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Lavender herb,valerian, ladies mantle flower heads with marjoram leaf sprigs and aromatherpay blue glass bottle over white background. The terms ‘alternative’ and ‘complementary’ medicine are used widely in the medical field despite many people not being entirely sure of their meaning and how they are practiced. Alternative therapies are treatments in and of themselves which aim to alleviate symptoms, reduce pathology and ultimately attempt to cure illness.
Of course it is important to acknowledge that despite of innumerable studies into human pathophysiology, doctors and scientists still do not fully understand a large number of diseases and their causes. Regardless of the level of investigation put into alternative therapies and their mechanisms of action the results are real and documented in substantial numbers of patients who now lead better lives as a result. Subscribe!Join our mailing list for email exclusive content and get a free alternative health ebook valued at $19.99 just for registering! Reflexology, which is also known as zone therapy is a remedial technique of pain relief which is done by applying subtle pressure on the feet and hands. It is a form of alternative medicine which involves applying pressure to the feet, hands, and ears with thumb and finger techniques. Reflexology is helpful in relieving tension, improve circulation in the body, and promote natural function of the associated areas of the body.
Reflexology was amended in the 20th century (in the '30s and '40s) by a physiotherapist named Eunice Ingham who asserted that the areas of the body that are the most sensitive are the feet and hands.
Reflexology and massage therapy are generally confused as being the same but there are quite a few differences between them.
Reflexology is applied only to feet, hands and ears so as to promote a response from an area whereas massage therapy is applied to the whole body including the muscles and connective tissue for local benefit and when massage therapy is applied to all the muscles of the body it is beneficial for the whole body.
Reflexologists have speculated that blockage of the energy flow of the "Ki" is responsible for prevention of healing.

The claim made by reflexologists that Reflexology manipulates energy has been quite controversial since there is no scientific evidence that something like "energy flow" in the body or "Ki" exists. Reflexology or Zone Therapy is beneficial as it leads to complete relaxation resulting in a complete balance of all the systems of the body, internal and external.
What is Biochemic Tissue Salts and 12 Basic Mineral Salts for Maintaining Health and to Prevent Illness. Considering that the majority of people who require medical treatment will also undertake some form of alternative or complementary therapies it is important to understand them.
They can be fully developed systems designed for a specific use or can be very broad in their scope of treatment. By definition alternative therapies have not necessarily been substantiated with peer reviewed articles, yet both public and scientific inquiry has increased recently and with good reason. While treatments are often decided upon based on the most current medical literature, the scope that alternative therapies can play in treatment of disease has been so far wildly underestimated in traditional medicine, leading to a potential oversight by doctors and practitioners. Alternative therapies should always be considered with traditional and complementary medicine. She connected the entire body into "reflexes" on the feet gave Zone Therapy the name of Reflexology. The unifying theory is based on the idea that the areas of the foot are equivalent to the areas of the body and that with manipulation the health of an individual is improved.
Another theory is that people who practice this therapy are able to provide stress relief and relief of pain in parts of the body with manipulation of the feet. It is also beneficial in the improvement of circulation in the body by stimulating the nervous system. Complementary therapies are treatments which act in conjunction with the traditional treatments provided by western medicine.

Alternative therapies have been shown to have astounding effects on some people leading to genuine curiosity on the part of the scientific community. Its theory is centered around claims made by various reflexologists that there are zones and areas which have reflexes, which is an illustration of the whole body, on the feet and hands with the idea that it brings about physical change to the body. This theory is renowned in United States of America and the United Kingdom, although modern techniques are also present.
Reflexologists have separated our body into 10 equal zones of which five are right sided and the same left sided. There is one explanation that when pressure is applied in the feet it sends signals which balances the nervous system and releases chemicals like endorphins which help in reducing pain. They are normally not meant to be practiced alone and will often be offered by practicing physicians primarily as a means of palliative or holistic care.
As such the public interest in alternative therapies has increased as well, with many people opting to fore-go traditional western medical treatment in favor of what are considered more natural and ‘safe’ methods offered by alternative medicine.
There have been questions raised by medical experts that if serious illnesses are treated with reflexology, the effectiveness of which has not been proved, it can lead to a delay in getting proper medical treatment. This theory has not been accepted by general medical professionals who quote no specific scientific evidence to prove it.

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