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This book outlines the benefits and dangers of alternative medicine, drawing on scientific research to show which treatments work, which dona€™t, and how to use them. Buy, download and read A Doctor's Guide to Alternative Medicine (eBook) by Mel Borins; Bernie Siegel today!
Subscribe To Our Weekly Free Medical BooksJoin our mailing list to receive the latest Free Medical Books from our team. Some cultures use sharp needles to cure pain from body, some believe that herbs and shrubs can provide great relief, while some people will use a paste of mud on their body to cool down, or use an ice pack, hot water bottle, or simple massaging – all these methods surely are a form of medicine as it relieves pain and other ailments. However, these methods aren’t well known to the public as they are against the organized advertisement movements of traditional pharmaceutical products and hence fall under the category of alternative medicine.

He has published research findings in scholarly journals and lectured for the past 25 years on issues related to medical anthropology, multicultural and multiethnic health care issues, health disparities, alternative medicine, community health, government public health, culturally-competent health care programs and global health programs. His most recent book is entitled, The Cultural Rights Movement: Fulfilling the Promise of Civil Rights for African Americans.
His teaching interests include medical anthropology, cultural anthropology, behavioral science, qualitative research, global health, African American health, ethnic health and health disparities, and culturally-competent health care interventions.
All About Magnetic TherapyMagnetic Therapy is a safe, non invasive and drug free easy to use alternative method of pain relief.
Bailey is also Director of the Ethnic and Rural Health Disparities (ERHD) Graduate Certificate Online Program. Natural Herbal RemediesLearn the Secrets of Natural Herbal Remedies Doctors Never Informed You About!

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