture, exercises and yoga, it helps to include some food supplements to get the best outcome from the alternative methods of treatment. Having recently been battling Lyme Disease in myself and my dog I found this information about Lyme Disease in horses startling.
Researchers in Ithaca published a paper detailing the diagnosis of Borrelia-associated uveitis from Lyme disease in horses, an inflammatory eye condition that can cause significant pain to the animal and result in permanent visual field defects if untreated. Priest, et al (2012), noted that clinical manifestations of Lyme disease in horses are often vague and nonspecific when they are observed at all. Californian Lyme disease researchers, Imai, et al (2011), also looked at two cases of Lyme disease in horses with vision problems. Good pasture management is one of the main ways to prevent Lyme disease in horses with an emphasis placed on keeping grass short, as well as maintaining wide paths between areas of overgrown land and pasture. Neurological abnormalities in horses with Lyme disease are not always easy to interpret as consequences of the infection.
Respiratory problems may also be a sign of Lyme disease in horses and some horse-owners ensure that their animals have their titers tested annually, or more often, to make sure they catch Lyme disease promptly.
Vaccinating horses against Lyme disease is also an option, as with dogs, but there are safety concerns over the use of such vaccines including a suspicion that kidney problems may be connected to the vaccinations.
When you are considering treatment options remember that natural treatment has no side effects and will not continue to weaken your horses own ability to heal itself. EQUINE VITAMIN C™ for Horses: Antioxidants such as Vitamin C may reduce the possibility of cell damage due to increased free radical production during times of physical or environmental stress. It is vitally important to supplement with herbs that help support total eye health by enhancing the circulation to the eye, providing nutrients needed for eye health, and helping to prevent free radical damage, which is a major contributor to degenerative eye diseases.
Eye Support Blend:  Is a unique blend of herbs which supply important antioxidants and nutrients to help prevent or slow the progression of most common vision disorder. Cipex Circulatory Performance Enhancer: Contains a special blend of natural herbs used for centuries that can help improve circulation to tissues, reduce inflammation, speed repair and possibly halt tissue damage. One very specific cause of Lyme disease hair loss is the skin condition that occurs, usually late, in Lyme disease called acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans. Borrelia afzelii is thought the main culprit behind this Lyme disease hair loss which is not usually documented in Borrelia burgdorferi infections. Earlier stages include inflammation and a bluish-red discoloration of the skin leading to sclerotic skin plaques and atrophy at a later stage with hair loss also occurring later in some patients. Unilateral acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans is most common but bilateral cases do occur. Although there is a blood test that can confirm Lyme disease after the fact, the traditional diagnosis is usually made from the constellation of symptoms presented by the patient. This article is a is a brief overview of several of the many effective alternative medicines known to prevent and treat Lyme disease. If you have a dog and live in a tick-infested area, treat your yard early in the season with diatomaceous earth. Take colloidal silver for three to five days before spending time out doors during tick season.

If youa€™ve developed flu-like symptoms in the early stages of lyme disease, the homeopathic remedy Gelsemium should provide relief.
Within weeks to months, Lyme disease may progress into neurological symptoms such as Bella€™s palsy, meningitis, paralysis in the limbs and poor motor coordination. Various neurological conditions mimicking serious diseases such as MS, ALS, and Parkinsona€™s may develop in later stages of Lyme disease.
Severity of symptom flare after moderate exercise is linked to cytokine activity in CFS Why Some a€?Healthya€? Food Choices Arena€™t What They Seem Could Botox Fight Stomach Cancer?
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It is also spreading repidly on all continents with more than 200,000 new cases per year in the United States alone. Whether you are under a doctor's care or going it alone, this book will help you make good decisions so you can get better. It often causes body pain, joint inflammation, weakness and even paralysis in some of the extreme cases. It is essential that you consult with your doctor before switching or combining the alternative ways of treatment for chronic lyme arthritis. It helps treat the neuromusculoskeletal system disorders by focusing on the manual and the manipulative therapy. In this technique, small packets of gas are removed from the painful joints by making minor adjustments to the vertebrae. Massage experts first analyses the intensity of pain and severity of the disorder before deciding on the type of massage they can use to improve the condition. You need not pressurize yourself by working out in the gym for several hours in a day and instead can choose simple ways to exercise such as walking in the park. I had no idea the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease could also cause so many other problems that are often not connected.
Whilst many are still unaware that horses can get Lyme disease, others are all too familiar with the condition as the infection can occur time and again in the same animal, sometimes causing different symptoms every time. Problems with a horse’s gait, behavior, reproductive system, and eyes are some of the symptoms of Lyme disease to watch out for but even then it is difficult to isolate the causative bacteria and tests for Lyme disease in horses are often unreliable, especially if a horse is repeatedly infected. These cases were chronic and associated with progressive neurological disease in the animals, one of whom was diagnosed with meningoradiculoneuritis. Ticks tend not to dwell in grassy areas where they cannot hide from the sun and prefer waiting in long grass for passing animals which they then latch on to for a meal.
Sudden mood changes, grouchiness, hypersensitivity, or a reluctance to be handled, groomed, or ridden can all indicate a medical issue in a previous happy and approachable horse.
Treatment with antibiotics prior to actual diagnosis with Lyme disease in horses is also becoming more popular but this poses the risk of creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs, as well as affecting the horse’s gastrointestinal system, liver, and general health.
Another major concern is simply that vaccination against Lyme disease in horses can complicate diagnosis should infection actually occur.
On the contrary, vitamins and herbs support the body’s own healing mechanism without interfering. Antibiotic therapy is the conventional treatment; often suppressing symptoms, driving them deep into the tissue, to surface years later in a wide range of troubling diseases. Colloidal silver is anti-microbial and kills a wide range of bacteria, acting like a natural antibiotic. Additionally, other natural antibiotics such as Pau da€™arco tea, garlic and Echinacea extract may prevent the onset of infection.
It relieves fever, headache, body aches and pain, stiff neck, muscle pains, weakness, and a sensation of heaviness. Ways to Get Rid of Black Circles under Your Eyes Sapota Shown To Stop Cancer And 3-Fold Increase In Life Span of Tumor Bearing Animals Mad Science: a€?Genetically Modified Micro Humansa€™ to be a€?Farmeda€™ for Drug Testing by 2017 Therea€™s Nothing Wrong With You!
Recent research indicates that, in addition to tick bites, Lyme Disease may also be transmitted by sexual contact and bites from other insects. Bryan’s first book, Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, has been sold in over 20 countries.
Acupuncture techniques involve insertion of tiny needles in specific acupuncture points that stimulates the points to rectify the imbalances that hinder the flow of life force or qi in the affected points. It has proved to be very helpful in reducing the pain and discomfort that is caused due to this painful syndrome. Following the article I will recommend some natural treatment options that may help relieve symptoms of eye problems related to Lyme Disease in horses.

