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EMERGENCY ROOM – I went to the emergency room because I was having sharp pains on my right side. A friend’s husband slipped and hit his head.  He was in the hospital 10 days, had Cat Scans and MRI’s plus his doctor’s care… total costs $590!
REAL ESTATE –  It costs more to buy a house in Boquete than it does in Texas.  But you usually get a 20 year tax exemption ( no property taxes), compared to the almost 3% of value property taxes I paid in Texas. WATER BILLS – Water costs $60 per year for unlimited use in Boquete.  I paid $69 per month for water in Texas. A little savings here and a little savings there – all add up to a how you can live BETTER for LESS in Panama. I think that everyone appreciated the fact that the tour was well planned out and arrival and departure times were always met and destinations were pertinent and interesting.
I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the tour, Linda and Nathan were great, as well as all of our tour compadres. It was so nice and convenient to tour with you as you had every detail pre-arranged to make the tour effortless and stress free for us. You more than delivered what you promised in your web information about touring Panama when we were looking for information for living in Panama. Your candid, realistic and helpful information about everything Panama was so refreshing to know that the information was truthful and honest.
The value was more than worth the money spent for this tour and every time we had any questions before, during, or after the tour you were prompt in answering those questions. As you travel in a comfortable motor coach, you’ll hear Jackie talk about all things expat Panama.
Thoroughly enjoyed the stress free tour and the chance to meet and and interact the other couples on the tour also in the same situation that we are in while leaving all the planning details up to Jackie, her daughter Melissa, and her keeper boyfriend Nathan. For all you folks out there looking for a really great place to retire, you need to look real hard at Panama.
Jackie has conducted this tour for small groups for MANY years and has located a most outstanding Panamanian guide who is exceedingly well informed about all things Panama and he drives the group to selected locations with very different geographies. Thanks so much for organizing and making our trip to the beautiful country of Panama so informative and enjoyable.
We were very favorably impressed with the country’s courtesy, security (our passports were checked frequently by courteous police, hotel clerks,etc) Unemployment Rate (4%), welfare “0? We discussed that Panama was not the Garden of Eden but it must be in the same neighborhood! The tour was perfectly designed and executed for someone considering Panama as a new place to live.
It was wonderful to be directed by Sovereign Lady as to where to purchase a Panama phone and know that if you got lost you had a way to connect with Sovereign lady or the van driver, Briant.
Both Jackie and Briant gave us wonderful insights about the country and its people on our ride between towns. The Panama relocation tour is a MUST for anyone who is curious about what living in Panama would be like part-time or full-time. You will appreciate the tremendous wealth of information she provides as well as her guest speakers, who are either expats or local professionals.
Thank you, Jackie, for having the foresight to provide this tour for those of us interested in relocating to Panama.
We will be back again to see how Panama has changed and grown as we get closer to our full time retirement date in a couple years.  Thanks again for your support and assistance!
The trip itself provided real and helpful experience of the variety of climates, locations, and communities where people are relocating- from the Pacific beaches to mountain towns.  Everything remained lazer-focused on relocation.
The entire trip was expertly managed, from initial contact and booking, through each day’s agenda.
I recommend without qualification taking a trip with Jackie’s Panama Relocation Tours for all who are contemplating relocation. The tour itself is well orchestrated, well run, on time, on topic, and efficient—that’s not to be taken for granted in a manana culture—in addition to being informative, useful, and enlightening.
For anyone considering an exploratory trip to Panama, Jackie Lange’s Panama Relocation Tour is a must! On the trip you get a chance to experience what to expect living in different regions of Panama sampling weather, costs and variety of food, typical shopping experiences and housing offerings. ColoradoPanama Relocation ToursLooking for a place with more constant and pleasant weather than we currently have, spending a lot of time on the web reading comparisons and blogs and oh so very positive International Living articles, and having visited El Valle de Anton via a cruise ship excursion, we found and signed up for Sovereign Lady’s Panama Relocation Tour. If you are considering or only curious about having a presence in Panama, you can do no better than to take this tour. Though Chiriqui province was very charming, I am going to return to Panama to look at another area that has piqued my interest and may be the place for me. April 2014 TourPanama Relocation ToursTypically when we explore a new region we haven’t been, we rent a car and off we go. If you are thinking about relocating abroad to Panama, this no sale pressure tour is the way to go.
