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The procedure includes application of medicated oil which is selected according to type of pain followed by sudation therapy (steam, dry heat, patra pottali, pinda sweda, etc.) Kati Basti, Janu Basti, Manya Basti, Hrid Basti, Netra Basti are organ related procedures performed at respective site to manage pain and at the same time strengthen them. Hollow cheeks are the result of a loss of fatty subcutaneous tissue arround the mouth and eyes. Obese persons are susceptible to chronic diseases like stroke, heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver diseases and diabetes.

We offer cost effective package for weight reduction by natural ways like Yoga, Panchakarma, herbs and simple diet management taking care to prevent natural elasticity and good health of skin during weight reduction and without any untoward effect to the body. Thiscauses the skin to thin out and sag, giving the face a sunken appearance.Aged skin becomes drier, develops fine line and wrinkles and loses elasticity. It is thought to be primarily related to external sun exposure, external hormones like birth control pills, and internal hormone changes.Most people with melasma have a history of daily or intermittent sun exposure.

Reduction of longevity, premature ageing, low sex drive, poor sexual performance, unpleasant body odor, excessive thirst, difficulty in walking, tiredness, general disability, loss of vitality and mental problems are other adverse effects.

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