In Priest’s research the two horses in question were diagnosed after discovery of Borrelia burgdorferi in the fluid of the eye itself. PCR testing was used to diagnose the condition in one of the horses, testing fluid from the inflamed tissues including the spinal cord, muscle, and joint capsule.
It is important to remember that ticks also carry a variety of other infectious agents, including Babesia, Rickettsia and a newly uncovered viral agent. Signs of encephalitis, such as circular walking, blindness, and pressing the head against a wall can all point to Lyme disease in horses, as can ‘moon blindness’ and an inability to reproduce (a problem for those looking to breed horses who live in a Lyme endemic area). This is because titers may be high due to vaccination and infection, making it hard for the veterinarian to determine if an active infection is present. Strengthening the immune system of your horse should be the number one priority in treating Lyme Disease.
Launching "JUDGEACTIV" Wear!right Yolanda Foster Gives An Update On Lyme Disease; Her Health Takes A Turn For The Worse?
The Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria causes Lyme disease and arthritis, manifesting in a multitude of symptoms ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological states, Bella€™s palsey, meningitis, heart and lung symptoms. Homeopathic remedies that may relieve neurological symptoms are Causticum, Tellurium and Sepia.
The research substantiating Bryan’s work is derived from numerous sources, including his personal experience with Lyme Disease, input from hundreds of other Lyme sufferers, clinical and laboratory studies, and collaboration with leading physicians on several continents.
Most of the acupuncture sessions last for about an hour where the acupuncture experts insert and leave the needles in the acupuncture points for about 30 minutes.
However, when chiropractors understand that they cannot help treat this ailment, they may refer you to other suitable medical specialists.
As there are a number of potential causes of uveitis in horses (and in humans), Lyme disease is not always the first suspicion and inappropriate corticosteroid treatment may commence prior to proper diagnosis, often making things worse as the infection is helped by such action. A specific strain of Borrelia burgdorferi (297) was sequenced, and this matched a previous cases of neuroborreliosis in a human patient. Serological tests alone are usually insufficient to diagnose Lyme disease in horses but those with ocular manifestations of Lyme disease may have the infection confirmed by testing fluid from the eye itself. Untreated, Lyme becomes deeply entrenched in the body, developing into an auto-immune disease. Additionally, the herb Cordyseps improves stamina, increases energy, reduces weakness and fatigue, and increases lung function, relieving breathing difficulties. Bryan’s books are known to include not only treatments popular in the United States, but also successful healing modalities found throughout the world. Later the acupuncture experts remove the needles and massage the affected area for another 30 minutes. Serological testing is just one part of the diagnostic process with cytologic assessment, antibody, and PCR testing of ocular fluids warranted in areas where Lyme is endemic. Once diagnosis was made the horses were able to be treated with antibiotics but for some animals this comes too late and long-lasting damage is done to the eyes and other tissues. In fact, Bryan communicates with researchers and physicians worldwide, and many of the treatments found in his books are unpublished and unknown to the public in the United States.
It is essential to consult the experts and take the suggested number of sittings to get the best results for chronic lyme arthritis. However, recently Yolanda may have taken a turn for the worse! Seeking out alternative medicines and traveling the globe for treatments, Yolanda unfortunately does not seem to be getting better as she battles a particularly nasty bout of Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease.
In this way, his writing is balanced and broad, offering readers a wide array of treatment options from which to choose. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star recently shared a photo of her son Anwar carrying her in support. Bryan has spoken at numerous Lyme-related conventions and events, including, of particular note, the 2006 Rife International Health Conference. The second 5 treatments presented are the supportive supplements: Systemic Enzymes, Magnosteen, Lithium Orotate, Coenzyme Q10, and Magnesium. Bryan Rosner works as a writer and publisher and lives in the mountains of Northern California with his wife Leila and son Judah.

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