The tour is not long, but there is a wealth of information that is imparted.  From the expats you meet, to the locals, I can say without hesitation that Jackie does not settle for anything but the best and most reliable to provide their experience, knowledge and service. Needless to say, I am now here in Panama, two months after doing the tour for a three month stay to “check it out”.
Jackie has helped me set up a bank account (on the tour), found a great apartment for me, took me grocery shopping when I arrived and more.

At the end of the tour, she says that it “doesn’t end here”.  She is available to provide any information or assist in any way – and she means it.
The estimated energy cost for this property has been calculated using actual energy usage data for a property of this type, number of bedrooms and region. The Council Tax cost displayed is based on the council tax band and on the basis of 2 adults living at the property.
Full information on Council Tax discount entitlements can be found on the Gov.UK’s website. Water consumption is based on average water usage for the predicted occupancy of the property based on the number of bedrooms. Note: If you have 2 separate suppliers for water and sewage, you may receive 2 separate bills. The data contained on this page is updated hourly from the data feed provided by MarketLinx, Inc. Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC has created this website content to be as accurate and true as possible, but can accept no responsibility and disclaims any and all liability for any errors, misstatements, or inaccuracies. It’s certainly a crap shoot signing up to travel an entire country with a group of strangers, but I have to say there was not a single person on our tour that I would not invite to my home for dinner!
MOPanama Relocation ToursTHANK YOU very much for a great Panama Relocation Tour this past August, 2013.
The restaurants, hotels, transportation, and a plethora of information was so helpful and wonderful ! You’ll visit places all over the country, and have an opportunity to see what it would be like to live there. We took the 6 day tour which was long enough to get a good overall view of most of the places that expats would consider living from Panama City to the beach communities of Coronado, Pedasi on the Azuero Peninsula, Las Lajas near David, and the mountain communities of El Valle, and Boquete. Look forward to the new forum on your website that will allow us to keep up with our new friends from the tour and follow their progress as they wrap things up at home and retire to Panama.Larry HansonPanama Relocation ToursWOW!!!! And the way to do that is to take Jackie’s overview tour and check out some really good retirement areas. The various micro-climates, the cost of living and housing, the ease of travel and day-to-day living, and other trade-offs could not have been covered better. You answered some of our personal questions in ways I cannot imagine anyone else being capable of.
We learned so much that will assist us in deciding when to rent a furnished house there in or near Boquete. Our travel schedule landed us in Panama late in the evening and is was so GREAT to have someone pick us up at the airport after 12 hours of traveling and going through the hassles of two airport security check points, etc.
It was comforting to know you had the means to call back home in the event of an emergency.
Sovereign Lady arranged for us to meet other expats including Richard & Nikki Detrich on their coffee farm and others once we arrived in Boquete.
Jackie has planned every detail of this tour with great care and sensitivity to the needs of her travelers. Traversing half the country, from Panama City to the border of Costa Rica, the tour includes numerous stops in a variety of locales, staying in urban and rural areas, eating in both gringo and Panamanian cafes. The tour is comprehensive encompassing everything from the nuts-and-bolts to moving to Panama, tax considerations, how and why to hire an attorney, insurance considerations, opportunities  for expats and so much, much more. We figured that even if the tour didn’t turn out to be as described, we’d get a week of touring around Panama where we didn’t have to think about where to stay, where to eat, how to get to the next place, etc. We got to visit virtually all the locations in Panama we’d been reading about and pondering. We traveled to a number of places on the pacific side of the country exposing us to a variety of towns, living choices and lifestyles.
This tour has made me very positive about Panama, its “way of doing things” and its people. It’s a pleasant and relaxing way to travel with someone doing the leg work and planning for you. If you are visiting the website, then you should make your own inquiries and verify any information contained within the website.
Your emphasis on introducing the group to ex-pats throughout the tour has been a very valuable part of both tours.
Equally as large a bonus on this tour was the incorporation of Nathan and Linda into your crew. Your pre-tour briefing with the attorney along with a packet of useful information and talking with expats during the tour was beyond helpful. Either way, the Panama Relocation Tour is your very best option to help make your decision. Thanks for your conscientious efforts to present the many options available in a compressed amount of time.
If you are like many, you will be very tired of the hassles of living in big cities, like Panama City, and want to check out some quieter surroundings like the beach or the mountains, then this tour is for you.
Your scheduling maximized our experiencing the country, Ex-pats, natives, dining, fellowship with other attendees, Richard Detrich, you and Doug. Originally we thought the tour was to include only Boquete, so we had planned to visit a few areas close by. We had some real estate side trips to give us a taste of what is available in different areas of the country.

We stayed an extra week after the tour to see more of Panama, especially the area close to Costa Rica.
She balances group experiences and personal time very well and provides individual attention to each person on the tour. You will experience the full gamut of weather and type of scenery Panama has to offer, which is considerable! It was definitely worth the money spent as I could never duplicate what we did on this tour, the experiences we all had, and the stress-free atmosphere that prevailed throughout the tour.
You will find yourself looking at the landscape in a new way, as a potential inhabitant rather than as a tourist. We met people who can assist with a move, people who have moved who shared their experiences and saw many options. Even after the 6 books I read before arriving, Jackie gave us so much more important information and so many contacts, it was priceless.
There is apparently a wide choice of lifestyles available in Panama and places to enjoy them, two coasts, mountains, small towns, big cities. Any use of search facilities of data on this site, other than by a consumer looking to buy, sell, or lease real estate is strictly prohibited. If you use this website, you accept responsibility for verifying all information and understand and agree that the owner of this site is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage arising from the use of any information contained in this site.
Nathan’s knowledge of Latin America and his willingness to share that knowledge was worth the price of admission. I look forward to keeping in touch and meeting others in this group and sharing information. We did not feel pressured to buy or rent any properties- you just let us see many different options for housing in Panama including gated communities, beautiful and modern apartments, private homes and condos and also opening your own private home to us for a first-hand look at real Panama living.
It was really nice to become acquainted with other people on the tour who were visiting Panama for the same reasons as you.
We intended to venture out on our own and trace the same route that others have taken, trying to arrange a trip for this fall. I hope everyone returned safely and keeps in touch to encourage each other to keep up the momentum for the big move south. The information was very complete and gave us all we could ask for as an initial screening visit.
The tour was nicely balanced in terms of eating at both lower and upper end restaurants and staying at a (TripAdvisor) top-rated hotel in Panama City, an all-inclusive resort (near Coronado) and a couple quaint little places along the way. The constant communication, well chosen hotels, guest lecturers and the depth of the 'boots on the ground experience’ from Jackie’s life in Panama made the trip a worthwhile investment and fun. Our plans quickly changed when I ran across the Panama Relocation Tour web site, checked some references, and within a few weeks we were touring all over Panama.To start off, all we had to do was make our airline reservation. The properties and school information that are displayed are not guaranteed to be accurate or available at the time of viewing.
In addition, Linda made the tour “just plain fun” with her witty personality and easy going management style.
We got just the right amount of time (for us) to wander around in various stores to check out prices and availability and to explore Jackie’s and Richard’s home town of Boquete. Traveling with 12 other people isn’t typically our style however everyone of us is in the ‘same boat’ exploring retirement places which made it more educational to hear everyone’s concerns and input, not just ours.
Additionally, you should independently verify the geographic boundaries of specific schools applicable to a particular property. Her process begins with a few questions when you sign up designed to help you discover if you are actually ready for such a dramatic step. Neither Jackie, nor Richard, know or addressed everything one could conceivably want to know about Panama, but the information provided was quite extensive, neither seemed to overstate and both readily tried to point the way to alternative sources of information when needed. She arranged for us to be picked up at the airport, transported to our hotel, all included in the tour price. We arrived 2 days prior to the start of the tour, highly recommended, so you can tour Panama City at your leisure. YOU SHOULD NOT ACT OR RELY ON ANY OF THE CONTENT WITHOUT SEEKING ADVICE OF A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL. We loved the diversity of the cities we saw and would recommend anyone considering Panama for relocation take the tour with Jackie first! Melissa’s mother, Jackie Lange, was at the hotel before the start of the tour visiting with the early arrivals and answering question.We all loaded in a nice big tour bus to start the tour. As we traveled over the next 6 days to Coronado, Santiago, Santa Fe, El Valle, David, Boquete and Volcan we were given so much information in-between stops that you will receive a wealth of knowledge that you didn’t know before about Panama and it’s the perfect time to ask questions while you are traveling. Every minute of everyday was a learning experience.If you are thinking about relocating to Panama, the Panama Relocation Tour will give you a great starting base in guiding you with your decision. There is no way we would have gained so much information and insight if we had ventured out on our own.
A week after the tour, Melissa arranged for our transportation back to Panama City and to the airport, all included with the tour.Thank you Jackie and Melissa for providing this first class no sales pressure tour and continuing to be available for us.

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